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Found 19 results

  1. After 3 awful matches in a row (Starr/Yehi, Janela/Webster, Guevara/Fenix), this sure was needed. Keith Lee & ZSJ had 2 absolutely great matches last year in EVOLVE, so I knew they would deliver here as well. And they sure did - they delivered a great match that's on par w/ the 2 EVOLVE matches I mentioned. The storytelling was very strong in this one - Zack kept baiting Keith into exchanges, Keith always answered to those & because of that Zack got some openings he took advantage of right away. Loved his targeting of Keith's leg, Keith's selling was very good & I loved how as Zack was beating the crap out of that leg, he completely dropped the usually-very-much-in-a-good-mood shtick of his. Great David vs. Goliath wrestling. Keith Lee vs. Zack Sabre Jr. is a great pairing. ****
  2. This was just as much fun as it looked on paper. Really great action from start to finish - great stuff like Hot Sauce sneaking in at times to try & get that victory, Riddle going toe-to-toe with the big lads & of course the exchanges between Lee & WALTER. Those chops were SICK. ****1/2
  3. Definitely my most awaited first round tournament match up in this year's edition of BOLA. And it did not disappoint - the big lads delivered just as expected! Loved all the stuff on the mat, glad to see WALTER & Keith showcase their technical skills & of course we got some beefy BIG BOY action between them as well. All in all, a really good, borderline great match. 2nd best 1 vs. 1 match of the night behind Travis Banks vs. Mark Haskins. ***3/4
  4. This was exactly the match I wanted these two guys to have - just an excellent BIG BOY spotfest between two BIG BOYS in Jonah Rock & Keith Lee. All of their big, signature moves had that sweet extra impact to them because of the size of the big lads. Just bomb after bomb after bomb. Great stuff. ****
  5. This was just absolutely ridiculous in the most positive way possible. Not only was this an absolutely incredible collection of insane moves, sequences & memorable moments by two huge monsters, it also told a great story of Dijak doing everything he possibly could think of to try & put his biggest rival down. Keith answered with the same thing; he did everything he could do to put the super focused Dijak down. The no sell, fighting spirit moments were super well timed & done. Amazing match. ****1/2
  6. This was such a great David vs. Goliath sprint. Keith dominated most of the match because of his superior size & strength - he threw Fenix around in an awesome fashion. Fenix was brilliant as the fiery underdog fighting from underneath with his sick chops & fast paced flurries of dives. Excellent stuff. ****
  7. Excellent match. They quickly established that Keith Lee was a real contender for Callihan, he got the champ in trouble during the early stages of the match - but then Callihan introduces a steel chair into it & things take a turn. He starts mauling Keith's leg w/ that chair & suddenly the champ is in control. From then on Keith was the underdog trying to do everything to put the champ away, but the damage Callihan does to him throughout the match is too much. This was structured so well. ****1/4
  8. Big Keith & Travis were an absolute hit together w/ Keith doing his dominating big man shtick, being excellent at it as always, & Travis being a fantastic underdog fighting from underneath with his fiery, action packed comebacks. An absolutely fantastic PROGRESS debut for Keith Lee. ****1/2
  9. This was like their Beyond match that happened a day earlier, but an epic version of that. Dramatic sequences & counters w/ Keith Lee being awesome as always in that monster role just throwing Riddle around & Riddle selling his ass off while chopping him down with his excellent strikes & submissions. Loved it. ****1/2
  10. They got that big WWN Championship match coming up the next day in EVOLVE, so they didn't go all out here - instead of delivering an all-out epic, they delivered a simple David vs. Goliath match up - which I was very happy about. You got Keith Lee doing his awesome monster work on top while Riddle tried to chop him down with his fantastic strikes. Great stuff. ****
  11. Chuckie T on commentary wondering if we could say this is kind of a big brother vs. little brother situation was really the perfect description for this match. An absolutely AWESOME hoss fight - the throws were ring-shaking, my goodness those were insane. Really liked Keith Lee's control segment on Cobb - he got to showcase his stuff while Cobb got some really awesome comebacks in. Real good stuff. ***3/4
  12. Top fucking notch. O'Reilly was all business here while Keith Lee always wants to do his shtick - it's a part of his charm. Lee quickly realized that O'Reilly wasn't there to play around so he starts showing why he truly is LIMITLESS with all that athletic stuff he pulls out while still being a dominating big man wrestler. Loved the story of Kyle being super focused on chopping the big man down, he did awesome work to Lee's leg throughout the match, which eventually paid off as he got him on his knees. Fantastic storytelling. Then the terrific ending after the re-start deal where he just destroyed Lee with those striking combinations & that brainbuster. One of the finest matches of the year. ****1/2
  13. Really the perfect PWG opener - an action packed, a little beefy even (Cage vs. Lee) spotfest in which the pace never slowed down. Keith Lee made sure in his Reseda debut that everybody in the building will remember his name. ***3/4
  14. Such a fun heavyweight bombfest. There wasn't any feeling out processes or anything - just straight full on big boy action from start to finish. Keith Lee continues to prove himself as one of the best wrestlers in the world & Donovan Dijak looked very impressive in defeat - one of those cases where even though he lost, he still won. Awesome, awesome match. ****
  15. Two big boys going at it. Hero is the best wrestler in the world, he had an insanely good 2016, so I was really looking forward to this - and it did disappoint. My first time seeing Keith Lee in singles action, and he looked good here. His offense looked damn good, loved those chops. The ropes breaking did not derail the match at all really, which was pretty awesome considering that it could've ruined the entire match - but Hero & Lee were out there to put on a banger, and they sure did. Very enjoyable. ***3/4
  16. A fantastic David vs. Goliath match. Keith was absolutely awesome as the Goliath - his offense is great & so are his facial expressions. ZSJ is always a tremendous underdog, love his fire and those submission hope spots. Great stuff. ****
  17. Much like the match Keith Lee had vs. Zack Sabre Jr the night before, this was a tremendous David vs. Goliath battle. Keith Lee continued his streak of great performances - just love him do his work on top. He's tremendous at that. Hot Sauce was great as the fiery hard hitting babyface working from underneath. Great match. ****