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Found 9 results

  1. Unlike O'Reilly's recent match against a beloved member of the AEW roster, this was intense, focused, and violent. Kyle tends to lean into his worst habits, with over-the-top selling and convoluted spots that rarely land. But with Mox there to control the reins, his strengths are highlighted. His mat work is snug, and he turns up the aggression when it comes to his striking. Kyle shoots for the leg after a brief feeling-out process and almost nicks the win with an armbar. Mox busts out a Cornish Hipe, popping both myself and William Regal on commentary. Mox grounds O'Reilly, twisting the digits and stomping away at Kyle as he's on the mat. Unfazed by O'Reilly's strikes, Mox allows him to land a few blows, and starts bleeding from the mouth. Kyle traps Mox's toe under the bottom rope and hits a diving knee drop off the top rope. I like how Mox struggled to get out of the ropes as Kyle climbed up to the top. So often, you see wrestlers hang around waiting to get hit with a move. O'Reilly gradually chips away at the leg of Moxley, forcing our injured hero to deck Kyle with punches. O'Reilly blasts Mox with a dropkick on the outside, but allows him the time to get back into the ring. The lowlight of the match is undoubtedly O'Reilly's mounted open-hand strikes, which don't look great, as they lack the impact of some of his meatier elbow strikes and slaps later on. Kyle's leg work is ferocious, as he drapes Mox across the apron, alternating between forearms to the face and driving Mox's bad wheel into the mat. Mox's selling is subtle but poignant. Ever the opportunist, Mox hits the ropes when Kyle goes to the top again, allowing him a bit of respite. Rather than following up on a superplex, Mox takes the time to sell his arm, which got trapped underneath O'Reilly on the way down. Kyle goes back to the forearms, but Mox fires back with wicked headbutts. A chickenwing forces Kyle to bite the ropes to escape, and Mox decides to kick the ropes. Both scramble for submissions until Kyle eventually gets the better of an exchange with a knee. Even O'Reilly, whose selling I find overindulgent at the best of times, gave the sense that he was exhausted and any move could end the match. Mox stuffs O'Reilly with a Piledriver, but it's only enough for two. A hockey fight breaks out, and O'Reilly nails the Ax and Smash, then a Saito suplex, but Mox pops back up. No-selling is supposed to feel defiant, and this moment felt like Mox not giving Kyle the satisfaction of having his number, showing his toughness and resilience. Moxley put away O'Reilly with a Paradigm Shift in a thrilling main event. As I mentioned, not all of the striking landed, with some of Kyle's mounted punches feeling superfluous. But when everything else was as airtight and gruesome as it was, it's hard not to enjoy the match. The best showing I can recall from O'Reilly in some time, and another notch in Moxley's belt.
  2. Mox is the front-runner this year for having these crazy, out-of-control feeling fights. He gets busted open on a spill to the outside, and he and Garcia beat each other senseless. I would've liked to see Garcia work the cut a bit more, but that's a minor nitpick. Mox's selling of the leg, even on offense, was tremendous. This kicked butt.
  3. The Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho, Matt Menard, Angelp Parker, Daniel Garcia & Jake Hager) vs The Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson), Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz --- ANARCHY IN THE ARENA A wild, hate-filled spectacle with forks, sunglasses, a jib camera, and a turnbuckle being among a few weapons used. “Wild Thing” blared throughout the first few minutes until Jericho smashed a soundboard. Garcia’s piledriver onto the steps looked gnarly. Mox channeled his inner-L.A. Park by chucking a full cooler at Jericho’s head. Most everyone was willing to let the juices flow, and there was insane energy to all of it. Danielson fish hooking Hager with a turnbuckle is the kind of unhinged, creative violence you’ve come to expect from the G.O.A.T. Santana and Ortiz wiped out Parker and Menard with stereo dives off ladders. Kingston being so obsessed with getting revenge on Jericho that he was willing to dump gasoline on his partner to burn the former was perfect, the sort of palpable hatred this kind of match relies on. This match is an example of being better than the sum of its parts. It just so happens that stellar performances from a few of the all-time greats, and one of the best prospects in wrestling buoyed this thing. Everyone held up their end, even Jericho (who’s a coward for not bleeding, by the way), but Bryan, Kingston, Mox, and Garcia were on another level. Jericho put Danielson in the Walls of Jericho as Hager choked him with the dismantled ring ropes, and the feud must continue. Few matches this year, if any, have captured the sense of pageantry and wonder of a blood-feud like this did.
  4. Biff and Mox have both been on quite the tear in 2022, so I was hyped for this match. The electricity in Fair Park is palpable. The opening mat work was perfunctory, with Mox largely relying on takedowns and Biff grinding him down with submissions. Mox locks in a modified STF and follows it up with stomps to the head. A big knee strike sends Biff flying to the outside. Biff gets busted open after a suplex on the floor, and the juices start flowing. The match gets visceral from here on out, with both swinging for the fences and color pouring from Biff's head as Mox tries to choke him out. Thunderous slap exchanges follow, and Mox's resiliency causes Biff to fire up and lay him out with a wicked uppercut. The match is at its apex when they're wailing on each other and swinging wildly for any shot that'll land. Mox sticks with the knee strikes that have worked so well for him, and in one last ditch effort of defiance, Biff puts up the double birds. A final knee strike knocks out Biff, and the ref calls for the bell. The opening minutes were fine, if a bit basic at times. Regardless, this match is teetering on the edge of greatness and is well worth seeking out if you're a fan of Biff or Mox. It's succinct, violent, and hard-hitting, three of my favorite qualities in wrestling.
  5. This has a "before they were stars" feel and would be a great inclusion on a Shield DVD retrospective if people still watched DVDs. As it is, it's a nifty look at these three before they joined the Shield, and when Reigns -- known as Leakee here -- was still quite green. He's quite a bit leaner here and busts out a kip-up and a leapfrog. Most of this is standard WWE triple threat fare with a nice feat of strength by Reigns at the end on a double Samoan drop, but I enjoyed it for the historical value. Check out my full review, which is Day 36 in my 365 Wrestling project.
  6. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) defend the AEW World Tag Team Titles. There's a great feeling of excitement and energy from this match which elevates everything. The crowd are really into Mox & Kingston's entrance singing along to "Wild Thing" and the match starts hot with them going straight for the Bucks and we get a big brawl on the outside. This is all very well done and I really enjoyed the first 10 minutes of this match. The big problem though is the inconsistency with how the referee enforces the rules in the first half of the match, only to completely drop it in the second half where the Young Bucks are just happily double teaming Moxley for literally minutes at a time without the ref doing anything about it and Kingston just stands on the apron. AEW would really be a lot better if they just officially announced that Tag Title matches are fought under tornado tag rules or something and quit enforcing tags at all. At least while the Bucks have them. Or do an angle that the Bucks are bribing referees or something, I dunno. Just make it make sense. ***1/2
  7. Coffey

