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Found 6 results

  1. These two go at each other once again after previously going to a 30 minute draw at the Starting Over Vol.2 event. There is more of the same again - careful, deliberate, both waiting for openings and defending nicely on the mat. Nakano uses his weight brilliantly to add more pressure to Miyato when he takes the back and Miyato is light on his feet to gain some ground of his own. The little spurts where they go back and forth with kicks and slaps is great and adds a little more excitement to the bouts mixed in with the grappling. They escalate nicely as the 15 minute time lapses over, throwing in more dynamic sequences and more big throws. Miyato threw a killer spinning sole kick to the hips of Nakano, almost drawing a 10 count which Nakano then followed it up with a capture suplex once he recovered. One of my favourite moments of the match was Miyato catching Nakano with a high kick and going for a belly to bell but Nakano counted with a nasty headbutt that split Miyato wide open at the eye. Gruesome. Miyato was able to recover and cinched in a deep single leg, getting the victory. Awesome follow up to their other match. ***3/4
  2. The young guns are sent out for 30 minutes to warm the crowd and set the tone. Does it go well? Quite. The pace the match in the exactly how you’d expect from a 30 minute draw. There is a lot of tentative stand-up initially with the occasional kick and shooting for the takedown for a good while. But they are always high in intensity. The holds are always snug and worked well from hold to hold. Miyato threws some wicked kicks to the head and then a low kick before trying to tap Nakano out with a head-trapped double wrist lock. I loved how Nakano began getting wise to the low kicks so began checking them more often, although Miyato’s persistence caught him out every now and again. Miyato seemed to favour the Single Leg Boston Crab heavily but Nakano fought for the ropes with all his might and somehow escaped. Nakano went he began throwing big strikes over his own like the overhand palm strike followed by kicks in the corner to a cowering Miyato. His suplexes were awesome as well. Including the one that sent him and Miyato tumbling over the top rope and onto the love which was insane. The finish wasn’t anything memorable. The referee just stopped the match for the time and that was that. It was a simple finish to a simple match. I really dug it and I don’t regret sitting through 30 minutes to two of the lesser guys in the promotion fight each other to a stalemate one bit. ***1/2
  3. I would usually watch something like this, go "fucking amazing" and leave my match analysis at that but I can't really do that here. Miyato attacks Takada from the beginning, he doesn't exactly rush him at the bell like you'd see at the all time classic Funaki/Nakano match from the same show but he's the one initiating attacks. It's easy to imagine Miyato was pissed a pretty boy with a baseball background was pushed so hard based on his height and how well a magazine with his nudes would sell (yes they are a real thing. I come across a lot of weird stuff on the interwebs). The problem Miyato has here is that, whatever he does, he's fucked. He can't really win. The size difference isn't such that he couldn't realistically put Takada in peril but if he tries to battle him in stand-up he'll get his head kicked off and if he tries to take him down Takada will just power out of it. I'm really glad they followed the narrative I though up in my head, only Takada shoot kicked Miyato in the head as soon as he got out of his takedown and from then onwards this one picked up the pace. Don't think there'd be much use of me doing a play by play of everything that happened and explaining why it ruled, I will note that Miyato's selling further impressed me, he understood his role very well and made it very easy for the crowd to get behind him.
  4. This is weird yet awesome, basically japanese wrestling in a nutshell, it's an exhibition match for some reason so it has a ten minute time limit and a fall doesn't end the match, it's mostly Takada kicking the shit out of Miyato, Miyato is really perfect as a guy who will sell vulnerability and struggle to win but also throw everything at someone higher than him in the pecking order, there was some neat grappling mixed in but this was mostly Takada kicking the shit out of Miyato and I will watch Takada kick the shit out of someone any time, especially when a guy can sell as great as Miyato, any time Takada would connect with a bigger combo I'd get flashbacks to Rambo being electrocuted. Haha shit. I screwed the date up. But the match is in the correct subforum, it's from 1988. If a mod sees it please edit the thread title since I can't.
  5. I couldn't find match enough match reviews to nominate UWF bubble guy Shigeo Miyato for the GWE project so I'll just create them myself. UWF II is my favourite promotion but also the one I find the hardest to write about because all that's popping up in my mind is how much everything rules. Maeda is a head taller than Miyato so you want him to stiff the shit ouf of Miyato, have the crowd get behind Miyato, maybe have our small boy get a couple of hope spots in and then get his dreams crushed and that's exactly what they did, of course Miyato wasn't going to go down without a fight and fired back at Maeda as much as he could with great looking offence (I mean, pretty much everyone had great looking offence in UWF but still, it needs to be said). Still this was almost and extended squash, Maeda just beat the shit out of him with vicious palm strikes, kicks and knee lifts and even threw in a couple of shoot headbutts that would've made Ishikawa shit himself, Miyato put on an amazing selling performance and got the most out of everything Maeda threw at him.