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Found 17 results

  1. As per usual, multiman interpromotional matches at Korakuen Hall are usually really good and this is no exception. We get a hot crowd, some OK crowd brawling and another solid Kanemoto ZERO1 invasion match, however there's a pretty long portion with the ZERO1 guys putting an extensive beatdown on Taguchi. The more I watch of Kanemoto in this rivalry, the more I've come to appreciate his timing. He just does a beautiful job of putting over the lesser ranked ZERO1 wrestlers hope spots and actually gets the fans the believe an upset is incoming before he just cuts them off and finishes them off.
  2. DAMN I kinda loved Yatsu in this and while I'm a huge Yatsu fan I didn't expect that at all. Yatsu is 46 years old here but still really spry and fun, and Nakanishi doesn't hold back. This is really the Yatsu show as he busts out all kinds of fun punches and submissions and still hits the great bulldog and powerslam. Nakanishi was largely your regular Nakanishi but he does hit a really nice shotai combo and as a said he really pastes Yatsu with chops and lariats. If this went like 3 and a half minutes less it would be about the greatest WCWSN match in japanese history.
  3. As far as I'm concerned, it wasn't the Inokism/MMA influence stuff that was killing NJPW at the time, it was the fact that the regular wrestling was largely dull and moronic. The sprint opening and subsequent matwork of this was fine, but they soon went to their bread and butter: brainlessly hitting lariats and throwing out bombs. No transitions in sight, just take a move, then hit one of your own, repeat until finish. This really needed MMA gloves or a Murakami run in.
  4. Rutten has been quite the consistent worker in NJPW. His strikes are so crazy that you buy him just caving in Nakanishis face any second. Rutten has such an aura that anytime Nakanishi can get a move in on him is impressive. There are a few spots that they pull off much better than you'd think, and Rutten gets thrown around. Nakanishis selling in the last couple seconds was shockingly good, not something I thought he had in him. Also loved him trying to power out of the flying armbar a split second after getting caught.
  5. Norton was getting some bad reviews from smarks in 1998, but then so did Fujiwara and Tarzan Goto. This was of course an IWGP title match that was worked like a WCWSN semi squash, but still thought Norton looked really good. He did a great job selling for Nakanishi, including bumping big over the top rope and selling accumulated damage. He also absolutely blistered him with chops, so he was kind of your 1998 Walter type. That they got the somewhat quiet crowd to go bonkers for Nakanishi over the course of 7 minutes was great too. Wouldn't mind checking out more Norton.
  6. This starts really nice with about 8 minutes of really cool opening matwork. I especially loved the sections with Hashimoto as he is so fast and at the same time such a behemoth that he provides a great challenge as half the stuff you try on him you won't pull off, so you have to think fast and give your best. Soon the youngsters take over by putting the boots to the veterans, which sets up the second half of the match in which Hashimoto absolutely mauls Nagata. You really can't praise Hashimoto enough, as his offense is all kinds of furious and amazing chop-your-head-off type, but at the same time he does a great job putting over Nagata as this gutsy bloke with enough firepower to possibly put him away. Fujinami is secondary role here as he mostly serves as a foil for the young punks to show off their punkiness, but he is such a fun tricky wrestler too as he always has a counter in his sleeve and will slap your shit if you push him too far. Also his huge kneedrop off the top has become one of my favourite spots. Great signature performance from the old guys here and really good spunkiness from the young guns.
  7. Yeah-you can definitely see the prototypes of some of today's New Jalan tropes here, particularly the long forearm exchanges, double lariats and the bounce off the ropes-eat a move transition. This was a fun hoss battle-I noticed I enjoy the New Japan finishing steetch countering logic a lot more when it's applied to shoulder block. Maybe I'd grow tired of that too but it's peculiarity made it worth pointing out. This was a fun hoss battle-Nakanishi would spice the strike exchanges with big chops and a huge bitchslap and I loved how Makabe used the first one to goad Nakanishi into attacking him and managed to create a huge opportunity for himself. Nakanishi selling dizziness was fun-Makabe's choice of offence questiinable, I don't really buy Half Crabbing a guy a minute after you Death Valley Bomb him on the floor. Nakanishi also pulled back on Makabe's jaw and knees like Atlantis does which turns the Argentine Backbreaker (usually one of my least favourite moves) into a neat looking hold. **3/4
  8. Talk about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIwC8b6PAfY