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Found 6 results

  1. FTR defend the ROH World Tag Team Title in a 2/3 falls match The first fall was nothing to write home about. It was very basic and I would have preferred if they'd gone straight into the action rather than doing another extended feeling-out process. Respect was shown early, with both FTR & The Briscoes backing off when the doctor attempted to attend to a member of the opposing team. Things progressively escalated when The Briscoes began taking cheap shots. Wheeler makes a fantastic save, delivering a lariat to Mark as he tries to go for the Cactus Elbow off the apron onto Dax. Dax takes a nasty bump, hitting the post chest-first, and The Briscoes hit a Doomsday Device to pick up the first fall. Something I found interesting about the way this match was structured is how FTR alternated as the face in peril, with Cash taking the brunt of the offense in the first fall and Dax in the second.Harwood's chest gets busted open from chops by Mark. The Briscoes expertly cut off the ring and milk the tags for all they're worth, knocking Wheeler off the apron at every opportunity. After a while of Harwood taking the heat, The Briscoes attempt a second Redneck Boogie, but Wheeler cuts Jay off at just the right time. That leads to Wheeler hitting a Gory Special for an extremely close near fall. Jay hits Wheeler with the ring bell, splitting him open. Harwood makes the save and pulls Jay out of the ring, goading Mark in and delivering a Flapjack into the steps to take him out. FTR scores the second fall with the Big Rig on Jay shortly thereafter. I cannot overstate how great FTR's saves in this match were, as they were perfectly-timed each go-around. This was arguably the apex of the match, as The Briscoes were repulsive in their heat segment, and Harwood was great as the never-say-die babyface. The third and final fall is the come down, which feels odd to say since it starts off hot with Cash and Mark headbutting each other. Wheeler pushes Mark off the top rope when The Briscoes attempt another Doomsday Device, allowing Harwood to deliver a right hand to Mark in mid-air.Jay ducks a punch and Dax erroneously decks the referee. I'm never a fan of ref bumps, especially ones this poorly-executed. They come off as theatrical, and Jay looks stupid when he goes for a pin knowing the referee was taken out mere seconds earlier. The hyperbole from commentary didn't help matters, with Coleman saying something along the lines of "this is the greatest match I've ever seen in my life," and Riccaboni responding with "one of the absolute greatest tag matches I've ever seen." That brings me to the discourse surrounding this match. It's not enough for something to be good or even great. Everything has to be The Best Thing Ever. I, myself, have a propensity to hype up matches, but all I'm asking is for people to be a little more thoughtful. Wheeler makes another great save, breaking the count at 2.99 after The Briscoes finally land the Doomsday Device they were looking for earlier. There was a botched suplex over the ropes, which made the match feel slightly more dangerous. The Briscoes locked in double submissions and FTR grabbed each other's hands to keep from tapping out, which came across as a hokey relic of NXT. Wheeler gave a back suplex to Mark from the top rope to a table on the outside, allowing Harwood to hit a top-rope piledriver on Jay for the win. I liked that they saved the top-rope piledriver for the finish, as that move should be treated as a potential career-ender. I probably sound more negative on this match than I actually am, but it's only because I loved their first encounter so much. The tease of two straight falls gave more weight to the near falls. The second fall is superb, straight-forward tag team wrestling at its finest. However, the match is bogged down by bloat and some late melodrama that didn't land for me. Regardless, if you're a fan of these teams, there's plenty to enjoy here.
