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Found 8 results

  1. This was a really fun Michi Pro house show multiman match. It's a lot more held back and a slower paced match with a fantastic Súper Astro performance. He does all of his signature spots and he does a neat comedy mask swap with Shiryu that leads to him being confused and punching the ref. Aside from his performance, everyone else is perfectly fine in their roles in this. Not an all-time classic or anything, but it never drags and is a perfectly fine way to spend 20 minutes.
  2. Long, quality lucha that told a story. Early on Emilio Charles Jr. gets the better of Azteca during a wrestling exchange. Of course Angel takes great offense to this and immediately goes after Emilio. Azteca going out of his way to ram into Emilio with a huge forearm while in the middle of a rope running exchange with Espectro was straight out of the AJPW playbook. Of course Emilio Jr. makes him pay dearly later when he slaps the hell out of him during the beatdown. That along may have been the highlight of the match along with Aztecas bumping, including flying with his back into the edge of the ring apron. Of course Super Astro and Kung Fu also do lots of fun wrestling. Astro is such a trip to watch with the insane height on all flying moves, while Kung Fu manages to not suck doing his faux martial arts stuff and hitting weird/cool kicks, punches and leg trips. We also get the awesome and devastating tope to the floor from Super Astro aswell as Emilio Charles Jr. not falling for The Star.
  3. This ruled, kickass lucha brawl. I keep forgetting how awesome Bestia Salvaje is. He was on a rampage here, just waffling guys in the face left and right. Then you also have reckless kicker Fiera and Super Astro flying around as a wrecking ball and that's totally enough to carry the mediocre dudes in the match. I mean, just when Santana landed an elbow drop and I was thinking "okay this isn't so brilliant now" Salvaje came in and beat Fiera into the hospital. Goodness gracious. I'm so used to seeing Astro as a fun old man flyer in maestro tags that seeing him in a fast paced, competitive, heated match like this blew me away. I also loved how that obnoxious interviewer stuck a mic in Bestia's face while he was dumped with his head into the chairs. Bestia lays out Fiera and keeps stomping on his head while the doctor tries to get between them and a dude with a toddler on his arm laughs at the carnage. Fiera makes his comeback launching Bestia into the 4th row and the interviewer is back sticking a mice in his face. If this were WWE Fiera would talk about his feelings and pose or something but instead he just growls something unintelligible and chucks a row of chairs at Salvaje. Could have used a bigger standoff between Salvaje and Fiera at the end (Especially given that the first two falls got quite a bit of time and false finishes) but whatever. This made me salivate at the mouth to see a Salvaje/Fiera singles match with them kicking the shit out of eachother.