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Found 14 results

  1. Gold Rush Pro Wrestling has added a match to their YouTube channel from their archives. On May 4, 2014, Dynamite Division Champion Will Rood defended the title in a four-way match against El Chupacabra, Jeff Cobb, and the late Virgil Flynn. Gold Rush Pro also added a description to the video that included ways to support Flynn's family: "Help support the family of Virgil Flynn during their time of loss by either donating to the GoFundMe page or buying Virgil's merchandise along with numerous other wrestlers who have graciously donating all their merchandise to Virgil's family! www.gofundme.com/virgil-flynn-iii-family-fund If you want to donate directly to the Flynn family, you can. Their @PayPal is [email protected] brownbutterwrestling.com/VFIII.html www.prowrestlingtees.com/renoscum www.prowrestlingtees.com/wrestlingwithwregret www.ProWrestlingTees.com/WPW" Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments!
  2. A very good FIP segment w/ Thatcher to start things off; Thatcher sells it tremendously (no surprise there) & the work by Bros was good - especially by Riddle who's offense came off as super violent. Loved it. WALTER's hot tag was great, he came in & chopped the crap out of Cobb & Riddle. Now that lead to a FIP segment w/ Cobb & that was outstanding! Cobb sold his ass off & Ringkampf's work over him was terrific - they brutalized Cobb in such compelling fashion. Once Cobb finally got to make the hot tag to Riddle, Riddle came in with a house of fire~! & beat the crap out of Thatcher & WALTER for a while - that was until Ringkampf cut off his hot tag in amazing, strategic fashion. The finishing stretch sees them dominate Riddle for a while until Cobb sneaks back in after he had been resting for a while - The Chosen Bros deliver a couple of amazingly brutal looking double team moves to finish off an outstanding tag match. The selling of Cobb, the brutal offense of WALTER, Thatcher & Riddle, the fire of Riddle & the teamwork of Ringkampf make for an amazing package of tag team wrestling. ****1/4
  3. I got a chance to re-watch this again as I loved it live and had seen it previously, but forgot to post about it. Anyway, it's a pretty fantastic match between these two. Not sure if I'm more impressed by Cobb ragdolling Riddle or Riddle deadlifting Cobb. The match is worked pretty evenly. It starts out slow with them keeping it clean as they're friends and it eventually breaks down and they go all out on each other. Cobb does a fantastic job throwing Riddle around and cutting off his hulk ups and Riddle is pretty great at deadlift suplexing and hitting Cobb with some brutal strikes, namely with some stiff knees that bust up Cobb. The finish was awesome with Riddle nailing Cobb with a brutal knee.
  4. This was just the 4 lads involved beating the crap out of each other + throwing each other around. Liked how Cage & Elgin isolated Cobb - Cobb did a solid job as the FIP & Riddle was a tremendous hot tag. The finishing stretch was fantastic. ***1/2
  5. Awesome match w/ Dunne working on top right from the get go as he got the advantage by jumping Cobb before the bell. Jeff Cobb is a goddamn monster though so that didn't stop him from throwing Peter around like a baby. I thought that Pete was super great in this - character work, offense, selling; he nailed 'em all. Same can be said about Cobb who sold tremendously & him throwing people around is always fun. Few more minutes and this would've hit the 4 star mark for me. ***3/4
  6. Chuckie T on commentary wondering if we could say this is kind of a big brother vs. little brother situation was really the perfect description for this match. An absolutely AWESOME hoss fight - the throws were ring-shaking, my goodness those were insane. Really liked Keith Lee's control segment on Cobb - he got to showcase his stuff while Cobb got some really awesome comebacks in. Real good stuff. ***3/4
  7. I very much enjoyed the meat of the match. The way it was laid out kinda surprised me; The Chosen Bros really just dominated OI4K. Cobb & Riddle are both excellent offensive wrestlers so that was a blast. Pretty much the only offense (until the finishing stretch that is) that the Crist brothers got was a super short FIP segment w/ Riddle (which was really good, Riddle's fiery comeback was tremendous) & a little bit longer, yet still pretty short FIP segment w/ Cobb (which was also really good). In the end both teams looked really damn good in this. Really fun match. ***1/2
  8. For those of you who don't know: AMBITION is a pseudo-shootstyle tournament wXw runs once a year. This was very good for what it was; WALTER clubbers Cobb, Cobb throws an absolutely hellish suplex and finishes with a nasty neck crank. The problem was that it went 2 minutes. Seriously, screw wXw for that shitty booking because this could have been great. Still, that Cobb suplex has to be seen.
  9. For those of you who don't know: AMBITION is a pseudo-shootstyle tournament wXw runs once a year. This was quite good, like you'd expect from these two. The grappling was positively PWFG and had a ton of physicality, and they went to tell a story, with Cobb obviously being the surperior wrestler and just an impossible to move beast on the mat, while Thatcher could win with submissions. I loved all the spots where Thatcher was overwhelmed by Cobb's Cobbness, such as Cobb easily shrugging off his attempts at a butterfly suplex or Thatcher getting squished by a basic waistlock. Also, at one point Cobb just cradled Thatcher into a pretzel. He really should make that move his finisher because it was freakin awesome. The finish was actually exciting and they played off their previous matches in the tournament.
  10. This was a very well worked match. Lots of people have turned on Thatcher & his reign, and this match got lots of negative reviews, but I enjoyed it very much. I still love Thatcher's in ring style, he is damn good on the mat, which was showcased here, and it's always a blast to see him target someone's arm, which also was on display here. ***1/2
  11. This was a blast. Easily the best looking match on the card, and it delivered big time. Started off with Riddle & Cobb making Bucks their fools by throwing them around and striking the crap out of them + Riddle also busted out some real nice submissions. Then Bucks got the advantage by their tag tactics, which was something I really liked because they obviously are way more experienced as a team. It made perfect sense. The transition was done super well. Matt Riddle was a really good FIP, and Cobb was a tremendous hot tag; loved him just throwing Bucks around. From then on, the match kicked into the finishing gear, and it was as awesome as you'd expect. Amazing, amazing match. Absolutely loved it. ****1/2
  12. There were two Chris Hero performances in this match. The first one was great. I really liked the beginning with Cobb throwing Hero around and Hero did a great job of cutting him off, first with a big boot when Cobb dared him to shoulder block him, then with a surprise punch when Cobb was on offence and then again with a big boot after Cobb did a backflip to show off. The second one was dogshit. I can get beihind Cobb no selling a Piledriver beccause he is a monster with no neck, Hero no selling an amazing looking German Suplex only to go back onto offence was pure trash. Then he did it AGAIN, only this time it was after like five suplexes. And speaking of them-I can accept Hero continuing to get up after getting dropped on his head as a feeding method-lord knows how many times I've seen it in puro-but his selling while he was doing so was pretty terrible and yeah-he just went back onto offence after getting him with all of those suplexes. Also none of his rolling elbows make for convincing nearfalls anymore so I just end up wishing the match would end already. There's also something to be said about how his bullying performances result in him not even trying to win the match at many points and as a result both make his opponent look like a joke and result in uninteresting work before he cuts them off again-his cut offs are usually very good and I will give credit for him. He also sloooooowed a rolling elbow attempt and made feeding Cobb his Side slam thing too obvious. Watching this only confirmed my doubts he is a legitimate best in the world contender this year. **3/4