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Found 18 results

  1. Grimmas


    Jetlag said: "The more KAORU I watch, the more she rises in my estimation as one of the top wrestlers of her era. Obviously one of the workers in the GAEA promotion. Really athletic wrestler, who has a knack for neat moments and well laid out wrestling matches. Looks great both standing up to established stars as well as working with the younger crew. Her match against Aja is a joshi Match of the Decade contender and makes me want to dig more into her 2000s work. I have to revisit her GAEA stuff too and dive deeper into her AJW work. Apparently, she's still wrestling, so that's also something to consider!?"
  2. JIP match built around Satomura trying to cut down the higher ranked KAORU and Ishii trying to cut down the higher ranked Satomura. Some really good exchanges here especially between Satomura/KAORU aswell as a few neat team spots and great Death Valley Bomb teases. I would've liked the Satomura/Ishii pairing to go a little deeper considering how good their singles match early in the year was but I guess it was not that kind of night. Or they clipped it out. Ishii hits a reall great senton bomb for her troubles.
  3. KAORU is the good joshi worker that was lost to time. No matter who you put her in the ring with she would usually give a good match despite her limitations. Put her against someone insanely talented like 1998 Meiko Satomura and you get something that breaks the mold. You get some nice snug strikes, KAORU stretching her opponent, some big, big bumps, really vicious arm attack from Meiko and KAORU selling it very well etc. I thought the whole thing was slightly rushed so it didn't get quite as epic as what they seemed to go for as it felt like a collection of highlights. But those highlights were really high end stuff.
  4. Here's a rare creature – a slow paced GAEA match. Yamada looked really good dominating with her superior striking early on and Kaoru would only get minuscule offense. A superplex and sleeper spot end up being important and setting up the stretch run. Both sold well down the stretch and KAORU avoiding Yamadas finisher was really good. I wasn't sure how these two would click in a singles match but they did just fine.
  5. Heavily BattlARTS inspired girl wrestling with plenty of brutal kicks, suplexes and flash submissions to entertain you. Yamada looked excellent and her exchanges with Satomura were probably some of the most violent of the year. Kato does not sell on the level of the other women and there were some weak moments, but nothing to detract from the bout in a major way. There was also some fun games around the young girls refusing to tag out which would or would not backfire on them. KAORU held up her end and the finishing run between Satomura & Kato was loaded with cool exciting counters.
  6. Really good tag action which was basically built around 2 dynamics. First, you had Satomura & Kato trying to chop down Yamada, who would cut them off with vicious kicks and suplexes. Yamada looked adorably like a middle aged mother in 1998, but still had some of the most brutal offense around. The sections with Kaoru were centered around her just getting smothered while Yamada would run in to save her by kicking people in the face like a BattlARTS tag. Some really cool spots built around a Sleeper Hold amongst other things. Match had focus and did not overstay it's welcome while delivering plenty of high end offense, which is what you want from joshi.
  7. GAEA goes UWF! This was probably the closest you'll get to serious girl shootstyle, as they wore plain black outfits and stuck to working a no frills UWFi style contest. The work won't make you forget your high end RINGS but it was genuinely exciting contest with perfect pace and layout. Uematsu surviving an onslaught of stiff kicks and almost toppling her higher ranked opponent with a knee to the face and palm strikes and hooking the leg was a great moment. Short but good. Also, for the scientific record: KAORU is fine as hell.
  8. This was #245 on our friend shodate's list of the Top 250 90s matches. Good thing because otherwise I probably would've never watched this. This was fantastic and instantly became one of my favourite joshi matches of the year. Lots of cool uncooperative exchanges throughout, and the match told a good story. You had Hokuto being two classes above both opponents (and making that very clear), Uematsu refusing to back down and wrestling a class above hers, and Kaoru and Ichiki trying everything to gain the advantage and topple their opponents. There were some basic spots such as biting, stomping eye rake or hair pulling toss which felt really violent here. There was also plenty of awesome receipt spots, especially whenever Hokuto felt disrespected, she would step up and show who's boss usually by booting someone in the face. There was also plenty of head droppin death moves and crushing diving attacks. Despite that the match didn't feel like overkill and ended at just the perfect spot. Little weak transitions here maybe, but yeah all things considered I enjoyed the hell out of this.
  9. 5★STAR Grand Prix Blue Stars Block: Kairi Hojo vs. KAORU KAORU was working old school heel style; arrogant, calculative, methodical, but she's a high flyer too and was quick to remind Hojo of that whenever the Real Pirate tried to get flashy. Hojo would dig down deep for her comebacks, super motivated to advance to the finals of the tournament, but KAORU's thick slab of wood was always there to stop her progression. Simple, effective storytelling. There's a gruesome spot where KAORU counters Hojo's diving forearm by batting her out of the air with the wood. Hojo gets struck on the arm and rolls to the outside writhing and screaming in agony. Some great mature woman heel work that makes Hojo's victory a satisfying one. ***1/2
  10. Dave gave this ****1/4 and it looks like a good opportunity to see what the mid-card AJW types were doing, in a semifinal of a major show. Shimoda is wearing the skimpiest attire in the history of women's wrestling--Attitude Era divas would look at and say, "cover yourself up some." Not a complaint, just an observation. This is all-action and pretty spotfesty, but it's a very good showcase for LCO, who pretty much dominate this from bell to bell. Every time the opponents start to gain an advantage, even after burying Hokuto under a pile of chairs outside the ring and busting her open, they're almost immediately cut off. A little overrated by Dave considering this was basically a 15-minute squash, but LCO sure look impressive, doing some Michinoku Pro-style triple team spots and running a pretty intricate dive train sequence. Hokuto hits one of the great Northern Lights bombs of her career, spiking Yoshida into the mat for the pin. Other than a few isolated nice moves--Kaoru does an Asai-style dive to the floor and Reggie has a good big fat flying splash--LCO's opponents didn't get the chance to show much.