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Found 16 results

  1. Masashi Aoyagi & Shiro Koshinaka vs. Masanobu Kurisu & Kim Duk (NJPW 12/16/1991) Pretty much the definition of a fun houseshow match. Everyone gets to do their thing and look good, and they spice things up by doing things such as teasing spots and baiting and switching. All basic, but spicy enough to be a really enjoyable watch. Kurisu & Duk do some fun cheating, Kurisus only real game being throwing his opponent outside and going to town with a chair becomes a plot point as usual, Aoyagi hits all his cool offense and Koshinaka gets to look tough trading headbutts with Kurisu.
  2. This is second match on the card. Kikuchi is in his karate pants for teaming up with Aoyagi. Nobody would look at this match on paper and expect a great match, but what we get is really fun with each guy bringing their trademarks. The ending run is ridiculously fun as Aoyagi goes crazy spin kicking everyone and the crowd being really excited for him potentially winning this meaningless undercard match. Honda didn't do much except really squeezing people with headlocks, teasing the Dead End and having some cool selling after eating some nasty leg kicks from Aoyagi & Kikuchi. Sometimes, less is more.
  3. I think a pro shot version of this is out there, but the handheld is good enough for me. Really simplistic, effective match. Pretty much two karate guys laying into eachother with punches and kicks. Aoyagi sells a shoulder injury and he is really compelling at doing that, really protecting his shoulder and barely getting in offense because he is hurting. Matsunaga – who was already Mr. W*ING and with the blonde hair at this point – doesn't do any garbage brawling, but he does pull Aoyagis jacket over his head at one point making him unable to defend himself. Aoyagi gets some pretty brutal brief offensive rushes, including one where he lands this nasty running punt before really stomping Matsunaga, and another where he hits these awesome low angle spin kicks. These short simple Aoyagi matches are pretty consistently a highlight on early 90s NJPW cards and this is another nifty one in the resume.
  4. Heated early 90s japanese wrestling is guaranteed quality and this is another goody. Fast pace, everyone runs in to beat the hell out of eachother, Heisei Ishingun are really fun as elderly japanese men in purple pants who will crack your ribs... the superstar charisma of Shinya Hashimoto stands out (as always) as anytime he steps in the ring things get a little more real, a little more intense. Surprisingly Tatsutoshi Goto makes a really effective main antagonist as he knocks people silly with stiff lariats and chucks chairs in Iizukas face. Iizuka & Nogami are fun in their goofy Rockers gear flying around and taking beatings. Match starts fun and it builds to some bigger and bigger moments and nearfalls and surprisingly well timed spots, we also get Aoyagi and Hashimoto facing off for a couple seconds. This is the kind of match that just leaves you wired by the end.
  5. The new Aoyagi singles matches may be the best thing about the flood of NJPW handhelds. This could've gone longer than 6 minutes but for that kind of match it was really fun puncher vs. Counter puncher type stuff. It's about Aoyagis kicks vs. Fujinamis sleeper holds, and both these guys do a really nice job selling kicks and sleeper holds. Fujinami shows more aggression than I expected pummeling Aoyagi and eventually catching him. Obviously Aoyagis kicks and knees ruled.
  6. This was fun but didn't quite live up to the violent potential of the match, due to SS Machine not really living up to it. Mostly Machine works over Aoyagis bandaged arm while Aoyagi makes fun kick based comebacks. Machines rudo work okay but he really needed to bring a little more violence on a card that was full of violent braws, just don't buy his noodle arm lariats putting away Aoygi. Perfectly fine stuff and there was some good close quarter fighting at one point but feels like a waste of an Aoyagi singles in a heated feud.
  7. Gritty, seedy, blood-drenched fight. Umibozu was Aoyagi's face painted buddy and not afraid to potatoe someone with kicks. Rikio Ito is this roided wannabe Roadwarrior and a pretty terrible wrestler, but this kind of match anyone can do. All you need to do is throw stiff potatoe lariats and work the cut. At one point Ito grabbed Umibozu and tried a spinning Powerbomb where I was sure someone was gonna get badly injured. Shinichi Shino, for a W*ING nobody, looked a decent heel, and Aoyagi was more like the Aoyagi you all know. Aoyagi and Umibozu bleed and fight back with stiff kicks and punches, eventually Aoyagi takes off his belt and starts strangling Ito while Umibozu is stabbing Shino in the head while pulling his hair as if he was trying to scalp him. If a karateka vs. Garbage wrestler match that turns into attempted murder sounds good to you this is your match.
  8. This is our sole taste of 90s Capture International. It's Aoyagi working a somewhat regular undercard match against Kitahara's boy Nihao (who would go on to be in U-Style – CAPTURE can get you somewhere). Aoyagi working holds isn't quite the same as Aoyagi working a crazy spectacle, but I probably liked this better than Aoyagis undercard work in Wrestle Yume Factory. Aoyagi sure does give Nihao the business with stiff kicks and punches to the mid section and there is one truely brutal near KO. The finish is a really nice moment too. I didn't get a ton from Nihao here but he looked fine.
