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Found 18 results

  1. Grimmas

    Takumi Iroha

    kas said: "Lack of footage hurts her but in every match I see from her I come away thinking she was the stand-out performer. She's probably the best offensive wrestler in the world today, with good mat-work, great striking, a varied moveset, and excellent execution (she's a contender for best superkick ever). She's great at changing up her moveset to fit the situation, sometimes going strike heavy and other times emphasising her size and power advantage with big power moves. She's also incredibly selfless and generous, often giving her opponents enough time to shine and bumping big to get them over." Matches w/Sareee and Nanae Takahashi vs Maria, Mei Hoshizuki, and Mikoto Shindo 07/22/2019 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viV75EHK_JI vs ASUKA 08/19/2018 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fKIurblUj0&t=1272s vs Mayu Iwatani 02/08/2020 - https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV147411F78Z/
  2. This is the best match I've seen from either two this year. Takumi focuses all her offence on Nanae's neck in the first 10 minutes where she surprisingly dominates the match. Much stronger psychology than I'm used to in Joshi matches. Nanae gets a good fightback just before the halfway point. There is an unfortunate moment in the match where Nanae gets Takumi in the corner, stops selling anything and does her usual posing and chops like she's beating up some rookie. Didn't fit the context at all. But it's over within 30 seconds so only a minor complaint. Still I much prefered Takumi's performance here, she gets the level of selling just right pretty much the whole match. The best moment in the match has to be where Nanae's putting up this stubborn fightback with a strike exchange that isn't really working but she's so proud to just stay down, so Takumi absolutely clobbers her with a Misawa-style elbow. Oh my God. Takumi then hits Nanae with a running three (the finishing move Chigusa Nagayo passed onto her) where Nanae brutally lands on her already hurt neck, and she wins the title. ****1/4 MOTYC for Joshi.
  3. The main event of this show is an interpromotional match between New-Tra and the Actwres girlZ' team of Maki and Honma. Natsumi Maki looked really good. I haven't see her in a match the got a significant amount of time in a while so it's nice to see how much she has improved a fair bit. It's also good to see New-Tra have another quality performance after neither of their tag title performances in December were that good. A very good match between four up-and-coming young joshi workers. ***3/4
  4. I was really excited to see this as these two are my most improved women of 2017, (well Iroha at least makes tape consistently now.) This opens up with some nice matwork which eventually leads to Chihiro getting a good grip on Iroha's leg to stretch it out. Iroha does a good job of selling while still using the leg on offense while Chihiro uses it as a shortcut to get back on offense. This might have been right up there as one of the top joshi matches of the year but the last minute was pretty sloppy. Even with that, this is still a great match. ****
  5. This is Yoko Bito's swan song, which is a shame since I think the last four months have easily been the best run of her career. She looked really good matched up with Satomura and it's too bad that they couldn't have had a singles match in Sendai Girls in her last couple of months. Iroha was a standout here as she worked extremely well with both Storm and Satomura to the point that I'd love to see those two singles matches. A strong match and a nice way to cap off Bito's career. ***3/4
  6. I wish WAVE Network would post more OVER SUN matches because they few that they have posted have all been really good, if not great. Here they take on NEW-TRA who have been on a bit of a hot streak of their own lately. OVER SUN control the early going with their size and experience advantage but NEW-TRA eventually work their way back into the match with some nice counters and double-teams. The finish is some great back and forth, especially with Ohka dishing out some nasty big boots, including absolutely drilling Kadokura with one to get the win. Fantastic match. ****
  7. Wonder of Stardom Championship: Yoko Bito © vs. Takumi Iroha It was refreshing to see Iroha work a 'high drama' style match, and it felt like a return to form for her. The action was great for the most part; they managed to keep things fresh for the 30-minute draw. I didn't think the B Driver near-falls were as effective as they could have been, Bito doesn't put that certain 'finality' into the move. Iroha on the other hand was doing a fine job of that. A good match, but there were a couple of things that prevented it from being great. ***1/2
  8. More NEW-TRA? Oh yeah! Bonus points here for the reuniting of Yamashita and Kobayashi, who had a fun youngster team in late '15/early '16. Kadokura looked great here again and should seriously get talked about more as one of the top youngsters in joshi. The real highlight here is the matchup of Yamashita and Iroha. The two of them show fantastic chemistry here and it's a shame that Yamashita loses the Regina di WAVE title in just a few days as a title match between the two of them could be something really special. As for this match, it goes a little too short to be great, as it feels like the match ends just as it's start to ramp up. Still worth checking out though. ***3/4
