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Found 48 results

  1. What a fun sprint this was. Riddle playing a bully, but not exactly in an evil way, is some fun stuff. Him resorting to hair pulling in order to get out of a toe hold is some fun stuff. Also them constantly trying to one up each other with the wrist slapping was also fun. Short, sweet, Deonna kicked Riddle's ass until he decided to go for the overkill, and most importantly: it was very fun.
  2. EVOLVE has been building towards this match since Strickland returned to the company. Strickland is such a great heel in EVOLVE and Riddle is of course the fired up babyface the fans love and they play their roles perfectly. Leading to the match, Strickland had targeted Riddle's arm and he had broken Riddle mentally with his mind games and Riddle lets anger take over and that backfires throughout the match and Strickland uses this to exploit Riddle's weaknesses throughout the match. Some of the cool stuff from this match include Strickland hitting a running Swerve Stomp from the ramp on Riddle sitting in a chair in front of Riddle's family. Riddle's chops are great as always. Also, to the benefit of the match, Riddle cuts his hand which adds to the backstory of the match and Strickland exploits it. Riddle's selling is also pretty great throughout the majority of the match. There's some pretty big table bumps here like Riddle hitting a senton off the ring apron through a table and of course a big Swerve Stomp off a ladder through a table on Riddle. The finishing stretch was also good with Riddle getting one last boost of adrenaline before Strickland puts him down with a JML Driver. Loved Riddle just barely bridging out of the last nearfall before the finish as he was already worn out instead of just popping straight up with a power kickout. Some things of course didn't work, such as them going into overkill with one too many Swerve Stomps throughout the match and the downtime while Swever setup for some weapon assisted spots, but to their credit, Riddle's selling was good in between the setups. Again, not a MOTYC or a ****+ classic or any of that, but definitely another solid/entertaining match from these two and well worth watching if you dig any of their previous matches. From the matches of theirs I've seen, I'd rank them in this order: MLW world title tournament final This match The first EVOLVE match Their second EVOLVE match I would rank the MLW match ahead of this one because I was there live, so of course I have a different perspective on that one as it was great to experience that live.
  3. A good match that tried to tell an interesting in-match story, but a little too much comedy at times for a title match from my view. This is almost a competitive squash for a big part of this, but then it kicks into high gear in the last few minutes when AR Fox stops trying to out-Riddle Matt Riddle and starts wrestling more as himself. The ringside seconds added a lot to the nearfalls by getting so excited after all of the big moves, which I am convinced played a big part in getting the crowd to bite so hard on those. This didn't really come across like a main event-level match to me, but it also seemed like an early chapter in a long series between these two, so maybe that's okay for now. ***
  4. I fucking love the premise of Bloodsport. It seems to me like a logical progression of what shoot-style federations like RINGS would look like today. Also, the match was really fun. The sense of struggle to get the better positioning, and no man actually getting a hold locked in properly only adds to the "it can end at any second" drama. Also, gotta love how they work around not having ropes into the game of chess that is the fight for domination. Some really, really fun stuff with a cool setup. Low Ki would be fucked
  5. A very good match. Zack was absolutely fantastic (as always, really) in this one & Riddle was a great FIP; though I did think that some of his comebacks were lacking... something? Can't quite put my finger on what exactly, but something & that is ultimately what keeps this from being a GREAT 4*+ match. ***3/4
  6. Somewhat of an indytastic big man match. I'm not familiar with Drake, but he's a big, fat dude who can throw dish can take punishment and also dish it out, plus he can do all the cute indy stuff the fans dig. Before the match, Riddle challenges Drake to a no rope break match and Drake accepts, so this works in favor of the match as they need to figure out ways to counter each others submissions and endless strikes without being saved via rope break. The match develops nicely with both guys brutalizing each other with big man stiff shots and some pretty decent grappling before it gets very indytastic with the annoying endless head drop sequence. The finish was brutal as Riddle unleashes a brutal beatdown. Post match Drake gets a well deserved standing ovation and a please come back chant. Good stuff. ***1/2
