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Found 10 results

  1. An absolutely wild match. These 2 always go balls to the walls when they face each other - and this match was no different, they put on one helluva spotfest which was filled w/ some sick, dangerous looking spots. My favorite spot of the whole match was when Hiromu started slapping Lee, and then Lee busted out a sick looking Armbar. They probably went on a bit too long for my taste, I would've preferred if it had gone just a tad bit shorter, but it was still a very good match. ***1/2
  2. Definitely my most awaited match up of the whole tournament (alongside KUSHIDA/Taguchi) & they delivered just like I knew they would. The opening was super great & set up the pace for rest of the match - loved Liger's work on top, it's always a pleasure to see him do his thing & Hiromu sold + bumped his ass off for him. The transitions were also really great; loved Hiromu getting the advantage by using his quickness & then going for that big apron powerbomb. Him working the heat on Liger was terrific & Liger's big comeback was obviously superb. The nearfalls towards the end w/ Liger almost getting the W were amazing as well. Just a really damn good match. ***3/4
  3. If you are familiar with their rivalry, you know what you get here. They just destroyed each other. I thought it was their best match against each other yet. ****1/2
  4. The official time for this is 1:56. 1 minute 56 seconds. KUSHIDA jumped Takahashi as he was making his entrance, he had a gameplan - he beat the shit out of Takahashi before throwing back into the ring where he tried to go for his Hoverboard Lock right away. Once that didn't work out, Hiromu basically just destroyed KUSHIDA in very explosive fashion. Who would've thought that in 2017 we'd see a New Japan title match that goes under 2 minutes. This was so good. ****1/2
  5. This purported high flyers match actually is based around limb work with Takahashi working over Titan's knee. I actually liked how this initially was set up and the crowd bought in. Credit this to Titan also, I never felt he brushed it off. He would sometimes start limping when he went into his run and I thought he sold well enough between moves/sequences. It's high spots and ranas early and then into the knee stuff before we get to a pretty wonky mid section with some obvious issues and misses. Despite this, Titan had a couple sweet rollup counters that I almost bit on as the finish. Takahashi goes over strong in the end, firing off his big offense before the Time Bomb finishes. These two definitely have a better match in them, but I still found a good bit to like here. ***1/4
  6. Fun match. Lots of PWG matches feel like they go too fast, it's just ZOOM ZOOM from start till the finish. This one wasn't like that, though it felt like some of it was more due to awkwardness and unfamiliarity than it being planned out-Elgin's elevated stunner looked terrible and Kamaitachi's apron dropkick didn't connect properly. What I like about Kamaitachi is that, despite esentially being a workrate junior there are elements of the wrestling I love in his work. There were some fun spots here based on Elgin overpowering him or catching him in mid air and what I liked about the faux fighting spirit strike exchange I usually loathe in a PWG match is that Kamaitachi kept cutting Elgin off before he finally hit the big Lariat, that's something you'll see in a 90s All Japan tag and it's great that he *gets* something like that. Elgin here looked more like the guy I never wanted New Japan to bring in than the guy that had some surprisingly good performances in the G1, with his input mainly being move move move. **3/4
  7. I think these two have had an amazing series of wonderful matches. Some people have described those matches as spotfests and frankly, there is a lot of truth in that. What I think made the matches work is that: -they sold a lot inbetween the spots and gave you time for their insanity to sink in -they did a wonderful job of using learned psychology and constantly added new moves and counters -and finally, the spots and sequences themselves were just mind-blowing This match was a reminder that they are 21 and 26 and just a few years into their careers. While they added a couple of new ideas they kind of hit a wall in terms of how what they could do and relied heavily on the insanity aspect of it to carry the match. Their good traits didn't suddenly disappear-in fact it's what I think allowed this match to be as good as it was-but I'm pretty sure I've seen every singles match they've had, including the lightning ones. That's, what, eight of them BEFORE this one? A big part of what made a lot of their matches work is that I didn't know exactly how much it would take for them to go down because they were constantly changing things so much. By this one I kind of had a feel on how much it would take, and something like the counter to Kamaitachi's ramp Dropkick gradually went from being an amazing counter to something I didn't really mind much and was a footnote in my nitpick to something that I just shrug at here. Don't get me wrong-I did enjoy the insanity in this one a lot-but it's a good thing these two will be seperated for a while now. They've done all they could against one another at this point in their careers. ****
  8. You can imagine my joy when the first thing Kamaitachi did was stomp on Rey Horus' head in the corner. Horus kicking out of his own pin was not so cool. He looked pretty unpolished here, messing up some sequences and dragging Kamaitachi down. This reached an incredibly high peak with brutal chairshots, breathtaking dives etc. and then just kinda faded away before the finish. ***1/4
  9. A MOTYC out of nowhere. A trios match is a better setting for the type of insane spotfest they wanted to do than a singles match and all the faults of the Casas-Volador Jr. singles match were completely absent here. This is probably about as far as Casas could go in doing crazy athletic stuff and it was great, having him as the glue that holds the match together really helped, as did having Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi as the supporting crew, those guys are lunatics, I think about a minute or two into a match there was a Missile Dropkick countered into an Orange Crush Bomb or something equally ridiculous. This type of match can rule with the right lay out and amount of time and they hit it out of the park here. MONEY THROWN.
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