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Found 20 results

  1. Gauntlet match to decide who is going to be the #1 Contender to the WWE Title. My goodness. This match was unbelievable. Daniel Bryan might be, as of June of 2018, the best wrestler on the planet. This completely overshadowed the also incredible RAW gauntlet match this year, and much of that had to do with two things: It felt more cohesive - many have a hard time considering a gauntlet match like a single unit, instead being seen as many smaller matches, but in this case it more than earned the right to be looked at as a whole. It had an overarching story to all the segments and it keep its quality at a constant. Daniel Bryan is the greatest of all time (sort of). He just went all in and made not only Big E look like a bazillion buckes, with lots of crazy exchanges, but also Joe never looked as good in WWE as he did in this match - Bryan takes a beating like no one else (being dropped on his head and nearly dying helps in a more morbid way) and his comebacks feel so fucking natural. The finish to the segment vs Joe and to the Miz segment were so smartly worked that sometimes you gotta give it to WWE and say they can do stuff perfectly. Those two main points, coupled with strong performances from The Miz and a ridiculously over Rusev - and a new feud appearing on the horizon - made for one of the best TV matches of the year, and a strong contender for best of the decade.
  2. Very good match. Awesome selling of the midsection + general FIP'ing by Bryan & Rusev's selling of the arm towards the end was just terrific. ***1/2
  3. First of all, I know Rusev's been getting a lot of love in recent months w/ the whole Rusev Day shtick, but goddamn this was the first time I realized just how over he/it is. Dueling chants vs. AJ STYLES & the "Rusev Day!" -chants might've even won that exchange. The match itself is a very traditional & basic in it's structure - shine for the babyfaces to start it off, Bryan looked great in it; loved those jabs he unleashed on English in the corner. After a while of AJ getting to run through the heels, we go to the commercials & as we return it's a FIP segment w/ him. AJ's of course a wonderful FIP; great selling from the man, and I loved how he did those hot tag teases before he was cut off. Really good stuff. Also not surprised to say that Bryan's hot tag was really great. As I mentioned it's really basic TV tag match in it's structure, but it's a really good one. ***1/2
  4. Chad Gable & Rusev are 2 guys who have always got tons of hype, but I've never really been super impressed with their in ring work. That changed here as both of them gave absolutely fantastic performances; you got Gable as the stamina machine, never getting tired, trying to ground Rusev w/ that leg work & then busting out those gorgeous Suplex's - and you also got Rusev as the big Goliath throwing the smaller man around, all the while selling his ass off for him. Great dynamic & great stuff all around. Fantastic match. ****
  5. Fun quasi-hoss match, I loved Rusev's knee counter to Big E's Spear through the ropes and they did a nice job of incorporating the stable brawling into the match but I can't shake the feeling these guys are either too athletic for their own good or too short for the roles they're cast in. Rusev doing Spinning Heel Kicks just doesn't seem right. **3/4
  6. There seems to be some resemblance of hype around a WWE show for the first time in forever so I guess I'll cherry pick my way through it. Lacerated can't be a world real people say in normal conversations. Rusev's strikes have improved-Reigns' are still better but that's expectable. I liked that the match felt like a hate filled brawl inside a cell instead of them just working the prototype HIAC match just for the sake of doing so-mainly consisting of them shoving one another into the cell, onto the steps etc. instead of elaborate gimmick stuff. And when they went for the more elaborate weapons by searching for them under the ring like the table and the kendo stick they quickly cut each other off. Rusev breaking the kendo stick when the crowd was ready to chant with him for the ten count was perfect heeling and the visual of the steel steps flying off after Reigns smashes into them was great. Stilll for a match that was worked with so many many exchanges of control segments, with the crowd heat being what it was and the brawling and violence not being on the level that a great match of this type should have, it could only go so far. You could tell the counter for the Spear, the Camel Clutch counter and the Spear off the stairs were coming, but they all looked cool enough that it didn't really bother me. ***1/4
  7. Vince really likes that spot where Reigns runs down the ramp and Spears someone near the ring doesn't he? And now the creative team has to think of ways to get it in regardless of how little sense it makes. The brawl itself was fun and Reigns' screaming fangirl was more amusing than any of the "smart" chants but the way they went about it just made no sense whatsoever, especially when Reigns wasn't even trying to get pas referees who weren't even trying to really stop him from attacking Rusev.