    AEW Status/Progress Report

    All Elite Wrestling has been around for a bit under two years at this point. Contrary to what you'll read on other corners of the internet, such as Wreddit, or Twitter, it's not an AEW Vs. WWE (or NXT) battle - however, that is not to say that some of the positive/negative talking points about AEW do not have any merit. So, now that AEW has Dynamite, along with the new Friday night show & two YouTube shows in Dark & Elevation, I thought maybe we could discuss some of the often brought up talking points about AEW, the direction of the company & areas you may be concerned about, if any at all. Regardless of if you're a viewer that never misses Dynamite, only watch it every so often or checked it out once or twice & decided it wasn't for you. I'm curious what your turn offs & ons about it are. How do you feel about the commentary in AEW? Jim Ross & Excalibur specifically. How do you feel about the ring style or the look of the show/arena? What are your thoughts about the talent that AEW has been bringing in like Jake Hager, Shawn Spears or more recently, Mark Henry & Paul Wight? Do you think that AEW relies too heavily on comedy? What about their abundance of factions/stables? Managers/Valets? How do you feel about the decisions Tony Khan has taken, or how Dave Meltzer seems to give AEW the constant benefit of the doubt where as Jim Cornette will barely acknowledge when something is good? Are AEW presenting the women well? How about the tag team division? Is AEW relying too much on gimmick/stipulation matches? Most importantly, what do you think the greatest positive about current AEW is & what do you think is their biggest hindrance at this point in time? I wanted to get some conversation going outside of the AEW megathread to maybe just discuss what we like & what we're concerned about going forward.
  8. This match was originally scheduled to take place last year before the pandemic and unfortunately it got cancelled and rescheduled for this year. This was more so a pro-wrestling match with some segments of shoot style. The ground work here is tight and gritty for the most part and the ground and pound from both guys is pretty brutal as they both unloaded a variety of elbows from the top on each other. This is the first time I recall there being blood in a Bloodsport match and it added to the brutality of the match, namely Moxley who had a near Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL crimson mask. Moxley pulling a Mike Tyson and biting Barnett's ear and not getting DQ'd on the same card SHLAK got DQ'd for biting Super Beast's foot early on was odd. Great match with the vicious ground and pound and nasty blood being the highlight.