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Found 9 results

  1. Yujiro Yamamoto is the only guy whom I wish to nominate who doesn't have the three reviews on the internet so I'll try to at least bullshit through them. There is one thing I don't love in this match. A spot where they dare each other to kick each other as hard as possible. And even that I managed to enjoy as I happen to love watching them kick each other really hard. You get the slick matwork you'd want, they shoot slap and kick each other in the face really hard and they even incorporate a really good legwork segment in there. I really don't think of Dragon Screw Legwhips as something that I particularly like or dislike in my wrestling, but here Sawa pulls them off as violently as humanly possible and Yamamoto's sell job is accordingly good. Finish plays off of that as well. Good stuff from our Battlarts boys here.
  2. An excellent teacher vs. pupil bout. Ishikawa busting out ridiculous counters to Sawa's offense was really clever from a narrative standpoint because who knows Sawa's style and approach better than Ishikawa? At the same time though he sells a lot and puts Sawa over as a resilient and dangerous opponent. A great, complete performance. Lots of struggle and many intense, dramatic mat and strike exchanges. ****
  3. A year before this, at the previous Indy Summit, Ibushi was headlining as the young DDT up and comer who was seen as the potential weak link in a multi man tag where he pulled off what could have been considered an upset. A year later he's working under Battlarts rules. Despite the Battlarts rules, this is very un-Battlarts as we don't get the gritty matwork and this is more Jr. heavyweight oriented pro-wres. Sawa is a Battlarts dojo Japanese indy guy who also works in the comedy setting as Lingerie Muto which is a parody version of Keiji Muto wearing lingerie... Hayato at this point was still a Michinoku Pro rookie who had some MMA training under Norifumi "K.I.D." Yamamoto before venturing into pro-wres -- his finisher is a guillotine choke he calls the K.I.D. in honor of KID. As I mentioned before, this is very un-Battlarts like and more Jr. heavyweight oriented pro-wres, so not everyone will enjoy it. This is mostly setup to push a potential feud between Ibushi and Sawa as they go at it from the bell and hit each other with some slaps and kick exchanges. There's some meaningless matwork here -- such as kneebars... We also get some pretty weak Mochi head kicks and Fujita shows signs of his brilliance here by packing some heat into his kicks when he's able to unleash. Despite being the underdog, the fans buy into him potentially pulling off the upset as he locks in the K.I.D. on Mochi, but Mochi reaches the ropes before blasting him with some head kicks for the KO. If you dig Jr. Japanese indy wrestling, then I would recommend you check this out.
  4. Another really good WWNLive match from EVOLVE. I'm a big fan of both Sawa and Jaka and both guys brought it here, namely Sawa. He packed some heat behind his strikes and his fast hand strikes are great. There was a series where these were on the ground and they exchange some gruesome headbutts and Sawa just packed some heat on some right hands he was landing on Jaka.
  5. Looking at this match on paper, I knew there was way NO WAY this wouldn't bang. And it sure banged HARD. Phenomenal FIP segments w/ Daisuke & Thatcher, the chop exchanges between WALTER & Daisuke were brutal + Sawa hasn't lost a step since the last time I saw, which was his previous EVOLVE appearance vs. Danielson. Excellent match. ****
  6. This was a spotfest, in the sense that there wasn't really a theme established during the match and it was more about the flashiness of the work. And it was a very good one. Hara is the least noteworthy guy here but even he is good, I always have time for a midcarder with nice kicks even if he doesn't offer much more. I loved the way Sawa used ring positioning in his striking exchanges vs Hara to express both dominance and peril and his usage of pro style moves was amusing. Ishikawa really is the master of making simple holds look deadly-it's not just that he knows how to properly apply them, he really wrenches on them and contemplantes them with great facial expressions and body language. I think they could've gotten more out of what they did here by attaching clearer roles to everyone involved but as an exhibition of violence and flashy matwork this was pretty neat. Also popped big for Usuda's Shining Wizard counter and Sawa cutting Usuda off near seconds before the finish. ***1/4-***1/2