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Found 7 results

  1. Their March match is one of my favorite WWE matches of the year, and I am glad to see that the chemistry they showed in that one wasn't a one-off thing, because this was another absolute banger between the two. Murphy is just an absolute bruiser, could watch him on the offense destroying his fellow 205'ers all day long. Ali's bumping goes perfectly w/ Murphy's amazing offense & Ali's offense of his own looked absolutely great as well - while Ali is a bonafide bump machine, I thought Buddy stole the show here in that department; he made Ali look like million bucks with his amazing bumping. Ali's flippy stuff has never looked as brutal as it did here. Awesome all around performances by both men. That big Superkick spot outside the ring was so well timed & done too + that arm psychology in the finishing stretch. Great stuff. ****
  2. Holy shiiiiit this was amazing. Drew Gulak is absolutely fantastic. Breaking down the segments, Mustafa Ali vs. TJP I thought TJP was absolutely awesome in this. Just super compelling with his work over Ali w/ those great looking submissions. Everything he did was super focused & all around just a lovely on-the-offense, surgeon like, laser focused performance by the man. That leg targeting in the last third or so of the match set up the next one very well, too. Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak Gulak coming out with a big smile on his face, asking Ali “YOU OK?”, “ARE YOU HURTING?” = amazing stuff. The leg targeting by TJP set this one up perfectly; Gulak knows Ali got a weak spot now & my goodness, is he gonna attack it or what. Fantastic, brutal work by Gulak & Ali’s selling was pretty damn good as well. Gulak’s facial expressions & trash talk were awesome too - “YOU LIKE HIGHFLYING, HUH?” followed by him putting Ali on the top rope, followed by a slap & then going back to twisting the leg on the ropes. Great, great stuff. Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese Nese beats the SHIT out of Gulak for all of it, but in the end he gets caught in the Dragon Sleeper, because he was taking too much time thinking about his revenge. Gulak sure took a goddamn beating & it was incredibly awesome. Drew Gulak vs. Kalisto The weakest of the 4 matches/segments within the whole thing, but still really good. Gulak was amazing with the offense he got - those strikes he delivered to Kalisto while he was on the back mount were superb. Incredibly compelling 40 minutes of wrestling. Flew by as if it was 15 minutes. All segments delivered big time. Gulak's the man! ****1/2
  3. Mustafa Ali has firmly established himself as the best guy in the tournament with this match. Another spirited babyface performance from him that makes this match so much better than the emotionally cold Cedric vs. Roddy match last week. Several spots here look really brutal just from the way Drew looks so vicious and angry with his facial expressions slamming Ali into the post etc... A one point in the match Mustafa loses his temper with Drew and hoists him up onto the announce table to hit him with something, only for Drew to counter and back body drop him straight to the floor. A lesson learned about letting your anger get the better of you. Great stuff. ****1/4
  4. The opening portion of the match does a great job establishing the fact that not only is Murphy the bigger, more powerful of the two, but also the quicker one. Ali establishes that he is no slouch either, he one ups Murphy & mocks his taunt - that lead to a DISGUSTING lariat thrown by Murphy. Great stuff. The match is wrestled with more & more sense of urgency as it goes on - both guys did a TREMENDOUS job doing that. You can feel Ali's desperation as he is pretty much getting outclassed - he gets one big opening though. He does a goddamn NASTY 450 to the arm of Murphy; that was absolutely vicious & Murphy sells it like death. Ali finally got a gameplan going; he starts targeting Murphy's arm at every chance he gets, weakening it big time as the match goes on. Murphy sells it greatly. Like I mentioned, the urgency just keeps on rising & rising. Murphy knows his arm is fucked, but he still risks it by doing big dives & moves (still selling in superb fashion) - he knows what's at stake. This match honestly did the best job in recent memory in putting over it's stipulation of winner gets _____. The finish is great w/ Murphy selling that arm like it's about to explode & Ali capitalizing on the damage he had done. Amazing stuff. GODDAMN. Blew me away - Buddy Murphy is indeed "the best kept secret" in WWE; had no idea he had this kind of stuff in him! ****1/4
  5. This was a fantastic styles clash which told a damn good story. Loved all of Gulak's technical ground based offense & Ali's spectacular highflying style was a great counter to that. The Dragon Sleeper spot where Gulak got his first fall was tremendous as was the finish with him almost doing what he is against; fly, and that ended up costing him the match because he was wondering should he do it or not. Great stuff. ****
  6. This match was great! It was, to me, a very good blend of WCW multi-man fuckery with lots of highspots, and of WWE produced drama, with a bit more storytelling. There were some few stories coming into the match: Mustafa Ali's spot at first belonged to Tony Nese, who got injured days prior. As such, Ali had a match in that same day against Daivari to determine who would get that final spot in the match, and there was doubt if he could have enough gas to go through two matches in the same day. Noam Dar and Cedric, still feuding, had some pretty heated exchanges in the ring, and costed each other the chance of facing Neville at Fastlane. However, the highlight was Gallagher, Not only he had some fun spots like diving with his umbrella, but also kept selling the leg throughout the match, which was a key point against the other last man in the ring, TJP, whose finisher is a leglock. With some great selling, the drama was intensified to great effect, and with a hot crowd, his win felt so good. Rating: 4 1/4 *
  7. Pretty standard NXT quasi-squash but an easy watch, Hideo's Baseball Slide looked brutal and the Corkscrew Neckbreaker while one guy is entering the ring is a really cool spot no one really does regularly that I'm always glad to see. **3/4