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Found 7 results

  1. Remember when the Monster’s Ball concept first debuted in TNA, and the participants supposedly were locked away for 24 hours prior to the match without light, food, and water? By now it's just another hardcore match with weapons and this is actually the 45th(!) Monster's Ball match. Poor Abyss can barely move by this point in his career but he takes the two biggest bumps. Creative visual at the end with Rosemary pouring a bag full of tacks on the head of Eddie Edwards, who is trapped in a chair. Nobody phones it in (again, Abyss does what he can) and a couple of unique moments made this worth a watch for me. Here's my link to the full write-up on this match, Day 47 in my 365 Wrestling project.
  2. Josh Barnett is a badass fighter, he's also had a couple of neat wrestling matches like the U-STYLE classic vs Tamura and his IGF match vs Hideki Suzuki, I was eager to see how he'd look. I remember liking Bad Bones back when he worked a few tours for Big Japan, it looks like he's doing different things today, he was fine here, playing his role well and putting over Barnett's offence which was the focus of this short match-Barnett threw some great knees and some lovely slams, including nearly decapitating Bad Bones with a Powerbomb. Also liked how Barnett used ring positioning to control Bones and he had a nice flurry of palm strikes too, definitely worth your time if you have three minutes to spare. ***
  3. lucaskieren

    TNA - The Rebirth

    Breaking News - Dixie Carter has resigned from the spot of president of TNA Wrestling. Everyone at TNA Wrestling would like to thank Dixie and her mother Janet Carter for making TNA the huge succes that it has been to this day. To find out who the next owner of TNA Wrestling will be, make sure you check out Impact Wrestling this Thursday LIVE on Spike TV! TNA Impact - May 1st 2014 The whole roster is on the ramp as news broke this week that the Carter Family have left TNA Wrestling and the ring has some sort of cover over it that is hovering over the top of it so you can't see anything of the ring or ringside. The show starts with Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary who says," There is a strange feeling in the looker room today!" The lights go out..... They come back on and ERIC Bischoff comes out! The crowd explodes! "Eric...Eric....Eric" Chants blast through the Impact Zone. Eric Bischoff grabs a mic and says," Its good to be back but this time, i am in charge, i make the rules and i am the man. My first issue with this company is the name. Is it TNA or is it Impact Wrestling?" A loud "TNA" Chant errupts through the building. " If thats what you want thats what you got!" The screen that says Impact Wrestling has turned back to TNA Impact! He says," That's not all, i am changing this company from top to bottom, from wrestlers to the sweepers and TAZ get out of that table because this man is replacing you!" TAZ looks shocked and suprised. He stands up and Tenay has a nervous look on his face and Don West comes out and the crowd errupts. Tenay and West hug in a very emotional moment. "This is Awsome!" chant explodes from the Impact Zone. Eazy E also says," Even the ring isn't safe anymore, literally." He points at the ring which is covered up and the big black blanket type of thing that is covering it lifts up and its a Six Sided ring and has Black ropes with a red TNA Logo on the turnbuckles and the TNA Impact logo on the apron! "YES" chants from the crowd. He says," Know guys (Wrestlers) i know you have been through a lot of garbage, but as of tonight that stops and you know what else stops, all of your title reigns because as of this moment i am stripping all of you of your championships!" The champions seem mad but the rest of the roster are extremly happy. " Now there is a show in two months time called Slammiversary but gues what unlike that stupid cow Dixie Carter i can run twelve pay per views and we are having our next Pay Per View, May 18th 2014 ...... Victory Road!" The crowd chant," This is Awsome" so loudly that Bischoff has to stop talking. He says," Tonight and the weeks to come we are going to have one on one matches and the winning wrestlers or teams will advance to there respective divisons vacant championship match at Victory Road. The road to victory has begun!" The crowd chant," TNA...TNA" In the loudest reaction i have seen since Kurt Angle joined in 2006. Qualifying match for TNA X Division Championship at Victory Road 2014 Austin Aries vs Sanada Sanada seems to be very angry over the fact that he had to give up his X Division championship and his style seems to be very agressive. There was some great spots such as a 450 splash from Aries and a Sprringboard moonsault from Sanada. Aries gets the win after hitting a nasty Brainbuster. Backstage is Eric Bischoff who is walking around and sees Bobby Roode and James Storm argueing. He says," Stop, Stop, Just Stop. Why are you guys argueing? Because he smashed you in the head with a Beer Bottle thousands of years ago. Guys i need you to be a team, no TNA needs you to be a team. What happened to Beer Money." Storm and Roode look at each other and Storm shouts," Beer" and Roode shouts," Money" The crowd erupts. Qualifying match for TNA World Tag Team Championship at Victory Road 2014 The Wolves vs The BroManz The commentators state the fact that Don West hasn't seen any of these two teams wrestle but loves The Wolves. The Wolves get the win after around ten minutes after Davey hits a Footstomp of the top rope! Qualifying match for TNA Knockouts Championship at Victory Road 2014 Angelina Love vs Gail Kim This is a great back and fourth womens match and could be the best womens match of the year. Kim hits a Eat Defeat but Love kicks out! Love hits the X-Factor onto the steel steps and Kim is a bloody mess! "Holy S**T" Chance blaze through the Impact Zone. Kim gets the win with a roll up. Love and Velvet beat down on Kim, until AWSOME KONGS music hits and she runs down and beats down on The Beatiful people and then shakes hands with Kim! Qualifying match for the TNA TV Championship at Victory Road 2014 Abyss vs Gunner This is the perfect example of how the TV Championship could be used and thats to help lower tier talent reach the next level or give mid carders soemthing to do. Gunner gets the win after aplying the Torture Rack which is a great feat of strength. Backstage is Eric Bischoff who says," You know what i have no idea on who should be in the main event tonight of TNA Impact for the qualifying match for the World Championship. Maybe i will leave it up to you guys!" It is anounced that you can vote on the newly created TNAWRESTLING.COM on who should be the particpents. The choices are Magnus......Kurt Angle...........Eric Young..........Willow..........???????? The commentators states that a staggering two hundred and fourty two thousand people have voted since the commercial. Jeremy Borash is in the ring and shows everyone the tiatron which has the votes on and the winning two are Kurt Angle and ?????????? Qualifying Match for TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Victory Road 2014 Kurt Angle vs ???????? Kurt Angle has made his way to the ring and the lights go out. On the tiatron there is numbers counting down from ten and pyro goes off and Christian Cages music hits and he comes out to a truelly thunderous pop and West and Tenay are nearly in tears at how much they have been marking out. Both men have a stare down before the match starts which starts a "This Is Awsome" chant and the match begins. Angle obviosly out wrestles Christian Cage at the begging of the match. Several big spots happen such as Angle hitting a moonsault of the top and Christian hits a Unprettier on the floor. Christian goes for the Unpritter but Angle drops down and Grapevines a Ankle Lock submission hold. Christian does not tap though he passes out and the referee lifts his arms up three times and calls for the bell. After the match Angle and Christian Cage hug in the centre of the ring and Eric Bischoff is standing on the ramp clapping as does the whole of the arena! TNA Victory Road 2014 TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match - Kurt Angle vs TNA X Division Championship - Austin Aries vs TNA World Tag Team Championship Match - The Wolves vs TNA Knockouts Championship Match - Gail Kim vs TNA TV Championship Match - Gunner vs