  8. Things I liked: Cesaro's Suplex counter to Rusev's Camel Clutch and that whole sequence between them (tho I find it laughable someone could go crazy over 2016 Cesaro and shit on everything in New Japan when stuff like the no-sell Lariat Cesaro busted out here is such an obvious rip from that style), Balor inexplicably targeting Rusev's balls and Owen's bigger moves (Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker and his Air Raid Crash variation both looked great). Things I didn't like: The brawling (Rusev's and Cesaro's punches in particular are lackluster, Rusev's strikes look good any time he's doing wacky forearm smashes and he should stick to them), everyone having to get all of their shit in and the obligatory tower of doom spot, Rusev not breaking up Owens' pin, awkward feeding (Owens' rolling out of the ring after being Dropkicked by Balor in the middle of the ring and Cesaro staring at an idiot at Rusev as he is about to eat a Superkick), kicks obviously not connecting (Rusev's spinning heel and Balor's Pele) and telegraphing the finish even more by having Balor sell the Powerbomb for as long as he did. All in all a pretty average and formulaic take on this type of match in the WWE style. **1/2
  9. I had pretty high expectations for this but they could've done better. A lot of good ideas, and plenty worked (Rusev's Bearhug was amazing for instance-so refreshing to see it instead of boring chinlocks) but then you got stuff like a Torture Rack, the world's most stupid move being used in 2016 and Rusev overselling Kalisto's terrible Sleeper. Kalisto's apron bump was insane and the Camel Clutch variation Rusev used to finish him off was completely "is this even possible" next level awesome. Hope they get a proper rematch that gets time. ***-***1/4
  10. I have no idea who is responsible for how strong Kalisto's been booked but they are good people. Rusev throwing people around is always good and Sin Cara was a good enough flyer to his base to make this entertaining, he hit a badass Diving DDT. Ref botched the finish but what can you do. Fun while it lasted.
  11. In terms of WWE babyface TV workers I would probably rate Ryder above Zayn. This was a total blast, just an awesome sprint, probably the best squash match I've seen since I started watching WWE TV again and creating threads for it over here to try and document modern wrestling (you know I could use some help in that). Not sure if Rusev potatoed himself on a ringpost/a wrestling move or if he came into the match like that but the swelling on his forehead made for a great visual.
  12. I really liked Rusev in this one, the way he carried himself, his clubbing blows, the way he'd use his forearms early on to either choke Zayn or get out of his headlock. I don't like the idea of him doing so many kicks, the Superkick looks great but I'd rather he just threw people around even more than did Spinning Heel Kick or whatever. His Gutwrench Suplexes and Fallaway Slam looked amazing. Zayn continues to look perfectly fine but albeit not terribly impressive on the main roster. The "pull the top rope so the heel falls out of the ring" spot is probably my least favourite transition and Zayn's headlock looked bad but outside of that I thought this was a surprisingly strong TV match. Crowd was shit and didn't do it justice as you'd expect. Five stars for Lana throwing shoes at Zayn after the match. ***
  13. I thought this was an awesome match. Cena was fine, but I thought he should have varied up his comeback a little more, since the crowd was with him until he slipped into his pattern, then they started booing. Hopefully, Cena will bust out something new at Wrestlemania to really put this match over the top, because as good as this was, I think these two could do even better. Rusev is just a tremendous worker. Great offense, with the DDT cutoff of Cena's AA attempt being my favorite spot of the match, but everything Rusev did just looking really crisp and painful. The match also had a really nice layout - kind of old school in how it built to Cena's comeback and how it was worked - and there was drama in a way that transcended just the moves. The AA kickout was a great false finish, and Rusev catching Cena coming off the top was great too. The camel clutch stuff had great drama, and Cena holding his breath so he would turn red was a great way to sell it. The low blow was perfect. I absolutely loved this, with the decisive finish being a cherry on top. ****1/4
  14. http://placetobenation.com/ptbn-reaction-show-wwe-fastlane/ The WWE is on the road to Wrestlemania and we take a pit stop in Memphis for WWE Fast Lane. Will is joined by Kris Zellner, Johnny Sorrow & Pete (Titans of Wrestling) and Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture). Johnny and Will go Ivan and Nikita on the rest of the panel. Reigns and Bryan tear the house down but how does the booking affect our enjoyment? Did any of the undercard matches deliver? Is anyone looking forward to Wrestlemania after this show? So few answers… so many more questions.
