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Found 15 results

  1. The opening portion of this one was intriguing as Saito completely dominated Fuchi mostly with stomps and punchs, some were nice but overall Saito's punches and stomps didn't look good enough to have significant merit on their own nor did they look bad enough to take away from the match, the quality of this one was mostly down to how they were gonna follow up the beatdown and that's where the match really took off, Fuchi went absolutely berserk just blasting Saito with amazing punches and just beat the shit out of him and when he satisfied my bloodthirst they transition to the closing stretch which was mostly built around big nearfalls including a swell count-out tease. Also worth noting is that Fuchi hit a Dropkick that was so good I replayed it about five times. Good stuff.
  2. JIP. Only 5 minutes are shown, but there is some awesome shit here. Dean does all sorts of athletic moves. This Dean still has that boyish body, but facially looks the same as Dean always does. Dean is really exaggerated here, flippin' and playing to the crowd. When he goes to the top rope, he poses to pose, then pauses to pose AGAIN, the takes a breath before climbing... he may aswell be carrying a sign that says „I am going to get military pressed off the rope“. The match is a junior's match for sure but they go for pin combos and submissions rather than impact stuff, which I like a lot. Then it really looks like there's no way Fuchi can turn it around and then he pulls out that badass little finish. Great clip.
  3. It's a slow paced AJPW undercard match with a lot of matwork. Pretty cool eh? Sano is a guy you don't know what to expect from here as he is in between UWFi, KINGDOM, BattlARTS and Michinoku Pro, but he rocks the shootstyle here. Some really cool matwork involving him and Smith which had that clash of styles feel. Smith isn't a guy who does a ton for me but to his credit he sold the fuck out of Sanos kicks and knees and looked like he was struggling with all his might here. Really good moment when Sano was destroying Smith in the corner with kicks and Smith goes for a front headlock only to be taken down easily. Tornado is Richard Slinger in a goofy mask and he looked good here grappling and throwing kicks, did not look so good trying to take a huracanrana. Fuchi is obviously still very good at this point but doesn't go full bore aside from a cool pin.
  4. Man oh man I LOVED this one. Such an amazing performance from Fuchi trying to survive against a higher ranked opponent by destroying his leg. His early control segment ruled, he was just viciously slamming Misawa's leg onto the announce table. The legwork set Fuchi up for both his future control segments giving him a good base to work on by stretching Misawa and also provided with him a way to easily and believably transition back into offence. Misawa's selling was sublime, just a perfect example of how selling doesn't have to black or white (and in most cases when such selling is used it takes away from the match more than anything), he limped and slowed down but still went for all his big stuff regardless like you would in a fight and recognized the pain both by not being able to follow up a great looking frog splash with a cover and by modifying his flip lariat (usually he would use a dashing start, here he just kind of threw himself at Fuchi). We get a few nearfalls that didn't use "big" moves but were extremely well set up and the crowd bought into them before a cool and (for All Japan) unique finish. A lot of stars.
  5. Just another night in All Japan Pro Wrestlings greatest period. Taue and Kawada are OBSESSED with beating the hell out of eachother and it's awesome! Kikuchi takes a beating! Grass is green! This is probably not a must see piece, but still so much fan to watch. Taue and Kawada are exactly fighting each other like two guys in a heated feud should - constantly derailing the match to beat eachother up. There is a good FIP secton on Kikuchi - he doesn't take one of his biggest beatings (thankfully), but still gets slammed and kicked around good - and in a funny moment he gets heel heat when breaking up a pinfall right after surviving said heat section. Nothing mindblowing, but I'm always glad I checked out a match which ends with Kawada punching Taue in the mouth repeatedly.
