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Found 8 results

  1. Red hot crowd & awesome hard hitting action from start to finish. Loved the Burch FIP segment, Kyle targeting his arm throughout the match was pretty great (loved that big Armbar drama), the ONEY HOT TAG was goddamn terrific & Roddy was his usual fantastic self, loved his facial selling & him on the offense is always a violent joy, and here he was going against two fellas who also bring it big time w/ their offense. Great match. ****
  2. This was a really well done David vs. Goliath tag battle. Loved the AOP completely overwhelming Fish & O'Reilly w/ their power in the early stages of the match. The champs were looking to be in BIG trouble until Akam tweaked his knee - that then became a big part of the Undisputed Era's attack on him, which lead to a really good FIP segment. Akam sold the good work by Fish & O'Reilly wonderfully. After he gets the hot tag to Rezar, they start to get that power move game rolling once again, but Fish & O'Reilly bust some really good counters to those, including going after that bad knee of Akam. Really good stuff all around with awesome performances from all involved. ***3/4
  3. Best match on the show. Some awkward moments but that was to be expected. Once Wolfe & Dain got involved, things kicked up a notch & the action remained really good from that point on till the end. Everybody gave really good performances. ***3/4
  4. Started off with your usual O'Reilly vs. Riddle back & forth action w/ that shoot style inspiration, battling over control w/ a terrific sense of urgency as they traded holds & tried to get that advantage over one another. O'Reilly's eventual control segment was absolutely excellent w/ him working over Riddle's arm & Riddle, in general, in brutal fashion. Riddle is great working from underneath and he was that here too w/ some great selling & that great fire of his. Great stuff. His big comeback when he got all fired up & knocked Kyle the F out w/ that big kick as Kyle was kicking him to the chest was tremendous. The finishing stretch is them looking for that one submission, one strike that would end the battle & it's just superb - much like the whole match, it was wrestled with that terrific sense of urgency. Could literally watch these 2 battle each other forever. What an amazing chemistry they have. ****1/2
  5. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-05-14-WCPW] Kyle O'Reilly vs Tyson Dux

    Good early back & forth stuff, which then lead to O'Reilly controlling things with a headlock. That was seriously great. Tyson Dux managed to start working on Kyle's leg, which was great. KOR answered that by getting way more intense as he started to target Dux's arm. Great battle of strategies. Really the only thing holding this from being ****+ is that Kyle's selling of the leg was super spotty - but other than that, this was really awesome. ***3/4
  6. This ruled. They worked the David vs. Goliath dynamic with O'Reilly chopping down the bigger man in Big Mike - loved all of Kyle's offense, he was really great in this match. Elgin answered to KOR's submissions & striking combinations w/ big bombs & hard hitting lariats. It was all super enjoyable. ***3/4
  7. Top fucking notch. O'Reilly was all business here while Keith Lee always wants to do his shtick - it's a part of his charm. Lee quickly realized that O'Reilly wasn't there to play around so he starts showing why he truly is LIMITLESS with all that athletic stuff he pulls out while still being a dominating big man wrestler. Loved the story of Kyle being super focused on chopping the big man down, he did awesome work to Lee's leg throughout the match, which eventually paid off as he got him on his knees. Fantastic storytelling. Then the terrific ending after the re-start deal where he just destroyed Lee with those striking combinations & that brainbuster. One of the finest matches of the year. ****1/2
  8. Just an absolute warfare with the two trying to break each other down. Slick mat work to start things off - that transitions into Yehi getting the control, he works over O'Reilly in awesome fashion & in particular he starts targeting his leg. O'Reilly sells that tremendously. O'Reilly gets the control & starts working over Yehi in FANTASTIC fashion - now it was Kyle's time to pick a limb so he goes with Yehi's arm. He starts working that, which Yehi sells tremendously. Dueling limb work~! I love it. Both men sell so well for each other & both men have offense that looked like million bucks. Great feeling of physicality, competition & urgency. This was a war. ****1/2