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Found 28 results

  1. I pulled out a few more PWG dvds for a re-watch to see if they were as good as I remembered and to be surprised how stacked some of the shows were. BOLA 2012 - wow...Anyhow, I cherry picked matches featuring Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards as well as a bonus match. OK let's take a look Davey Richards vs Roderick Strong (Titannica 2010): Holy cow! This is way beyond what I saw them doing against each other in FIP 2006. On top of that, we get no playing to the PWG crowd, jokes or other stuff that became commonplace in the Reseda VFW. This is just two of the best Juniors going out there and bringing innovation, intensity, speed and stiffness. They brought the energy level up and settled it down, brought it up - settled it down. This was probably my best match watched in 2016. It stuck with me for days..and to boot its still available for $5 on Highspots as of this post. Classic match still to this day. Thankfully! ----- Eddie Edwards vs Roderick Strong (BOLA 2011): I haven't seen their ROH stuff but this was right up my alley as athletic competition/dramatized combat sport. I thought this was a classic BOLA match as the physicality, move choice and timing was excellent. Truly I would say it was on par with a Champion Carnival match of AJPW 90's. ----- Drake Younger vs Roderick Strong (BOLA 2012 n.1): A very good match that if given more time would have been a great one. This was really brutal at times. ----- Kyle O'Reilly vs Eddie Edwards (BOLA 2012 n.1): Two of my favourite guys but they never developed a story here. They just ran through a lot of good stuff but they never gave a chance to mean anything. That's OK because they would go on to perfect this on ROH's Reclamation Night 1. Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin (BOLA 2012 n.1): This was a Showdown in the Sun rematch and they have amazing chemistry. There are great strikes, counters, fighting spirit comebacks and all those things made this great. I hesitate to call this a classic because the stalling suplex spot was too long and they kicked out of one too many good finishes. I mean the ending should have been Davey's absolutely perfect flurry of kicks. It WAS the right moment but they wanted to do a minute or two more. It still works and is certainly the match of the night and was pretty bad ass. I'll say it's a BOLA classic but if a couple things were different this would be an all-time classic. One thing I'll say is folks got pretty drunk and that hurt the show. I felt that they got drunk early too. The guys in the front row are drinking pitchers of beer. Reminds me of college...but yeah lots of chanting, guys trying to get cheap laughs from the crowd, etc. Should have muted this... Adam Cole vs Eddie Edwards (BOLA 2012 n.2): This starts with Cole doing comedy heel shit and Eddie punishing him for it. This was a really good pairing AND fans aren't drinking tonight. Great match! *Bonus* Michael Elgin vs Ricochet (BOLA 2012 n.2): I distinctly remember thinking this was fantastic and I'm glad to say that holds up. This doesn't really come across as a classic but man, its the most logical and well paced match that on the BOLA this year. It was the man-beast vs the high flyer and they did an AWESOME job selling this story. Most of Ricochet's offense was hope spots and counters. And unlike Davey vs Elgin the night before, they didn't empty the tank but they never over did it. A great match and honestly its probably better than that because its smart. ----- Overall this was a pretty fun and rewarding rewatch experience! I genuinely was having a blast watching these matches without the "need" to watch the rest of the show. I would recommend all of the actual dvds if you're into these wrestlers but it was nice to rewatch and pretty much enjoy them like the first time 5-6 years ago. Thanks for reading! More Tiger Mask on the way shortly. Stay safe folks!
  2. It's always pleasant watching Gulak pop up somewhere in a WWE ring as he is one of the best and least featured wrestlers on the roster at the moment (really wish they would have brought him back up to continue his angle with Daniel Bryan when he returned from paternity leave). The match itself is a nifty sub 10 minute smaller show WWE TV match. We get some Fire Ant days Gulak at the start with some brief quick armdrag exchanges which is something you would have seen him throw in those Colony matches back in the day. He also pulls of some an incredible counters and he catches Ricochet twice in half crabs and you actually buy into him possibly pulling off the win on the second when he turns into a deep modified STF. Finish was pretty neat as well with Ricochet catching him an unexpected recoil knee.