  7. A very good FIP segment w/ Thatcher to start things off; Thatcher sells it tremendously (no surprise there) & the work by Bros was good - especially by Riddle who's offense came off as super violent. Loved it. WALTER's hot tag was great, he came in & chopped the crap out of Cobb & Riddle. Now that lead to a FIP segment w/ Cobb & that was outstanding! Cobb sold his ass off & Ringkampf's work over him was terrific - they brutalized Cobb in such compelling fashion. Once Cobb finally got to make the hot tag to Riddle, Riddle came in with a house of fire~! & beat the crap out of Thatcher & WALTER for a while - that was until Ringkampf cut off his hot tag in amazing, strategic fashion. The finishing stretch sees them dominate Riddle for a while until Cobb sneaks back in after he had been resting for a while - The Chosen Bros deliver a couple of amazingly brutal looking double team moves to finish off an outstanding tag match. The selling of Cobb, the brutal offense of WALTER, Thatcher & Riddle, the fire of Riddle & the teamwork of Ringkampf make for an amazing package of tag team wrestling. ****1/4
  8. Not a MOTYC by any stretch, but a really entertaining indy-rific match. Having been there, I'm sure I liked this more than most peeps. Anyway, they work pretty evenly and develop this by putting over Riddle as a former UFC fighter and legit bad ass taking on an up and coming future star with Riddle getting the upper hand when involved in the rough striking exchanges and finding a way to always counter whatever it was Swerve was able to bring to the table. Both guys landed some fantastic strikes, with Riddle murdering Swerve with some brutal slaps and there's a point where he blasts Swerve with a nasty body kick that sounded like a gun shot. Swerve also brought some pretty great looking strikes, namely some cool looking face kicks while he tried pulling off the Keys to Swerve City. Pretty cool finishing stretch which turned into a bomb fest featuring some pretty nasty stuff. Loved Swerve countering the Bro 2 Sleep into a double stomp. MLW has far better production values than a lot of other U.S. indies and thus they made great work of putting over the lively split crowd at the venue and really brought out the big match feel this had. Plus Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini are a fun commentary team. You can put any type of spins you want on this, but the crowd left home happy for the most part and they were pretty lively for it, so it served it's purpose perfectly. Easily the best Swerve singles match I've seen, however not on par with a lot of Riddle's best stuff from WM weekend, but still well worth a watch if you dig the U.S. indy stuff.
  9. This had the makings of being the best match of the entire weekend, but ultimately I thought Ospreay got too much of his weak looking offense in. Riddle looked like a damn killer in it, what a meanstreak! Watching him destroy the shit out of Ospreay was amazing & Ospreay was overall a good FIP, but like I said, he got way too much offense in. And those nearfalls after the whole referees-checking-on-him -angle were quite ridiculous. Ospreay showing that "fighting spirit" is never not cringeworthy. All in all, a really good match, loved it, but it was also quite disappointing at the same time, because it had makings of being a classic. Easy MOTN of Mercury Rising though. Riddle's an absolute stud. ***3/4
  10. Riddle's first defense and it's a quality match against Sekimoto. Sekimoto sees Riddle bootless and he joins in on the fun. This a no rope break match and they do a great job using the stip. as there's some subs that involve taking advantage of the stip. This match also proved Riddle's adaptability as he works an entirely different match against an entirely different opponent from this weekend. Some of the highlights include Sekimoto challenging Riddle to a sumo face off that leads to a double underhook and throw from Sekimoto, Sekimoto trying to hit Riddle with a deadlift German suplex which Riddle holds onto Sekimoto ankle and Sekimoto just clubs him in the back before hitting the deadlift, Sekimoto getting Riddle into a torture rack and Riddle countering with a kimura in the ropes and Sekimoto hitting some brutal knees to Riddle's face through the ropes to break it and Riddle deadlifting Sekimoto into a throw. Great stuff.
  11. I got a chance to re-watch this again as I loved it live and had seen it previously, but forgot to post about it. Anyway, it's a pretty fantastic match between these two. Not sure if I'm more impressed by Cobb ragdolling Riddle or Riddle deadlifting Cobb. The match is worked pretty evenly. It starts out slow with them keeping it clean as they're friends and it eventually breaks down and they go all out on each other. Cobb does a fantastic job throwing Riddle around and cutting off his hulk ups and Riddle is pretty great at deadlift suplexing and hitting Cobb with some brutal strikes, namely with some stiff knees that bust up Cobb. The finish was awesome with Riddle nailing Cobb with a brutal knee. ***1/2
  12. This was pretty great stuff. I have been wavering on Riddle a bit this year, but putting him in with another MMA guy minimizes some of his more questionable attributes. The opening mat section between the two was pretty great, both guys were just rolling, looking for submissions grabbing advantages, high level stuff which is always good to watch. Riddle is a super impressive athlete and will often do something jaw dropping, after the matwork they exchange tough guy chops, elbows and kicks, and Riddle ends it with a pele kick which looked like it was in fast forward. Lawlor has a fun dick head charisma, shit talking, claiming Dana White sent him to take Riddle out, he is a natural heel and I dug him. His counter of the senton with a rear naked choke was especially cool. Finish was really awesome with Riddle throwing on a super fast triangle choke, and Lawlor trying to slam his way out of hit, only to turn it into a pinfall right before he went out.
