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Found 12 results

  1. Holy shiiiiit this was amazing. Drew Gulak is absolutely fantastic. Breaking down the segments, Mustafa Ali vs. TJP I thought TJP was absolutely awesome in this. Just super compelling with his work over Ali w/ those great looking submissions. Everything he did was super focused & all around just a lovely on-the-offense, surgeon like, laser focused performance by the man. That leg targeting in the last third or so of the match set up the next one very well, too. Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak Gulak coming out with a big smile on his face, asking Ali “YOU OK?”, “ARE YOU HURTING?” = amazing stuff. The leg targeting by TJP set this one up perfectly; Gulak knows Ali got a weak spot now & my goodness, is he gonna attack it or what. Fantastic, brutal work by Gulak & Ali’s selling was pretty damn good as well. Gulak’s facial expressions & trash talk were awesome too - “YOU LIKE HIGHFLYING, HUH?” followed by him putting Ali on the top rope, followed by a slap & then going back to twisting the leg on the ropes. Great, great stuff. Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese Nese beats the SHIT out of Gulak for all of it, but in the end he gets caught in the Dragon Sleeper, because he was taking too much time thinking about his revenge. Gulak sure took a goddamn beating & it was incredibly awesome. Drew Gulak vs. Kalisto The weakest of the 4 matches/segments within the whole thing, but still really good. Gulak was amazing with the offense he got - those strikes he delivered to Kalisto while he was on the back mount were superb. Incredibly compelling 40 minutes of wrestling. Flew by as if it was 15 minutes. All segments delivered big time. Gulak's the man! ****1/2
  2. Shit's good. Not only they establish that Murphy is the stronger dude, but he can also go toe to toe with Kalisto in terms of speed. This match features some actual batshit insane spots - that running release apron suplex was ridiculous. From that point on, the match kicks into 3rd gear and the crowd is loving every second of it. As a fast paced affair this kicked ass.
  3. Kalisto does his lucha things while Roddy goes after his back in violent fashion. Wonderful stuff. ****
  4. This was a super awesome little spectacle. The size difference between these two is HUGE to say the least. Kalisto uses his quickness to avoid Braun's total domination - he gets some awesome highflying moves in, but then there are times when Braun is just tossing him around in badass fashion. It's just as good as it sounds on paper. ****
  5. Another very good in their feud, the two of three falls structure works perfectly to give more freshness to the matchup, since this was the 4th match in two months. Alberto goes quickly to the arm of Kalisto and attacks it with viciousness. He really nails the acting of an abusive heel, he manhandles him, and tries to rip his mask off. The champion, however, proves to be quicker and gets ahead with all his rapid movements, giving good use to his mexican heritage and pulling some neat spots off. Alberto, now being in danger, makes the best move he could make, steals a page from Rick Rude's book and disqualifies himself, with the purpose of further damaging Kalisto. This allows him to easily win the second fall. The third fall is also very good, every move has cool little details, Kalisto hope spots were great and the ending was creative and makes total sense regarding the narrative of the match and the fall (Kalisto tried that quick pin earlier). Really good stuff.
  6. I had pretty high expectations for this but they could've done better. A lot of good ideas, and plenty worked (Rusev's Bearhug was amazing for instance-so refreshing to see it instead of boring chinlocks) but then you got stuff like a Torture Rack, the world's most stupid move being used in 2016 and Rusev overselling Kalisto's terrible Sleeper. Kalisto's apron bump was insane and the Camel Clutch variation Rusev used to finish him off was completely "is this even possible" next level awesome. Hope they get a proper rematch that gets time. ***-***1/4
  7. Nothing match, Kalisto did some fun spots even though Breeze was not a good base, matches like these make me wish WWE had proper enhancement talent. They might as well drop Breeze on their next cut.
  8. The angle with Rusev taking out Sin Cara while he was watching the match backstage was brilliant, weird to see them step out of their comfort zone so much with the parejas increibles tag, this and Ambrose's clockwork orange house of fun announcement. Another good performance by Kalisto who's had a killer year so far but Del Rio was completely off here, both messing up stuff and doing nothing interest in control for long periods of time. The angle surrounding the match and Kalisto's selling and bumping salvaged it as much as it was possible. **1/2
  9. I love this match up so much, watching Ryback throw Kalisto around is great and they're awesome at incorporating the size difference into their matches. Kalisto took the nuttiest corner shoulder bump ever and the finishing stretch was an awesome battle with both of them countering each other's finishers in unique but logical and dope ways. ***1/4
  10. This was a blast, I have always liked Ryback since he first showed up and wanted to love him but.........he just isn't that good. Perfectly fine as the guy who puts over the guy who puts over John Cena. He is a great foil for Kalisto though, Kalisto can get good matches out of stiffs and mediocre wrestlers but works so much better against a good base. Ryback has a bunch of cool power spots and the whole match is a battle of them and Kalisto's "fireworks". The avalanche military press slam looked awesome and I didn't mind Kalisto getting up so soon even if it may not have been the perfect way to go about doing it. I also loved the way Ryback carried himself and played to the crowd, him repeatedly kicking out of Kalisto's pins at 1 or an early 2 is something very unique for a modern WWE match and made the nearfalls more special. ***1/2
  11. I did not expect a generic WWE faux big guy to bust out a rolling headlock I don't remember seeing ever before. Almost the entire match was just Kalisto's comeback, he wiped out both members of the Ascension by himself while doing a bunch of cool offence, makes you wonder why they don't book their main event guys like that. It's a talking bout I'm going to beat into the ground but Kalisto really is the heir to Rey not just because he's a masked hispanic guy but because he's an amazing TV worker with a bunch of awesome shtick he can easily build matches around. Fun for what it was.
  12. I loved this, Kalisto is so great, I think they finally found the heir to Rey and I hope at least someone in the back is aware of it. This makes me want to watch all the matches he's had on TV in the last two months that I've missed because I did think he was the best WWE worker of 2016 after my last binge. Just a super fun match built around the size difference with Ryback throwing Kalisto around and him taking nutty bumps, Kalisto busts out a bunch of fun spots that are fluent and pretty yet are simple enough to be worked into most TV matches. Lots of nifty cut offs here and a satisfying finish with Ryback reaping what he sowed. ***1/4