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Found 21 results

  1. Really well laid out sprint 6 man tag, with everyone bringing something neat to the table. We get Scorpio looking ultra sharp working basic opening exchanges with Hashi, Vader having a good day and really beating the shit out of Saito with a flurry of nasty strikes, Hashi being as effective as ever in his underdog role and Akiyama immediately going for the kill handing out exploders. It clocks in at just under 10 minutes where Vader chokeslams Akiyama through a table and then starts attacking people with a whip(?). Full NOAH point.
  2. Another really good match built around Hashi as a dangerous monster. For a junior he does that remarkably well. Largely strike based match, which as not a bad thing as these guys aren't pussies when it comes to striking. Lots of nice palm strike flurries, and they build the match pretty well. Hara is initially able to avoid the big Hashi strikes but Hashi grabs him and drops him with a big Ki Crusher which is a spot that kind of rules in the middle of a shootstyle strike exchange. Really good ultra stiff Mantell/Lawler exchanges for the finish, with the headbutts being of course insane.
  3. Hashi may have been outworking everyone else in NOAH at this point. This was a typical rookie/veteran match with Akiyama mostly blowing off Hashis offense except when he was using that iron skull. Akiyamas „I'm so tough“ bullshit biting him in the ass was a nice touch and literally everything Hashi did was extremely well done. He would try different approaches to cut Akiyama down headbutting him in every different body part and at one point he just headbutted him like 30 times in one go. Akiyama beats and stretches Hashi good with some especially nasty facelocks but overall I was lukewarm on his performance here. If he had sold the head trauma Hashi was giving him on a larger scale the match could've been pretty great.
  4. Man I love NOAH. Even a minor lead-in tag like this will have a unique, unpredictable structure, everyone playing their role and guys unloading on eachother with stiff shots. Great opening which gets the crowd by the balls immediately. Marufuji putting Hashi in the tree of woe so he and Ogawa can double team Akiyama is something we all did in WWF No Mercy. I like Akiyama a lot but I thought he was outshone by Hashi here, who was just way stiffer, more intense, etc. I thought Akiyama could've done a better job giving Ogawa & Marufuji receipts for their rat boy tactics. Ogawa looked great as usual outsmarting his opponents. Marufuji didn't do anything stupid, even showing some viciousness dropkicking Hashis skull repeatedly. Loved the finish.
  5. Unexpectedly stiff, fun undercard action. Hashi and Izu try to crack eachothers skull in the opening and Hashi gets bloodied hardway. This leads to your signature Hashi underdog performance with Taue Baba chopping his cut. Inoue, as usual, was pretty much useless in helping Hashi here, so Hashi has to tough it in the finish against Izu who dishes out some big bombs. This kind of stuff is what made NOAH great.
  6. Man was this fun. Not a MOTYC or anything a long those lines and not on par with Takayama vs. Kikuchi, but this is still a blast. It's heavyweight vs. Jr. heavyweight and Hashi uses his head to attack Akiyama with some nasty headbutts. Hashi gets cocky and there's a cool section where he blasts Akiyama with slaps as Akiyama stares him down before Akiyama blasts him with a few slaps that put him down and it would've been perfectly fine to finish the match there, but it went on for a couple of more minutes and Akiyama locked on a spine bending crab hold which could have also been another neat finish, but it wasn't as Akiyama finished him with an Exploder suplex. Another really fun match.
  7. Typical fun energetic mutli man tag Noah Korakuen Hall match. One of the things I've come to appreciate of Noah re-watching all these older matches is the diversity of the midcarders and undercarders -- i.e.; Akitoshi Saito, Jun Izumida, Makoto Hashi, Kentaro Shiga, Takuma Sano, etc. and Saito is the standout here for me hitting Ikeda with some vicious kicks and hitting some great looking body punches on Rikio. Some of the other cool moments feature Akiyama goading Ikeda and Rikio into the ring and then running out of the ring so they can get ambushed from behind by Saito and Hashi, Ikeda bringing the heat and the post match chaos with Honda coming out to make the save. Really fun stuff.
  8. The venue seems like a venue Toryumon JAPAN would've run around that time. Man, does this match rule. It's not a MOTYC or anything, but it's a really fun midcard Noah house show match. Hashi is north of the 100 kg weight limit for the Jr. division here, so they get to work a little more even. Hashi's main offense is his Samoan-esque hard head and he uses that to his advantage here and there's one of the most gruesome headbutt exchanges I have ever seen. There's particularly a close up of it and you can hear the thud clearly as their heads collide. Hashi also uses his head to ground Rikio by working over his arm with headbutts. However, Rikio playing the role of the bigger bully, just cuts Hashi off with some brutal slaps that bust up his mouth and Hashi just drapes the mat from his bloody mouth. The finishing run is pretty awesome as Hashi gets to kick out of some big moves before falling to a big powerbomb.
  9. Grimmas

    Makoto Hashi

    Discuss here.
  10. Talk about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7lADr-z0zg