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Found 11 results

  1. I remember being blown away by this match when I first watched it, but it was even better on a re-watch over a year later. Goddamn, what a match! The way the story in this progressed felt so natural - first it was a respectful grappling contest between two of the best technical wrestlers in PWG, then ZSJ starts targeting Hero's finger & Hero gets more and more pissed as the match goes on. Then it goes to the underdog formula with Hero bullying & beating the shit out of ZSJ, while ZSJ digs in deep to nail those brutal submissions, wacky pins & cool counters. This was an absolute clinic. ****3/4
  2. I had pretty high expectations for this one & I am happy to report that it did live up to all of those! Fantastically structured match w/ Ohno being the classic big man bully that he is, beating the crap out of Bate & making fun of him while doing so. Bate was an amazing babyface fighting from underneath to go against that - LOVED his comebacks, in particular that punch flurry he busted out at one point. They built to the big German Suplex spot super well too, which helped build into the finish which was unreal. A motherfucking UFO sighting. What a way to end an absolute banger of a match. ****1/4
  3. Athletic fat men pro-wrestling. According to the commentators, Keith turned down big money to play football for pro-wrestling which is something I was unaware of. It's pretty cool seeing Hero pull out a rope flip and huracanrana, Lee pulling out a moonsault and Lee ragdolling Hero as if he was Lio Rush. Hero also hits a pretty nasty piledriver on Lee which is also quite an awesome feat. as Lee is potentially over 300 lbs. Not only do they pull out all these impressive athletic stuff, but they also lay in some pretty solid strikes. Really fun match.
  4. Man was this a blast... The invading dominant ROH world champ makes a return to IWA-MS to take on the local babyface superstar who's lost a couple of matches in a row at IWA-MS events at the Lincoln Center and wants to redeem himself and defend himself and the honor of his organization. Both guys bring the hate and you can tell Hero's genuinely frustration early on. The match is Hero trying to out grapple Joe and Joe trying to out strike Hero. Before the wild exchanges occur, Hero tries grounding and tiring Joe out before he gets caught up and engages with Joe in a striking battle which of course is going to backfire on him even though he holds his own for a bit. During the wild strike exchange, Hero shoots for a double leg takedown and the crowd erupts. That sets the tone for the remainder of the match until the finishing stretch. The finishing stretch sees Hero getting overconfident and hitting Joe with a Hero's Welcome and instead of going for the pin, he tries it a second time before Joe catches him with a backdrop driver and he chokes him out. Hero does a great job putting over the choke as he doesn't move until Ian Rotten and Dave Prazak come in the ring and pour water over his head to wake him up. Luckily this ended at the right time and it didn't over stay its welcome with the endless running streak of head drops, fighting spirit and finishing move trades these matches usually fell into around this time period. Say what you will about the dueling chants, but the crowd was split here and hot for the entirety of it and it really added to the match as you rarely ever see crowds this hot at indy shows. Prazak nailed it on commentary by saying there was 250 fans in attendance, but it felt like 2,000 fans. Great stuff. ****
  5. This was amazing. Ohno has been delivering everytime he has got a chance to do so in this 2nd NXT run of his, and this was the best match of that run yet. It was 100% 2016 best wrestler in the world like performance from him. He beat the crap out of Gargano, just straight up bullied him with his beautiful elbows, boots, sentons, you name it. He also had a terrific dance partner with him - Johnny G gave a wonderful babyface performance, selling his ass off & busting out great, super well timed, big hope spots. Great, great stuff. ****1/2
  6. This was on par w/ the main event WarGames match, which was my MOTN. Enjoyed the crap out of it - a superb 5 minute sprint with Ohno showcasing that excellent, hard hitting offense of his & Lars working that monster shtick very well by not going down, showing that he can take a goddamn beating. Super happy to see Ohno get a Takeover spot & he absolutely delivered. Awesome match. ***3/4
  7. https://youtu.be/ak1LX4XE2S4 Really hot interactions between all 6-men involved, a fantastic Steen FIP segment, a terrific KENTA hot tag, great psychology w/ Generico's knee + an awesome finishing stretch. Great match. ****1/4
  8. First of all, Hero's entrance attire = badass. That ski mask + the "Fighting Spirit" hoodie. Awesome. Then Reed Bentley came out to the old Kings of Wrestling theme - that was a nice heel touch. Hero goes straight for the kill, as he just wants to beat the shit out of Bentley - his beatdown of Bentley was tremendous. As a result Bentley knows he needs to do something to get back into the match so he picks up Hero's arm & starts working over it. He does a great job working that arm & Hero sells it fantastically. From then on Hero fights from underneath for quite a bit, he gets some absolutely tremendous comebacks in - his strikes came off as so deadly in this match. Ultimately Hero gets the advantage back & just destroys Bentley in the end w/ a brutal looking Stretch Plum. This was amazing. ****1/2
  9. This was a great way to kick off the show. Everybody looked good with Roderick Strong in particular being on FIRE. Truly great seeing him shine. ***1/2
  10. Roode in 2017 isn't very exciting in the ring, but here his opponent happened to be the best wrestler in the world, so I was pretty excited to see how it would go. And it went greatly - loved the match, thought that Ohno was fantastic in it, great selling, great shine, great comebacks, great facials. Roode's work over him was really good too, didn't come off as super boring like in the January match vs. Nakamura. ****
  11. Before I watched this, I went back & read reviews of this show, and the general consensus seemed to be that this was a good, 3*ish match, but nothing special, and maybe even a bit disappointing. Well, I thought that this was tremendous. Great styles clash with Hero as the more experienced, bigger guy, and PAC as the flippy underdog. Early on PAC showcased his highflying awesomeness, and because of that Hero started to ground him so he wouldn't be able to get him with all those sick flips. I thought that Hero did a great job working on top, and once it was time for PAC's big comeback, which was indeed quite flippy, he sold really well for the man. Some really good nearfalls in the finishing stretch too. Great match. ****