  3. Mundo vs. Puma felt like the perfect culmination to their rivalry, but this match right here felt like the perfect culmination to Lucha Underground as a whole up to now. Prince Puma, the first champion of the company, the face of the company, THE man of the company from the 1st episode on going against the fan favorite, the absolute killer that is Pentagon DARK. Just after the match vs. Mundo where he gave his all to save his career & win that title he built. Right when the bell rang this reminded me why LU is the coolest goddamn thing in wrestling when done right - the fans were screaming the signature warcry of Pentagon; "CERO MIEDO! " as the tired & wounded, supposed to be the face of the company Prince Puma fought against him. The commentary by Matt Striker & Vampiro was excellent throughout the whole thing too - Striker brought the emotion while Vampiro brought the storytelling element of his character. Excellent stuff by them. Puma got some really great hope spots & comebacks in (that Benadryller nearfall was so great), but ultimately Pentagon won & so the story of him, Vampiro, Prince Puma & LU as a whole came to an epic climax. Magical stuff. Truly felt like something that had been building since the 1st episode. ****1/2
  4. Perfect culmination to the Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo rivalry. Terrific combination of great athleticism, storytelling, drama & big match feel. ****1/4
  5. The first about 8 minutes or so of the match are kinda dull w/ them doing meh comedy & all, but then they decide to go nuts and it gets amazing. Just an outstanding, crazy spotfest. On par with the BOLA 6-man. ****1/2
  6. My dude Dream gets pro wrestling like no one. From straight up wearing Prince Puma tights to having a Hulk Hogan-based entrance, he is absurdly over, to the point where he outshines RICOCHET. Loved the reference to Rock/Hogan, too. The match itself was tons of fun, with Dream using some of Ricochet's spots early on, and getting overly confident. Ricochet showed that he can absolutely be an incredible all-around performer, as opposed to the shit he was doing with Ospreay a while ago. Reminder: Velveteen Dream is only 22.
  7. WALTER vs. ZSJ was a classic, but goddamn this was even better. The best match of both guys' careers, PWG MOTY, one of the best matches of the year & one of the greatest matches in PWG history. Loved the Student vs. Mentor dynamic w/ the history between Chuckie & Ricochet - they told a terrific story with that. Ricochet's work over the leg of Chuck was awesome & Chuckie sold it like a boss. The 1st half is centered around that leg work quite a bit, and after the restart, the drama goes through the roof. Chuck taking off the top rope was great, that & he in general did a great job selling the desperation of not being able to stop Ricochet. Just an absolute thrill ride of a match. Would honestly say it's a top-5 in PWG's history. ****3/4
  8. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-08-26-WCPW] Ricochet vs Will Ospreay

    On par with their BOSJ '17 match. Ricochet dominated most of it, doing great work at that, Ospreay was really damn good selling for him - loved his rag doll selling of Ricochet's kicks while he was on the ground. His comebacks were really good as well + that finish was very neat. Even the annoying 'we're equals' flippy sequence they always do looked pretty cool because they were still wearing their entrance gear, looking like goddamn superheroes. Really good match. ***3/4
  9. Great match. Keith Lee ragdolling Ricochet is an absolute blast to watch, especially when Ricochet bumps like he does here. Lee's having a grand 'ol time throwing Ricochet around. "Basking in his own glory", as Lee would say ... but Ricochet takes advantage of Lee's lack of killer instinct & focus and goes to town on him with high-octane moves whenever he finds an opening. He has to hit him explosively & quickly with combos of athletic moves to even get the big man off his feet. At the end, it takes one 450, two SSP's, and a 630 senton in succession to finally finish off Lee. I initially preferred they book Lee as an unbeatable monster, but I kind of dig the story of his smugness, lack of urgency & overreliance on his physical gifts becoming his undoing. He's such a beast that he can coast through most matches -- even against talented wrestlers like ZSJ & Hot Sauce -- but the weaknesses are there, and guys like Hero & Ricochet were able to exploit them. Rating: ****
  10. This ruled - Lio Rush embarrassed Ricochet during the insane opening sequence, so as a result, we get pissed off, cocky veteran Ricochet dominating the newcomer. He did a really good job doing that & Lio Rush always brings good fire to his matches. Really impressive PWG debut for the man. ***3/4
  11. This was actually quite a well worked David vs. Goliath trios match. Cage, Steen & Elgin were just throwing the smaller dudes around, while they came back to the match w/ their wacky, flippy hope spots & comebacks. ***1/2
  12. Terrible match. I was so glad when it ended. For all the shit I gave Triple H-Ziggler that match at least had crowd heat. The way these matches work is that they're divided into two or three parts: 1)theoretical heat building 2/3) action, flips and the finishing stretch, sometimes they're combined into a whole, sometimes not The first part of the match was just dreadful, boring.......complete trash, no other way to describe it. Crowd only reacted for it at the end and not because they cared for it but because they knew the comeback was coming. Then they transitioned to the flips and still remained awful, it was the worst US indy tag match I could imagine, completely reliant on thigh slapping kicks and predictable transitions. And it just went on forever, I was hoping they would at least do something interesting near the end but nope, I've seen this match twenty times and I haven't missed it at all. Trent completely missing a knee on the outside that still had the *smack* sound effect and then acting all tough about it was eye rolling and completely sums up the match. *