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Found 20 results

  1. Really unique match. I know Alan Kilby can be pretty great, while King Ben hasn't done anything for me, but they both went all out here in a contest that was basically worked greco roman mixed with some shootstyle holds and stiff strikes. Forget about the classy british grappling and reversals, most of this was built around really intense lockups, attempted and failed throws and struggling over pin attempts. At one point Ben breaks out a top wristlock, Kilby starts working an armbar on the ground... add in some stiff, awkwardly landing strikes (including a flying headbutt from Ben that almost KOd Kilby) and sheer wild eyed determination from Kilby and you've got yourself one hell of a match. This match felt like it belonged in the 1960s rather than 1981, but the folks sat there in awe and really appreciated this contest that just kept building and building. Great finish too.
  2. While this is a great, great match on its own, it is a brilliant lead-in to their MOTD the next month and enhances the story of that match. I thought the story here was that Grey has completely outmatched and pretty much gave a performance of defiance. Even when he had control, Myers never really looked in any sort of trouble. They build off all of that in the November match with Grey's growth and improvement and how Myers initially approaches the match based on the result here and how he is forced to change gears. This feud rules. ****
  3. This is very much your hold vs. Counterhold type match that you associate with World of Sport. Joyce is yet another trippy veteran british worker, while Grey is one of the most consistent workers ever in WoS. This was a friendly match but fiercely fought. Grey was bumping really hard with a ton of snap for arm wringers and they worked some intense, luchaesque submissions and nearfalls throughout the match. Unexpectedly nasty finish. This kind of stuff entirely depends on whether you like this sort of super technical bout, but if you do, you're probably gonna hugely enjoy this one.
  4. This is one of my all time favourite WoS matches. I'd put the grappling here up there with high end RINGS or lucha title matches. Just one trippy takedown or sweep after another, followed by another weirdo counter. The match didn't have huge intensity, but both guys worked hard for the holds and tried submissions. There are a few spots and logical reasonings that you will only see in a World of Sport match – choosing not to slam the opponent and instead forcing him to slip down your back, trying to pin his shoulders while in a surfboard, tripping the other guy while he is setting up a move etc. The highly entertaining work they do around a super basic move like a stepover toe hold here puts even many elite workers to shame. There are some callbacks to previous holds and situations, so the match is far from mindless. Last pin combo is brilliant and blew my mind at the time.
  5. One of the many good little matches WoS had in the 70s. Starts as a methodical technical bout, so we get all the usual great Szakacs escapes, and then develops quite some animosity as Prince Kumali doesn't like getting chopped at all. Kumalis holds looked awesome as they were mostly strength holds to the head or arms, and that man looked like he had insane strength. Hard as iron to break. He also did a tremendous job putting over how much those chops suck to take. Szakacs use of a simple chop as a potential KO from the middle of a grappling exchange rules as we all know.
  6. Awesome awesome match. Cooper is honestly up there with Breaks and McManus when it comes to heel antics. Myers is great as the sympathetic babyface. The rope induced injury spot and follow up are great. ****
  7. This is pretty great. I'm unfamiliar with Kader, but he's announced being a Moroccan with a background in Greco-Roman Wrestling. Our own shodate has dropped some knowledge and has seen Kader before and he's someone who also worked in France. Kader does a beautiful job of keeping up with Saint in the majority of grappling exchanges. He pulls off a great counter to Saint's stranglehold counter and a beautiful counter to a full nelson which leads into a face off. Saint usually gets a rep of being too exhibition-y, but I don't get that vibe from this match as the the majority of the exchanges seem gritty and the struggles are noticeable throughout the exchanges. Great match.
  8. Thus far, my favorite World of Sport stuff has been from the catchweights. They work a style that doesn’t seem even the slightest bit dated. Maybe not fully relevant in today’s landscape, but definitely not dated. Rocco takes most of this match – most of the time because he’s such a force of offense, but he also has some lucky breaks. The first time Grey manages a sustained comeback and is about to lock in a surfboard, the round ends and then Rocco continues his reign of dominance to start the next round. This pace is never really slow, but it does continue to get more frenetic the longer the match goes. This was building to an all-time classic and probably would have hit that level with ten more minutes, but this was still pretty great. ***3/4
  9. This was my first exposure to both guys and they both impressed me. This match never really leaves first gear, but they have enough stuff to do on the mat that it’s still a rewarding way to pass the time. The round breaks do seem to come at inopportune moments, meaning they pause at times when the drama is starting to build and the momentum is broken as a result. Still, that’s par the course for even a lot of the very best European wrestling unfortunately. These guys have a lot of tricked out mat reversals at their disposal, and that stuff is cool as hell, but these two do basics so well that I’d be perfectly content watching them work in and out of wristlocks and headlocks all day. Freeman’s headlock, by the way, looks legitimately painful, as does the front facelock from Kwango in round three. I think there’s enough flash here to engage those who aren’t matwork freaks to the same degree I am, and for those who are like me, get ready to watch a fun display of mad skills. ***1/4