  2. Sorry for the delay! No real reason other than I've been watching WCW stuff from the Rise and Fall of WCW, Brian Pillman DVDs and a couple YouTube videos. This is my final Full Impact Pro DVD review and its been a really fun trip. Let's get on to it and then I'll have some closing remarks. Erick Stevens vs. Tyler Black (#1 Contender's Match) : This started with chain wrestling but this wasn't really their forte. It wasn't bad but it was uninspired. And ya know that's what the match felt like. NOW I'm nitpicking because they could have killed it. The final third proves my point. This part was great stuff. But given that this wasn't at the top part of the card, it did its job. Very good match though. MsChif vs. Rain (SHIMMER Title Match): This was a good match but ended when it started to pick up. Go Shiozaki vs. Roderick Strong (FIP World Heavyweight Title Match): This should be the main event so no idea why it's here on the card. Its for the damn main title with Mr. FIP Roderick Strong and the foreign heel. I'll be honest, this was my main event as I watched it last. OK that aside, this was a very well built match. The level of intensity & complexity escalated as it went on, selling along the way. Just about hold or throw was fought over. Their struggle felt real. Things weren't polished or rehearsed. I've been watching NWA/WCW from 87-90 and this felt a lot like that. There were some shenanigans but again that harkens back to that 80's stuff as well. I will call this a classic. Kenny King & Jason Blade vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe (FIP Tag Team Title Match) : This was a rematch from the best match of Unstoppable 2007...one of the best at least. Its been so long! But not only that but its been awhile since we've seen Jay & Mark together. And man! Its a really good one. This is more of a traditional tag match yet full of action when it counts. Again more shenanigans though. Sal Rinauro vs. Chris Jones (FIP Florida Heritage Title Match): No clue why this was the main event. Yeah they build it all up the whole show. But neither guy is main event material...I had this inkling ahead of time. It was a nice story but not top billing. So that's it! Now it went out with a bang since I watched Shiozaki vs Strong last and not Rinauro vs Jones...sorry dudes. Anyhow parting remarks - Watching this has been fun and is full of lost classics if you're a fan of ROH style. Seriously there are a few shows that are diamond in the rough ROH B-shows...especially 2007 & 2008. Stuff earlier than that is worth checking out but if you just want to get the most bang for your buck..get the 2007 & '08 shows that interest you. But also get Strong vs Evans...I think that might still be my top match of FIP. Read the different show reviews since I probably won't do some matches or shows justice now. Plainly, if you are a Roderick Strong fan then you would be a fool not to get a few of these DVDs. Strong vs Evans, New Year's Classic 2007, this show Fallout 2008, and Dangerous Intentions 2008 are no brainers. Heatstroke 2007 Night 1 also...stay safe folks! THANK YOU! I really appreciate you reading and keep watching old wrestling
  3. Whoa! Sorry for the absence. The past month (January) was kind of crazy both personally and as US citizen. So, my focus wasn't really on keeping on task with my blog. That sucks because I really want to stay on track. Good news is that we've got a Full Impact Pro entry here and part #1 of FMW 1998 on the way. So, I hope you are all doing well. Let's check out this FIP show! *(the listing is reverse on Highspots so the main event is at the top)* Davey Richards vs. Delirious w/Dave Prazak - This reminded me of when CM Punk was main eventing. There's a ton of kids who are SUPER into the match, they dragged out the beginning playing that up but! once things got going we got a really good match where both guys worked their butts off for a long fulfilling main event. Clean finish too! Jerrelle Clark vs. Jay Briscoe - This was a pretty good match with the Briscoes playing cheating heels. That made Jerrelle's comebacks that much sweeter. He had all kinds of 'ranas for them. Definitely want to see more Jerrelle after this! I'll see if he's on any other shows. Roderick Strong vs. Cyber Kong w/Dave Prazak - Unfortunately this was kind of a 'nothing ' match. Strong really put forth the effort and in the 6 man. I mean maybe there was something to it but, not what it could have been. Steve Madison, Chasyn Rance & Kenny King vs. Erick Stevens, Roderick Strong & Seth Delay - Yeah, this was a fun six man match. I would have preferred Madison and King vs Strong & Stevens as I didn't think the other two did anything terribly memorable. But watching those 4 are the draw of this match for sure! Mark Briscoe vs. Canadian Cougar - skipped...I had to get my ass in gear and this just seemed like an unnecessary hurdle to overcome. Allison Danger vs. Lacey - This was alright stuff. I don't have any notes on this match or that below. From memory, I remember liking it as a very sound women's match that plays into the FIP story lines. Black Market vs. Colt Cabana & Sal Rinauro - This was a fun opener but, was a little short still I remember liking the chemistry between the teams. The fans loved Black Market. Overall, the show wasn't a barn burner but, it was a very easy watch. It was a good show and I think delivered for the fans to in attendance. I got this Night #1 show by mistake but didn't want to make a fuss over not getting Night #2. So, I'm happy it wasn't a bust. Maybe I'll pick up #2 and it'll make everything that much better. If they have these on Highspots - pick up both at once. Thanks for reading and stay safe! Be back soon
