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Found 18 results

  1. Grimmas

    Momo Watanabe

    kas said: She's been among the best wrestlers in the world for the last 4 years. Offensively strong (those kicks!) and has a good amount of versatility. Generally consistent, but excels in big match situations, leading to Stardom trusting her in several important matches (Mayu Anniversary match in 2020, Utami's first title defence, GP final against Syuri). Already has an excellent big title run under her belt with the Wonder of Stardom title, and given how young she is, the sky is the absolute limit for her. Vs Syuri (09/25/2021) - https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1DL411W7Ur/ Vs Jungle Kyona (03/03/2019) - https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7num5p Vs Io Shirai (02/18/2018) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr_HWyyY6Tc
  2. This is a match for both the World of Stardom title and the Wonder of Stardom title with the winner taking both belts. This match gets off to a fairly methodical start but it never feels like its killing time as they always seem to keep things moving along. They do manage to slowly, but naturally, increase the pace along the way to point that you don't suddenly notice that they are in the finishing run. A very well laid out title match. ****
  3. This is for Jungle's and Tora's Goddesses of Stardom tag titles. The main story throughout this match is the continuation of the Jungle/Utami feud. Every interaction between these two is fantastic. Natsuko Tora had possibly the best performance of her career in her first Korakuen Hall main event. Not crazy about the booking here but with that said this match could be the precursor to a run of very strong tag matches in 2019 for Stardom. ****1/4
  4. This is for Watanabe's Wonder of Stardom title and the match that Iwatani asked for after winning the 5* Grand Prix the previous match. This is pretty much a slugfest from beginning to end. These two lay into each other while mixing in some big spots. Not quite the great match that you would expect between these two but very enjoyable none the less. ***3/4
  5. Kelly Klein has been a bit of a surprise in this tournament. She was painfully dull in her first Stardom run late last year, but she's at least watchable so far. This match was the first time that I feel that she genuinely held up her end of a pretty good match. Momo put in another strong performance here as she's been the most consistent performer in the tournament so far. ***3/4
  6. This is the Wonder of Stardom champ versus the Shimmer champ on the opening night of the 5* Grand Prix. These two ended up working together really well due to the similar styles. The match has a lot of nice back and forth switching in between strike, suplexes, and submissions. It was nice to finally see a match like this in joshi that didn't ended up with the politically mandated draw. Very entertain stuff. ***3/4
  7. This is for Mayu and Saki's Goddesses of Stardom tag titles as they take on the new ass-kicking duo of Momo and Konami. Wow, do those two beat the ever-living crap out of Saki in the early going. Ever since she became a contracted wrestler with Stardom, Konami has just become a much more vicious wrestler and it's so fun to watch. Mayu had one of her best performances in a while as she got a good working over to from the challengers as well and put it over with strong selling even while she was on offense. The quick rollup finish here worked because during the finishing run Saki kept getting good counters on Momo which setup her getting the pin. Still, this seemed like a tease to the inevitable Momo/Konami tag title run which should be awesome. ****
  8. This is Momo Watanabe's first defense of the Wonder of Stardom after her big breakthrough win last month. The biggest thing that I like about this match is that they kept focused on their strengths and didn't feel the need to have the typical Japanese wrestling title match. Primarily, they didn't over do it with too many big moves or nearfalls. Momo shows the same cold-blooded drive she did in her title win but also displaying a dangerous, strike at any moment potential. This is personified when, after Jungle gains the early advantage by working over Momo's leg, she erases that advantage by hitting a B-Driver on the floor. Jungle puts in yet another spirited challenge and shows a lot of resolve. This match feels like it's just the start in what will surely be a hell of a race to become the next Ace of Stardom. ****1/4
  9. This is a prelude to the Io/Momo title match that would be happening a few days later. If your looking for a new "Kick the shit out of your opponent" tag team then you'll want to check out Momo and Konami. They put a beating on AZM to the point that AZM's screams start to get a bit unsettling and they are not afraid to take to Io either. In the end, the match actually ends up being fairly one sided as Io/AZM never really get any momentum in the match. Still a well worth a watch given the display that Momo/Konami put on. ***3/4
