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Found 12 results

  1. This match was absolute perfection. Not only Nia really stepped up her game, looking like the monster she should always play right from the get-go, but Ronda... is bordering on Volk Han levels of incredible. The bumping, the facial expressions, the comebacks. She is just perfect and does little things that many other more experienced people don't do. This was almost 10 minutes long and it was a complete blast. Bliss interferes in the match, cashing in the MitB contract. While it does keep both Nia and Rousey looking like two incredibly strong wrestlers and it does keep the mistery intact (Nia didn't tap to RR and Rousey wasn't beaten), Alexa being the focus of the Women's Division almost as much as Charlotte (who also was pushed way too strong) is... iffy. With that said, fucking masterpiece. Not even Coach's all time bad commentary hurts this.
  2. Quite possibly the best performance in Nia's young career so far - she delivered a great monster-on-top performance while Asuka was a terrific underdog with lethal offense of her own. Probably my MOTN. It's very close between it & the women's chamber match. ***3/4
  3. This was fascinating to watch. Nia Jax has no presence whatsoever and carried herself like she is much smaller than she is. She deserves more opportunities than someone of lesser size because (I assume) it's harder to find someone her size and you need as much variety as you can get. This felt very much like a Kiyoshi Tamura U-Style match against a not big name in that while it wasn't a total squash it felt close to it. At no point did you get the impression Asuka was in danger. It was interesting to see Asuka feed herself submissions and kicks and work around Nia. If Nia *got* the most fundamental things about her character I'd have advocated working a different much and would argue that one could have been much better, but as it stands I'll gladly take this since no one else is doing Kiyoshi Tamura vs Tom Burton right now. ***1/4
  4. Loved the beginning with Nia establishing dominance, she looked like a monster just beating up Charlotte, Bayley & Sasha. Loved it. Loved the Horsewomen realizing they need to team up to take her out - that was real great, and the whole beatdown of Nia was tremendous. After she was eliminated, the match fell off a bit, but it still remained good & as a result we got a very good, borderline great match. ***3/4
  5. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-02-06-WWE-Raw] Bayley vs Nia Jax

    These 2 have a really good chemistry with each other. This was a really good David vs. Goliath battle - mostly just Nia dominating Bayley with her solid looking offense, with Bayley getting some really good, well timed hope spots in. I thought that Bayley's selling & bumping were really great here, she made Nia look like a true killer. Awesome match. ***1/2
  6. A little disappointed by this one, Jax's biggest strength is using her size and throwing people around and beating them up, Banks' biggest strength is her willingness to take dumb bumps, they could've had a much better match though it's hard to blame them for not going all out on a pre-show match. Jax had some nice offence in her lariat-like smashes, Sasha didn't really look good, I legitimately started laughing out loud at how bad her chest slaps to set up the lucha armdrag attempt were. Too much of the match was Jax attempting something, Jax stopping her mid-air and then just gently laying her down before a shove or a push into the corner. Decent but forgettable. **1/2
  7. Interesting an enjoyable match, and the first time Jax worked a more "normal" WWE match. As much as I would love her to just squash everyone in her way that's just not going to happen so they're going to have to have her work as a vulnerable monster. And a vulnerable monster is monster that can reach the highest artistic peak in wrestling and a natural progression to what she's been doing. Outside of Jax eating a Jawbreaker on the ropes I thought all of Fox's attempted comebacks made sense and that Jax nailed the amount of selling needed for this type of match and she's already got the presence, cut-offs, offence etc. you'd want from someone in her role. **3/4
  8. Pretty standard Jax squash, I liked her pushing Esposito by grabbing her by the jaw and viciously slamming her into the corner. The Esposito/Alicia Fox "hey we're friends" social media post might seem like an irrelevant tidbit but it does make me wonder when someone is going to start "working" more seriously and using the tools the current age offers to enrich the storylines with new media. So it is a far more belieavable tidbit than Alicia Fox going after Nia Jax for no reason the next week because she knew last week's jobber in high school or whatever.
  9. It's so cool to hear the crowd "ooooooooooh" and "oooooooooooow" in a way that carries shock and fear and not just "hey cool spot!". Jax looked great here, hitting and awesome Clothesline and throwing the jobber around, I particularly loved the spot where she was about to splash her in the corner and the jobber moved out of the way and she just casually stopped her own momentum. The new fireman's carry finisher looks badass as well. Thumbs up.
  10. This is the rubber match of their feud with Bayley have the added motivation of looking to get a title shot plus revenge for being injured by Jax. This match is more of a game of cat and mouse than their other two matches. Bayley doing a lot of darting and dodging in order to find opening for offense. Eventually, Nia is able to catch her and just starts clubbing her down. Bayley does an excellent job of selling plus adding some neat transitions to tease comebacks. Run up to the finish is great with both women taking some nasty bumps along the way. Fantastic way to end their rivalry. ****
  11. Awesome squash, Nia Jax looked great here, overwhelming the jobber with her power and throwing her around, I particularly loved her smashing her face into the canvas and the corner splash. Not big on the Legdrop finish at all, I was hoping she'd use the Headbutt to finish her off once she broke up the pin on the first Legdrop as it looked great. **3/4
  12. Bayley's first TV match since losing the NXT Women's Title to Asuka is a rematch from December. Nia Jax looked a lot better here than she did in that match. She looked much more confident in the ring and as a result, came off as a far more convincing monster. I really liked how she countered Bayley's various sleeper attempts by simply flinging Bayley off of her. Finish was interesting as they went with a freak knee injury leading to the finish even though Jax was in control for most of the match. Very strong performances from both women. ****