  6. Baba's 60th birthday. This is all about Old Man Baba Does All Kinds of Improbable Things. Including: blocking chops with his matchstick arms! Technical wrestling! Test of strengths with Kobashi! The crowd is hot for all things involving Baba, while the rest of the match was somewhat dry. I guess there's no reason to bring the workrate when you are there to make your geriatric boss look good. Mossman got smacked and stretched good, and Misawa did almost KO Kawada with an elbow, but nothing ever amounted to much. There was also plenty of „take punishment, then no sell back to offense“. Fuchi hits the Greatest Fistdrop at one point, but it's all lost in a stream of things happening. It's kind of cool these guys can go 30 minutes with corpselike Baba and have a match that never drags, but I was hoping for something a little less mindless.
  7. I thought this match started absolutely great. Fuchi kept ramping up the violence as it went to the point where it gets really, really uncomfortable. By the end I actually wanted the match to end so Kikuchi's neck and spine might live to see another day. Maybe it's the knowledge that Misawa met his end because of stuff like this, but it got hard to watch Kikuchi keep getting up. Great stuff leading into the finish and I imagine there are those who don't mind the finish.
  8. JIP into Kikuchi taking an assbeating. So, it's another tuesday for Kikuchi? Kobashi gets the hot tag and the crowd is MAD HOT for him! Jumbo & Fuchi draw MAD HEAT! Kikuchi eats EVEN MORE sickening abuse at the hands of Jumbo! Great finish. Kikuchi > all.
  9. JIP to a control segment on Kawada. We get some stiff strikes and Kawada taking huge bump to the outside after eating a nasty lariat from Jumbo. The finish run had some cool exchanges and Misawa looking like a boss. This wasn't bad, but not really terribly exciting. The result was cool to see though.
  10. Just a 9 minute clip, but a really fun, energetic little fight that showcases what made this crew so fun in 1990. Inoue throws fists and gets the shit kicked out of him (seriously he always took a nasty spinkick from Misawa), Kawada does very un-Kawada like flying around, some impressive double team moves and Misawa showing Taue the business with his elbows. Fuchi at one point lays in some vicious stomps and pays for it when Misawa KO's him with that big bad elbow smash, which is sold perfectly.
  11. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT KNOW THIS: The "robots" are mexican wrestlers dressed as rip-off R2D2 and C3PO from Star Wars. Thank you Baba for booking this, and thank you japanese TV editors for showing us. AJPW could have some quite trainwrecky matches then, but this was, thankfully, also a really enjoyable match. The robots do this wonderous freaked out lucha grappling, and Fuchi/Onita are a quite good team of rudos. Come for the wrestling robots, stay for the majestic wrestling and giant swings. Also, it is nice to know Masa Fuchi can add "I punched C3PO in the face" to his list of wrestling achievements. You did god's work there. That was a nice punch combo he threw also.
  12. This was quite the fascinating bout. A long fine handheld tag match. Jumbo was a lot more menacing here than the stooging character he played on TV lately, as he clobbered Kawada and Misawa mercilessly. The parts where Fuchi is in are solid, and Kawada looks real good as he sticks to his kicks, to the point where Fuchi is almost sympathetic as Kawada kicks the snot out of him. But what will stick the most in your mind is the way Jumbo assaults Misawa here, beginning with a forearm smash that leads to Misawa taking huge bump to the floor. Eventually Jumbo hits his big backdrop driver, but instead of going for the pin Jumbo goes into mount and beats Misawa like a dog. Jumbo beats Misawa to the point where Misawa can't get to his feet anymore but refuses to quit, and Jumbo keeps picking him up and refusing to pin him. Both Kawada and even Fuchi run in to calm Jumbo down but he kicks their asses too. You'd except this kind of grit and hatred in a heated US bloodfeud but it worked here aswell. Great match.
  13. Masa Fuchi puts on a clinic here during a buildup tag to Kobashi vs Taue. Taue and Kobashi do great as well, especially Kobashi, but this is Fuchi's match.
  14. This was booked as a match for Kawada to debut the abdominal stretch version of the stretch plum. Kawada and Fuchi make the body of the match awesome, but for me the finish fell flat because of how all the momentum Fuchi and Kawada had built up was wasted. The first 3/4 or so of the match I saw after the clip was great. Ogawa and Kikuchi had a nice, heated exchange during that time as well.