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Found 31 results

  1. Far from an MOTYC or anything like that, but still the chaotic mess you'd expect from these 2. Darby plays the usually smaller underdog against the stocky bruiser in Callihan. The match is basically Darby using his speed and innovative offense to try and down Callihan and Callihan brutally puts a beating on Darby whenever he's given the chance to. The highlight of the match is easily the nasty bump Darby took off the top into the balcony of the venue. The Jimmy Havoc run in wasn't that greatly executed, but it didn't hurt this that much. ***
  2. This was so incredibly entertaining. Trevor Lee's TNA heel shtick, Chuck Taylor joining the match & having to go to the back & get geared up for it, him accidentally slamming his own partner Joey Janela, confusing him with Trevor Lee because of their similar gear, WALTER having none of the fun & games, Flamita coming in & showcasing that freakish quickness of his, WALTER & Jonah brawling to the back... This one was just absolute gold from start to finish. A PWG classic! ****1/2
  3. This was whatever. Opening was pretty boring with them doing uninteresting takes on basic holds, I've seen enough arm wingers for a lifetime, nothing Chris Hero does with them makes me want to see more. Commentary compared Tommy End to a K1 kickboxer, I don't remember ever seeing Peter Aerts do sound effect kicks. The sequence with End and Sabre Jr. avoiding each other's kicks was more eye-rolling than any of the recently debated flip GIFs and the one man Magic Killer was the type of embarrassing indy nonsense I'd expect out of Davey Richards. The Sabre in peril portion wasn't particularly interesting and all the striking quickly got repetitive. They kicked it up a notch for the finish with their puro cosplay strike exchanges but then the match just went on and on and on. I'm not really familiar with how Evolve matches are structured so it is not a good sign they couldn't get me to bite on any of the nearfalls. The idea of Tommy End, this great faux kickboxer doing Moonsaults could be explained as an Otsuka-tribute but it was much closer to a very bad Koji Kanemoto tribute. I don't really have anything nice to say about this match. It wasn't very interesting to me sorry (I did pop for the D'Lo Brown namedrop on commentary). Chris Hero has a nice Piledriver I guess. **
  4. This was just absolutely NUTS. Incredibly brutal spotfest with no dull moments whatsoever - hard hitting strike exchanges, great pace, insane spots & just all around amazing violence. ****1/2
  5. Badass underdog story which came in the form of a hard hitting, brutal war of a brawl. Muertes was absolutely awesome just destroying Crane & Crane was tremendous as the underdog doing everything he can to put Muertes down. ****1/4
  6. Excellent match. They quickly established that Keith Lee was a real contender for Callihan, he got the champ in trouble during the early stages of the match - but then Callihan introduces a steel chair into it & things take a turn. He starts mauling Keith's leg w/ that chair & suddenly the champ is in control. From then on Keith was the underdog trying to do everything to put the champ away, but the damage Callihan does to him throughout the match is too much. This was structured so well. ****1/4
  7. I thought I liked Sami Callihan until I watched a sixty minute match of his. His flaws were exposed here. Spitting and swearing a lot doesn't make you a good worker. I don't want to sound too negative on this. Cole excelled at being the asshole heel, and the drama of Sami trying to get one more win so the match would go into overtime was very compelling. The commentary is great as always and the playful nature of it helped me digest the long match much easier than if they called it seriously. Some good-great stuff here, but there's so much filler and the match does drag on, I doubt I'll rewatch this any time soon. ★★★
  8. On paper this had me very excited, and they delivered a match I knew it had all the potential in the world to be. Callihan was a man on a mission - he wanted to prove that he has learned from his mistakes & that he is just as bad as Low Ki. This was just them beating the shit out of each other w/ awesome looking strikes (Low Ki is still the fucking man) & submissions which were applied with extra intensity behind them. Low Ki looked like a killer, which doesn't surprise me, he just beat the shit out of ol' Callihan Death Machine w/ that killer offense of his. Every time Callihan got the control, even for lengthy amounts of time, Ki always had something in his backpocket to bust out and stun the champ. The ending w/ Abyss was a bit annoying, but when I think about, it was actually some solid storytelling w/ Callihan realizing he just can't knock Ki down, he needs the help of his mates to do it. ****1/2
  9. Really the perfect PWG opener - an action packed, a little beefy even (Cage vs. Lee) spotfest in which the pace never slowed down. Keith Lee made sure in his Reseda debut that everybody in the building will remember his name. ***3/4
  10. I have a feeling that if this had taken place in Reseda instead of Illinois, this would've got some near 5-star MOTYC hype already. This was just an insane, all action spotfest - they started it right away, and it NEVER slowed down. Just pure spot action from start to finish. I think it was really great. ****1/4
  11. This ruled. Worked as a sprint - all action from start to finish w/ no dull moments. Kong looked incredible as the big man just kicking the champ's ass all over the place - and Callihan was tremendous with his selling, facial expressions & tactics of trying to chop down the big man. Super well wrestled David vs. Goliath bout. ****
  12. In an age where it feels like the E just signs everyone from the indies, I am baffled why they haven't picked Candice up yet. She is so awesome. When it comes to laying out intergender matches there really isn't anyone better (that I know of) in the world right now - here she went & put on a legitimately super fun, really good match vs. Sami Callihan. Love watching Candice kick some ass, the violence party Super Dragon spot is something I'll always love. She mostly worked the match from underneath, and she was great at it. Callihan was really good as the one working on top, being angry at his smaller opponent almost getting the win, who he at the start did not take seriously. Very enjoyable bout. ***1/2
  13. I have to say I was was surprised by how much I disliked the first Sabre Jr./Callihan tag, I was more expecting Evolve matches to be good but a bit dry and not kind of shit like that one was. This was a much better and more interesting match, I liked that they utilized the format of tag matches to do cool stuff like Sabre pushing TJP back into the ring after his fake dive and Gulak pushing Callihan off the top rope when had TJP in the "ten punches" position. The most interesting thing in the match by far were Zack Sabre Jr.'s flashy matwork sequences. Callihan and TJP didn't do much memorable and Gulak seems like someone whose ideas about pro wrestling are much closer to great wrestling than the wrestling he actually does, it's cool he does Finlay spots but becoming a great wrestler isn't that easy. I wish Sabre would drop his elaborate Kimura set-up. The double submission spots seem to always get a pop but much like in puro from where they ripped it don't seem to ever finish matches. ***
  14. Talk about it here.
  15. #wrestling365 These two start really quick going after each other strikes, just trading knees and forearms and slaps. It settles away from a NJPW mid match sequence into a pretty good rough and tumble match. Callihan's dive is not pretty but looks pretty bad ass. Everything in this is really laid in. That whole segment on the floor just felt like a fight in a really good way. The chops, damn. Kyle's offense got a little silly (rolling butterfly suplexes?), but Callihankept everything looking great. O'Relly has really improved and took out some of the silly crap. The ending stretch was pretty decent in an MMA way. Overall this was stiff and pretty well grounded. Good match and a good way to start the #wrestling365 project in 2016. I'd give it like *** 1/2