  15. Shake Them Ropes December 9, 2014 Episode 54 http://traffic.libsyn.com/shakethemropes/str12092014.mp3 Download Shake Them Ropes returns with a packed show previewing both WWE TLC this Sunday, as well as NXT Takeover: [R]Evolution this Thursday. We'll run through the buildup, predict the winners and losers, and wax poetic on Charlotte's crossover debut this week from Raw. We also continue with our WWE Network Top 100 Matches to See countdown, as we dive into #97 between Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty from the May 17, 1993, WWE Raw. Join us LIVE this Thursday night at ShakeThemRopes.com for our NXT Takeover live post-show. We'll be taking any calls, twitter messages, and email on the events of the show. Hope you'll join us! 00:00-04:20: Intro 04:20-11:00: CM Punk to UFC 11:00-40:00: Raw, Charlotte, Luke Harper, Rusev 41:00-56:30: TLC Preview & Predictions 56:30-71:00: NXT Takeover Preview 71:00-84:00: HBK vs Jannetty (Raw, May 1993)
  16. Shake Them Ropes @ShakeThemRopes October 15, 2014 http://traffic.libsyn.com/shakethemropes/str10152014.mp3 Download Brad Maddox is back, Justin Roberts is gone, Rusev is hitting dropkicks, and more hot topics from the week are discussed on Shake Them Ropes. Rob & Jeff return to find out exactly what is anything, and what is nothing, and find many excuses to delay talking about Raw until we absolutely have to. Also, was Chris Benoit a bigger star in WCW than WWE? The answer… may surprise you. (No, it won’t) 00:00-04:40: Johnny Dangerously 04:40-08:10: Justin Roberts Released 08:10-13:05: Brad Maddox Returns + Promo 13:05-19:55: WWE Network Ads 19:55-29:10: MNW and Cruiserweights 29:10-31:40: Smackdown 15 31:40-33:00: Stephanie McMahon Best Non-Wrestler 33:00-35:30: Randy Orton Vines 35:30-62:00: Monday Night Raw
  17. Shake Them Ropes @ShakeThemRopes October 7, 2014 http://traffic.libsyn.com/shakethemropes/str10062014.mp3 Download Hall of Fame season continues, and this week Rob McCarron reveals his completed ballot for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame 2014. Plus, we discuss Rock's return, and some possibly unreasonable anger emerges. Also, Nick Dinsmore is released, and pronunciation lessons that may or may not be accurate. 00:00-01:45: Intro 01:45-21:30: Rock's Return with Rusev 21:30-35:10: Raw Thoughts 35:10-36:00: Brief Announcer Rant 36:00-39:00: Puroresushop.com / Pronunciations 39:00-58:12: Rob's Hall of Fame elections 58:12-66:00: Wyatt Family Split & Raw Guests
  18. Will is joined by Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture) to help WWE assess its current roster. We run down the wrestlers from Adam Rose to Zach Ryder. Who needs to turn face or heel? Who needs to be repackaged? Who should be given their pink slip? We throw in some fantasy booking, honest critiques and some laughs along the way. Later this week, we’ll be back with another panel to discuss more problems facing WWE and how they can fix it. Enjoy! http://placetobenation.com/good-will-wrestling-fixing-the-wwe-part-one/
  19. On episode 14 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin talks about Kevin Steen, Dean Ambrose, Rusev & Putin, KENTA, John Cena going Hollywood and much more. Kevin is then joined by Danny Cage, owner of the world famous Monster Factory. Danny talks about how he took over the Factory, his recent graduate Steve Cutler that is currently in NXT, his current crop of trainees, his tenets for trainees to follow and much more. Kevin and Justin then discuss the World Cup of Greatest TV Characters, play a game of “Who Would You Take” and also chat NBA Free Agency, WWE Network and the always hot trending stories. http://placetobenation.com/the-kevin-kelly-show-episode-14-featuring-danny-cage/
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