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Found 9 results

  1. This is for Io's World of Stardom title (Red Belt) and if she's successful in defending it she will break her own record of title defenses. Io does a fantastic job of putting over Baszler as serious threat. She bumps and sells incredibly well for Baszler's power offense and submissions. I felt Baszler held up her end of the match fairly well. She has always carries herself well but her in-ring is inconsistent. In this match, her offense looked good and flowed nicely plus her selling was solid. The finish was a bit weird though. Baszler seemingly puts Io out with a sleeper but the ref makes her break the hold which didn't make any sense since that's exactly how Baszler won a trios match at the last show. Other than that, this was great match with probably the best performance from Io in awhile. ****1/4
  2. This match was awesome until the finish. The opening was great as Kairi clearly has the Kirifuda Clutch figured out so Shayna switches it up by going after Kairi's arm. Kairi's selling of her arm was terrific, especially when she made sure to work around it while on offense. The finish did feel like it was pasted on though. I wouldn't have had a problem with it had Shayna won with an armbar or if they worked it from an angle that didn't leave the ref in a bad spot. Still, this was the best match that these two have had and I have no problem with this feud continuing since these two probably have an even better match in them. ****
  3. Another solid match with a great Shayna bully heel performance. Shayna attacking Kairi's foot with a brutal foot stomp was great, but unfortunately was meaningless in the development of the match. Shayna kicking out of top rope elbow drop was lame, but that seems to be a theme on TakeOver cards; i.e.; kicking out of finishers and big moves. Shayna's counter to the final top rope elbow drop was great as was the unexpected finish. Another solid match.
  4. This was probably my favorite of the Baszler title defenses. Although the matches are hit and miss for me, Baszler's persona has always impressed. I love this MMA destroyer sadist gimmick they're going for with her. Here it was on display wonderfully with Baszler just going straight for Storm and zoning in on a weakness. For her part, Toni Storm put in an amazing babyface performance selling her leg to perfection. I'm a huge mark for crumble spots and there were some lovely, lovely crumble spots here. Some good false finishes too especially with Storm just escaping the clutch long enough to set up the count out finisher. ***3/4
  5. First of all: Shayna fucking rocks. Her presence reminds me of Minoru Suzuki, like one of those people that is legit dangerous, but at the same time they actually draw your attention to the violence they display. Considering she's new to pro-wrestling, it's amazing she can project that aura so well. As for the match itself, I enjoyed it a lot. Baszler being in control for much of the match, with Moon having offensive spurts is the best idea. The fluke-y finish worked well, and albeit some might have problems with the length of the armbar spot, I felt it was some well-made suspense. Good stuff. Shayna HAS to win the title on the near future.
  6. I am SUPER high on this match. I thought it was so, so, so excellent. Amazing performances by both & great storytelling throughout the thing; loved Baszler establishing dominance with her MMA-esq work over Kairi. Her strikes were really great. Loved the arm work, that had such a charm to it - gave me some Billy Robinson vibes. Great stuff. Kairi's selling of that was great, as it was in general from start to finish - she showed such great heart & fire. Her countering that brutal arm work of Shayna's by going after her ribs was excellent & played well into the finish with her dropping that beautiful Elbow on her. Absolutely loved everything about this. The way the crowd got more & more into it as it went on was so awesome. Excellent package of pro wrestling. ****1/2
  7. I really like how the prematch promo built up the respect that these two had for each other, then they played off of that in the early parts of the match. Baszler being tentative in the early going and Mercedes taking full advantage of that. Even when Baszler tries to get over aggressive Martinez takes full advantage of that too. When Shayna does get the right level of focus though she makes the most of it, blocking Martinez's finisher and countering with her own at the end. A very well put together match. ***3/4
  8. This was a damn good short sprint. Baszler catching LeRae with a quick knee at the start and makes it seem like she's is going to have her way with Candice. But Baszler gets caught in the ropes allowing LeRae to quickly fire off a run of big offense to tease the upset. Baszler's size and power ends up being too much though and she counters LeRae's finisher into a choke for the win.
  9. The layout for this match was great. Yim trying to go head to head with Baszler then quickly realizing that was a bad idea so she goes to a big spots and a quicker pace. That works for her for the most part but Baszler always is one big strike or smart counter away from being back in control. The finishing stretch was the best one of the tournament so far as the back and forth really made it look like either one could win. Fantastic stuff. ***3/4