  9. NEW-TRA showing up in Stardom is a much needed breath of fresh air, too bad they are not around for very long. Iroha looks awesome here, especially in the way she carries herself as she comes off as a big star from another company. Both Tora and Kadokura looked really good here. The big difference between the two of them is that Kadokura has more viable offense, so you can buy that she could possibly end a match on her own. A very good match between two teams of young talent in joshi. ***3/4
  10. This is NEW-TRA's shot at the WAVE tag titles after winning the tag league earlier in the night. The real key to this match was NEW-TRA's ability to keep the Nagahama sections interesting as Nagahama is one of the most dull workers in joshi. The Kobayashi sections were excellent as she has managed to figure out how to be viable offensively while being in the ring with peers who have a distinct size advantage on her and not constantly rely on playing the underdog. Hopefully NEW-TRA have a decent run as tag champs since the women from Marvelous only make tape when they work in other groups. ***3/4
  11. This is a semi-final of the Ultra U-7 tournament. Iroha does a good job of controlling the early going with her matwork. Sareee does manage to get some momentum back when she is able to pick up the pace. Iroha keeps baiting her into strike exchange though, and while Sareee does hit hard, she doesn't hit as hard as Iroha. Iroha has looked fantastic in this tournament so far. ****
  12. This is an opening round match for SEAdLINNNG's Ultra U-7 tournament which mainly featured younger wrestlers. This was the best performance from Iroha since her World of Stardom title match versus Kairi Hojo a couple of years ago as she hits a lot of nasty looking, high impact offense. Kyuri has potential but usually has some rough patches in her matches. This might be the best performance of her career though as she survives Iroha's nasty shots and is able to chip away at her with some leg work. Pretty damn good ten minute match. ***3/4
  13. I had high expectations for this match after watching the generations trios on the last big Sendai Girls show and on paper this had a more talented lineup. This match doesn't make it to the level that the other match did, mostly due to Totoro (who must have been a sub for Tsukushi.) She only made her debut in March and she sticks out like a sore thumb here, working most of the opening of the match getting knocked around. Things really pickup once Iroha and Chihiro get involved with the nasty interactions of Iroha and Meiko being a highlight of the match. After watching this, I really want to she singles matches between Nanae/Chihiro and Meiko/Iroha. Pretty good stuff. ***1/2
  14. ULTRA U-7 Tournament - Final: Takumi Iroha vs. Yoshiko I wasn't really into this one. It starts to pick up when Iroha does a tremendous sell of Yoshiko's sleeper hold, she was foaming at the mouth, struggling to catch her breath.. but the work before it was dull. Definitely one of the weaker Yoshiko matches this year. ***
  15. Queen's Quest (AZM & HZK) vs. NEW-TRA (Takumi Iroha & Rin Kadokura) Takumi spams superkicks like a western indie wrestler; she rarely makes tape so I was anticipating her every move, seeing what interesting techniques she would use, and I dig this NEW-TRA team. Kadokura is getting out of her rookie phase, and showed off some new moves in her new attire. I thought Queen's Quest did great as well; AZM gave a strong effort. Very solid tag match. ***1/4
  16. Regina di WAVE Championship: Ryo Mizunami © vs. Takumi Iroha Iroha doesn't make tape very often so it's always interesting to see what new techinques she has learned in the untaped abyss. This didn't quite reach the level of Mizunami's title matches against Ohata and Haruhi on the epic scale, but the action was straight-forward and solid. One gripe I had was the moment when Mizunami's hits a desperation Hot Limit; Iroha had been dominating so much that Mizunami could barely stand and she's just lifted up and takes the reverse piledriver with no resistance. At least wiggle your feet or something! ***1/4
  17. Sumire Natsu vs. Takumi Iroha Sumire tries to offer Iroha an invitation to her Y-shirt match, but Iroha isn't having it and gives her a kick to the head! Iroha presses the advantage, but Sumire is able to make a sudden counter on the outside, tossing Iroha into the ring post. This went 3 minutes; Sumire did her sexy heel thing, perfecting the bronco buster, and Iroha made her 'no nonsense' comeback with a crushing Running Three. ***3/4
  18. More fuel for the Hojo hype-train as she defends her title against former roster member now Chigusa protege Iroha. I actually had high expectations for this as Iroha had a shockingly great title match with Io Shirai last year. Although I was expecting this to more of a highspot/suplex affair, they actually keep it on the mat for most of the match. Iroha focuses on Hojo's back including using a nasty Canadian Backbreaker. Kairi gets her revenge later busting out an equally nasty cross-armed Regal Stretch. Breaking up the matwork are these Hashimoto/Tenryu level chop exchanges that make you question how the hell does a 100 lbs woman hit that hard. The finish is great too, as Iroha is just relentless going after the back with Hojo going into survive mode. They do end with a roll-up out of nowhere but that's a minor blemish on a pretty great match. ****1/4