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Found 7 results

  1. This is the last show of GAEA Japan with two big retirements happening. Chigusa Nagayo and Sakura Hirota. What a way to end. And Hirota goes out the only way she can. Sakura Hirota doing a Tiger Mask cosplay is the funniest thing you'll ever see. All the Tiger Mask routines are done in hilarious fashion, in addition to some dancing but honestly, Ozaki's reaction is what kills me. She is so bemused at Hirota and struggling not to laugh half of the time. The bit with Ozaki-Gun and the GAEA roster tripping both up when they ran the ropes was a super fun spot that plays on the usual antics of Ozaki-Gun. Great pay off too with Yumi Ohka (???) getting confused and tripping up Ozaki. And the hits keep coming with the continuously failed spinning back fist attempts by Ozaki. There was a really good spot with Police where Hirota throws the tiger mask away and has a slap fight with him, leading to a big kiss. I can go on and on, this is a riot to watch. Well worth checking out if you're into comedy wrestling. Hirota goes all out for her retirement match (which would last around 5 years) and gives the fans the time of their lives. ****1/4
  2. GAEA youngster matches can have a weird pace where it's kinda like a heated BattlARTS tag where it randomly breaks into mat exchanges and stiff shots. Especially when you have Satomura in there who will mix up amateur style holds and kicks. I have no idea how the average fan will like this kind of stuff as there is always a ton of neat stuff but also structure and selling are somewhat wonky. Still this had an actual dynamic with Uematsu & Hirota working together to topple their higher ranked opponents and they were quiet vicious doing so. Whenever one caught Satomura or Kato in a half crab the other would run in to stomp on their had. Some neat spots and they didnt overstay their welcome.
  3. I gotta say, Hirotas underdog act was highly entertaining in 1998. If she had kept working like this she might have become a really good rich girls Masao Inoue. She took some big bumps and kept the hip attacks coming. Ozaki of course relishes in stretching and smacking lower ranked opponents and did a good job carrying this. Also, she wasn't required to sell too much, so that is also a plus. Some fun moments where Hirota gets the better of Oz and some pretty brutal stiff backfists in this.
  4. Yeah, I'm pimping a Hirota match now. What are you gonna do about it? This was a cool sprint that WORKED and told a STORY due to Hirota being Hirota. This was before she was a total clown act, so she actually tried to be competitive with Meiko by rushing her with hip attacks and rollups, and Meiko putting her in place with arm-snapping flash submissions and general viciousness. Hirota's Hip Attacks work because she has a variety of them – hip attack to the shoulder, hip attacke to the side of the head, avalanche hip attack etc. Match a few neat moments (including Hirota reversing the armbreaker in a great sequence) and Hirota's partial sloppiness actually added to the match. Also, badass finish where Hirota keeps blocking Satomura's finisher so Satomura does like a modified judo throw into her DVB. Never seen that anywhere.
  5. On paper, this looks like a throwaway matchup since Hirota is a comedy worker. In reality though, it turns out to be a really well worked title match. The main reason for that is Sakura, as she works the match straight but finds reasonable ways to work in her comedy spots as legitimate offense without making it look ridiculous. It's pretty neat to see her get the crowd to buy into her nearfalls at the end of the match. Add in yet another really good performance from Shida and you get one of the more surprisingly good matches of 2015. ***3/4
  6. This is a surprisingly fun tag match. You would think that Ozaki/Hirota team would the typical 'partners who don't like each' but it's played more like Ozaki not trying to help Hirota and not wanting Hirota to help her, which actually ends up working in this match. Kagetsu and Kobayashi play a super fun youngster team who pull out some really nice double teams. I was impressed with Hirota because, while she has always been a solid worker, she still managed to work in her comedy spots pretty seamlessly into the match. The match was as helped by not being overrun with interference as anytime the match was about to get to that point it was balanced out by AKINO and Sonoko Kato. ***1/2