  13. This was a fantastic, intense battle between these two. They beat the crap out of each other w/ some truly great looking offense by both (especially Riddle) while telling a really good story of Riddle having the advantage for most of it & Starr getting more & more back into things as it went on. Between this & their CZW match from last year, I think it's safe to say that David Starr & Matt Riddle have quite great chemistry with each other. ****
  14. This was just as much fun as it looked on paper. Really great action from start to finish - great stuff like Hot Sauce sneaking in at times to try & get that victory, Riddle going toe-to-toe with the big lads & of course the exchanges between Lee & WALTER. Those chops were SICK. ****1/2
  15. Physical, super action packed. I have not seen much of David Starr, but he was really solid here. His offense looked pretty good, but the real star of the match was (unsurprisingly) Matt f'n Riddle. What a stud that man is in the ring. It's always so much fun to watch him on the offense, and that was the case here too. Great match. ****
  16. This was just the 4 lads involved beating the crap out of each other + throwing each other around. Liked how Cage & Elgin isolated Cobb - Cobb did a solid job as the FIP & Riddle was a tremendous hot tag. The finishing stretch was fantastic. ***1/2
  17. This was super enjoyable. Riddle & Penta brought their destructive offense against each other in an excellent, intense bout. ****
  18. Their 3rd meeting was their best match yet. WALTER & Riddle just beat the absolute shit out of each other while telling a great David vs. Goliath story at the same time. Fantastic stuff. ****1/2
  19. Just a crazy match with Banks & Riddle trading excellent looking, brutal strikes & bombs all the way through. I absolutely loved it. ****1/2
  20. This was like their Beyond match that happened a day earlier, but an epic version of that. Dramatic sequences & counters w/ Keith Lee being awesome as always in that monster role just throwing Riddle around & Riddle selling his ass off while chopping him down with his excellent strikes & submissions. Loved it. ****1/2
  21. They got that big WWN Championship match coming up the next day in EVOLVE, so they didn't go all out here - instead of delivering an all-out epic, they delivered a simple David vs. Goliath match up - which I was very happy about. You got Keith Lee doing his awesome monster work on top while Riddle tried to chop him down with his fantastic strikes. Great stuff. ****
  22. Started off with your usual O'Reilly vs. Riddle back & forth action w/ that shoot style inspiration, battling over control w/ a terrific sense of urgency as they traded holds & tried to get that advantage over one another. O'Reilly's eventual control segment was absolutely excellent w/ him working over Riddle's arm & Riddle, in general, in brutal fashion. Riddle is great working from underneath and he was that here too w/ some great selling & that great fire of his. Great stuff. His big comeback when he got all fired up & knocked Kyle the F out w/ that big kick as Kyle was kicking him to the chest was tremendous. The finishing stretch is them looking for that one submission, one strike that would end the battle & it's just superb - much like the whole match, it was wrestled with that terrific sense of urgency. Could literally watch these 2 battle each other forever. What an amazing chemistry they have. ****1/2
  23. I thought that their Chapter 48 match was great & this was on the same level as that one. Loved Tyler starting the match off super cocky by taking off his boots to make fun of Riddle's MMA look - he tried to hang w/ Riddle on the mat & well, that sure didn't go his way. Riddle dominated the whole first half of the match, which he was terrific at & Bate eventually got the control very naturally. He did a great job in his control segment too. The finishing stretch w/ the big moves & counters was terrific as well. ****1/4
  24. Now I don't normally throw out star ratings for matches that go under 10 goddamn seconds or have only 1 goddamn move in them, but this was so perfectly executed. Trent Seven is by far the biggest, the most arrogant dick of the British Strong Style trio - he is a wonderful heel. Before the bell rang he cut a perfect, dick promo towards Riddle, PROGRESS & the fans. Then the bell rings and he eats a knee from Riddle & that's it. It's over. If this hadn't been built up to so wonderfully w/ the way Trent has been acting since the WWE UK Tournament, him attacking Riddle at Chapter 48 & then finally the perfect heel promo he cut before the match - it definitely wouldn't have been so amazing. Those elements made it perfect. And of course Riddle w/ that killer knee - the knee could've looked like shit & the match wouldn't have worked so well, but the knee looked sick too. Both parties played their roles to perfection as well as the crowd. Beautiful stuff. Legitimately one of my favorite matches of 2017. ****1/2
  25. The finish was absolute dogshit, but it didn't take anything away from this incredible match. They went for an indy epic w/ lots of big moves, counters + nearfalls & they sure delivered one - all the while not going overkill. Fantastic stuff. ****1/4