  4. Now we're back on track to the proper reDRagon retrospective. This would now be Chapter 3 in the ROH DVD set. It's the most substantial one. So, let's just jump in! vs The Briscoes (11th Anniversary show): The tag straps is on the line boy! That's my Briscoe impersonation. You try now. It was fun right? That's something the Sandy Fork brothers have that most ROH wrestlers lack- a good character & gimmick. Everyone at this point in time is a "great" or "phenomenal" athlete but, shallow in the personality department. The reDragon (is that plural?) are kind of inching towards one but, Mark & Jay are the men when it comes to personas. That brings so much fun, intensity, and overall interest to the match. So, here we have the cocky MMAthletes vs the rough & tumble rednecks. That elevates a very good match with good action and fun teamwork to a near classic match. There's something to sink your teeth into in terms of a story or purpose...and that makes all of the difference. We get a promo that helps develop Bobby and especially Kyle over as cocky better-than-you asshole heels. I like it! vs American Wolves (Super Card of Honor XXXVI no I'm kidding...it's VII (7)): This had moments of brilliance and moments of absolute 2010's tandem move bullshit. Make it look like wrestling and not Icecapades dudes! ('member Icecapades?). This stuff can work in a comedy setting but, it just doesn't work when these guys are supposed to be all badasses (contantly mentioning Eddie & Bobby in NOAH reinforces that). Seriously, give me NOAH-style because this really is too cute by comparison. This is a preference and perhaps the biggest letdown. They could have put on brutal battles like Davey & KENTA vs Aries & Strong from late 2006. The components are there but, this really felt like a long TV match. So, its not truly bad or even a hard definitive negative, just don't expect these to be classics. That being said, this was a highly enjoyable fight and totally, totally worth a watch and probably a great match all said and done. It's just this is a mainly Puro blog so I use that as my measuring stick. And seeing how Davey, Bobby, and Eddie had been in NOAH, I see no reason they couldn't have done a NOAH level tag match but, I'm not the one taking chops and kicks... So let's say a great modern ROH tag match. That might be reasonable... vs the Briscoes (Dragon's Reign 05/11/13): B-show sweetness! This show is probably available for sale still. It's gotten some recommendations back in the day and based off this match, I can agree. We get a classic tag dynamic here with the heel DRagons targeting the ROH champ Jay Briscoe. They do some very nice work on his arm and Jay is selling it. You want that goofy madman Mark in there to bail his bro out. His Redneck kung fu is goofy but, fun and is really a red herring for his high impact offense which still pleases me to this day. Sure, it's not a shooting star press off a lighting rig but, I know that bastard's got it in him! And the element of unpredictable danger means a lot! That being said, this doesn't hit A-show top gear but, this was a great all around match and perhaps another near classic for the two teams. It's clear to me that Fish and O' Reilly work best with the tag vet Briscoes. Whew! That was a very good chunk of wrestling. Next round, I'll interrupt Chapter 3 to look at the very underrated Honor in the Heart of Texas show from 2013. The reDragons have some singles matches but, those are only filler between some truly awesome match-ups like Roddy vs Adam Cole. Seeya then Thanks for reading!
  5. This was a match given to me in the secret santo project by migs The Briscoes vs the young bucks roh honor reigns supreme 2017 tag titles 2/3falls So a two out of three falls match with a team of bullet club members vs a team of massive homophobes in roh. This could be really dreadful it has the makings of a really long boring match. First fall: this goes about ten mins, we start off with some back and forth, it is fine then we have a nose to nose stare down which looks silly when the partners join in. One of the young bucks gets worked over for a few mins, complete nothing section of the match no real sustained heat and his comebacks are not good. There is no sympathy elicited. We then quickly move into the finish of this section with the Briscoes going for a doomsday device and the bucks going for the Meltzer driver multiple times. Finish with a roll up by mark Briscoe. This fall was fine it was not all that good but it was not outright terrible as I was fearing. If this was the whole match it may be around **3/4. Fall two, this was completely stupid. This is fought under “lucha rules” but I don’t think it ever started as Jay goes to the outside and gets a mic and asks what is lucha? At this point mark hits the bucks with a chair and the Briscoes get DQ’ed bringing the teams level, WHY? You were already ahead and by what the commentators were saying the Briscoes are the faces so why do this? But on the bright side at least this means the match will be shorter. Fall three No DQ rules: jay hits a running knee to matts head in the corner into a rope hung chair. This is followed by a chair dropkick to the face. Some outside plunder brawling by the Briscoes. The young bucks hit a moonsault off the barricades followed by double apron powerbombs and stereo suicide dives. Chairs to the head of mark with no protection, there are about 7 superkicks in a round on the entrance ramp and then everybody falls down. Strike exchanges in the ring more superkicks, yet more superkicks to Briscoes on their knees. Briscoes come back with belt shots, Tiger driver 98 followed by elbow drop pin broken up by generic white guy bullet club member number 4. Ref down, 450 onto chairs 2 count, more superkicks to more refs, 2 count on more bang four your buck, tomb stone on the floor where nick Jackson tries to do a spike version but misses completely. Meltzer driver got the three. The first fall was meh the second pointless and the third was quite good, it was standard plunder brawling that you would see from someone like Kevin Owens in wwe just with more shots to the head Things took time to set up and there was not any hatred in what they were doing. There was no real sustained heat in this match or really any team that came off as the faces both teams were unlikeable. It was just there but thankfully it did not go anyway near as badly as it could of gone, the plunder stuff really saved this match. In the end maybe ***
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