  9. This actually got **** from Meltzer. This had the kind of bell to bell action you expect from a Meltzer approved match, as there's no feeling out process, it opens with Aoyagi landing a huge punch to the sternum and then pretty much just putting a major ass stomping on Koshinaka. Koshinaka when challenged can bring the asskicking when it counts and he does here, he is probably the only guy who can make a butt attack feel violent, and really dug his desperation sweeping lariats, dropkicks etc. a lot. Match was a lot like Lawler/Mantell as both guys just exchange back and forth and it builds into guys trading punches on their knees, trading punches while standing, one guy throwing punches from his knees and the other kicking him in the face etc. There is some fun stuff built around Koshinaka trying submissions and Aoyagi finding violent ways to fight out of them, and the match has really good pacing. I thought Koshinaka seemed to be no selling Aoyagi a little, but Aoyagi's selling was strong. I'm not sure how much part he played in it but the neck dumping suplexes were spectacular aswell. Great match, Aoyagi rules so much at this kind of nasty streetfight.
  10. Big badass brawl pitting Goto against Kaientai (who are all in WWF gear and have Yamaguchi-San with them), but mainly Goto against Togo. I loved the opening, which has Goto attacking Yamaguchi only to be hit by big Togo diving senton. Then chaos ensues and Togo is recklessly flying into chairs. Easily one of the better „opening brawling“ segments I can remember from a match in Korakuen Hall. Togo ends up busted open and has his cut worked over. Togo gives a really great performance here, and Goto and Aoyagi are great working the cut (Azteca is decent too).Goto uses foreign objects, while Aoyagi throws punches and kicks at Togo's face. Goto is so great here as a grotesque lumbering psycho destroying the little dudes, and Aoyagi working exchanges with Kaientai and laying into them with kicks is all kinds of fun too. It gets to the point where Goto gets ready to carve people up with a broken beer bottle and you wonder how Kaientai are gonna get out of this alive. I actually loved the sports entertainment twist right before the finish too as it resulted in a badass character moment from Aoyagi. Match probably needed a big dive train or something, but as it was it was a spectacular fight.
  11. Prepare to have your dreams shattered. Wow did that suck. You see a matchup like Fujiwara vs. Aoyagi, and you think „Why have I never heard of that“ - well the reason is that it was bad. Straight up. The one cool moment comes early on when the are both throwing wild bodyshots at eachother. The rest of the match is Fujiwara just eating Aoyagi up, and not even doing a very entertaining job at it. Aoyagi rushes Fujiwara with a nice kick combo in the corner reminding you who he is, the rest of the match is Fujiwara taking him down over and over again, sitting on him and slowly prying into submissions. You keep waiting for the indy promoter to turn the tables on the legend but it never happens and Aoyagi is forced to tap out at just the 10 minute mark. Don't know what Fujiwara's issue here was, maybe carried over hostility from NJPW or he thought Aoyagi was beneath him because he was shorter. Eitherway this is not the match you fantasy booked, move on with your lives.
  12. This was a match I was 50/50 on, as it was a pretty damn great Aoyagi performance vs. a really dull Miura performance. Miura sucks and has no clue and he dominated much of this match, wondering what to do, showing more confusion than aggression. He worked over Aoyagi's leg for the match, and there were a total of 3 interesting things he did: a) trying to moonsault the leg headbutting the leg and c) removing Aoyagi's knee pad. Aoyagi's selling and comebacks on the other hand were just awesome. I have no idea how Aoyagi learnt to sell this well, but he understood perfectly how to dish out devastating kicks while also hobbling arround and collapsing looking very anguished on his bad leg. He also brought out the stiff punches for this one. Easily his best performance from WYF, but wasted on a slug. What's with Aoyagi getting shitty opponents in his own fed?
  13. Fun signature Aoyagi match, meaning karateka vs. pro wrestler rounds match.Okumura isn't terribly exciting, but decent enough as a wrestler going for takedowns and submissions and willing to stand there and trade shots with Aoyagi. Actually thought this was an Aoyagi carryjob, as he obviously brings all the really fun offense, and did a neat job selling. Aoyagi was getting the better of Okumura, but the younger guy seemed to be cracking the old guy down due to youth. Also, for a guy who you think of as bringing the very real shots, Aoyagi had some really fun pro stylized kicks and punches, such as a really slick axe kick he threw after evading a takedown, or a diving kick off the 2nd rope. His punch to the throat was obviously the highlight. Match was pretty short at only 9 minutes and didn't have an outstanding finish but it was still really cool to see what Aoyagi could do against such a generic guy.
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