  10. This is Watanabe's the first single's title challenge and main event of her career so the match is really a showcase for where she is at as a worker at this point. Momo gets off to an aggressive start as she attacks Iwatani during the intro and manages to get a nearfall off while Mayu is still wrapped up in streamers. Iwatani plays the role of arrogant veteran which actually allows them to build up Watanabe for a potential upset as anytime Mayu takes Momo a bit too lightly she pays for it. In fact, during the stretch run they manage to pull off some really convincing nearfalls that get the crowd to buy in. Watanabe lacks that home run finisher though so she can't put Iwatani away, which allows Mayu to comeback and get the win after a nasty dragon suplex. ****
  11. This is yet another Queen's Quest trios match, not that I'm complaining as they are usually pretty good. The main goal here is to setup the High Speed title match between Iwatani and Watanabe, which unfortunately was for not as Momo hurt her ACL a few days after this. That's a real shame as the work between her and Iwatani here was a highlight. Mimura gets in a fair bit of offense to and it's nice to see that she adding more moves beyond her various rollups. She also puts up a gutsy fight at the finish until she accidentally gets hit by her teammates making her easy fodder for QQ to finish her off. Yet another super fun Stardom/QQ trios match. ***1/2
  12. This is a fun six-man that main-evented this show. While Queen's Quest came out with their newly won Artist titles, they weren't on the line here. QQ take control in the early going over Kyona and do a good job of working her over. The match really picks up after Iwatani tags in as she has a couple of great exchanges with Io and Momo. They work in a couple of nice car-wreck spots before QQ cut off Kyona and finish her off for the win. ***1/2
  13. I know that Stardom has too many belts as is, but after watching this match it really made me wish that they a title specifically for their younger wrestlers. Unfortunately, this is just a match for pride as both Watanabe and Kyona were both out of contention at this point. Momo had one of her best performances of the year here. She puts in her usual quality technical performance but also showed a very strong emotional side. Inversely, Kyona's biggest strength has been her ring presence, but in this match she also showed some pretty solid work in terms of execution. Great to see the less experienced Stardom girls get a chance to show what they can do in a longer match. ***3/4
  14. This is Io Shirai's first match back from having surgery on her tailbone after her SWA title loss to Toni Storm last month. Io controls early on playing the arrogant veteran. Eventually, she leaves herself open allowing Watanabe to work over her lower back. Io's selling is good her as you believe that Momo always has a chance to take back the momentum due to Io's one soft spot. This allows for the finish to have some good back and forth with some good near falls for Watanabe before taking the loss. ***1/2
  15. This is just a make shift tag to preview a couple of matchups in the 5*GP. Even though that is the case, all 4 women go really hard here and have a really exciting match. It does pretty good job of previewing Iwatani/Bito, the two of them showed great chemistry here. Watanabe gives a spirited performance here. She takes a fair beating in the early going but makes a nice, fired up comeback at the end. Quite the quality match for something that could have been a throwaway. ***3/4
  16. This is a match for Stardom's six-women titles pitting Threedom (Io, Iwatani, Hojo) versus the Rookies (Watanabe, Kyona, Mimura.) The thing about this match that I liked the most was how the Rookies were able to earn their offense throughout the match. Usually in this type of setting, veteran(s) vs. rookies, they get their openings for offense through the arrogance of the vets. Even during the finish, it never feels like Threedom just flip the switch and put the Rookies away instantly. It comes off as them having earned their win. ***1/2
  17. Match Link This is a 'Survivor Series' style tag with battle royal over-the-top eliminations as well. The World team gets off to a good start by being the more in sync team, which was surprising. They actually put over Viper strong as she pretty much takes out all of the Stardom women on her own, pinning Kyouga to get the first elimination. In the middle portion of the match they do a good job of giving the lower ranked women a chance to work some competitive sequences before getting eliminated. There is even some nice top rope teases before both Hojo and Santana get eliminated at the same time. Just a really fun match from start to finish, which is just what you want out of this type of match. ****
  18. Match Link Really fun vets vs. rookies match. Neat dynamic with the rookies as Watanabe is 15 but has close to two years experience while Kyouna is 24 but just debuted last November. Momo isn't the flashiest or most charismatic worker but she shows enough pluckiness in her work to get the crowd behind her. Jungle has a nice power moveset and amazing ring presence for someone with such little experience. Thunder Rock do a terrific job of setting up the rookies as underdogs then putting them over just enough to make you think that they have a chance at winning. Fun touch at the finish as Io hits a Hojo-style elbow for the win to lead up to their upcoming title match. *** 3/4