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  1. Yeah, that is not a thread title I thought I would ever be typing on here. This wasn't an all-time classic or good or anything but it far beyond exceeded expectations and is one of the best celebrity wrestling matches ever. Bad Bunny busting out a wild counter into an armdrag, La Casita like he's Negro Casas, a headscissors and a Destroyer was wild. Also his selling was far better than it had any right to be. Priests hot tag offense was on point and I would say he's improved a ton and been much better since moving up to the main roster. This is a match they obviously rehearsed a ton at the Performance Center before but kudos to everyone involved, specially the Miz who was clearly guiding this in the ring.
  2. Hate to ruin the fun but this didn't do much for me. Still felt very much like a generic WWE four way just with a better workrate and the overreliance on cheap props to produce drama isn't really my thing in 2016. I liked the finish with Miz getting the pin out of nowhere but when you have stuff like Zayn rolling on the floor asking the ref if it was two instead of going for the pin himself after just breaking up someone else's finisher>pin, Cesaro just staring at Owens while he climbed on the rope and so on it's not the type of stuff I'm going to love. I've seen Cesaro drag Miz into the ring when she tried to save him before, I've seen the tower of doom spots, I've seen the triple suplexes, one guy running at every corner to hit his move three times and so on. Initially I don't even buy them as nearfalls but after a while having someone break up the pin or pull someone out of the ring just becomes tedious and repetitive. **1/2
  3. Miz and Bryan have the kind of history, depth, and meaning that Cena and Orton have always pretended to have. I liked how so much of the match was centered around Daniel Bryan wanting to punch Miz in the face. His punches have been insanely good since coming back so it made for a solid offensive foundation throughout the match. I enjoyed the stuff with Miz apeing Bryan's moveset only for Bryan to really show him how it's done. Probably the highlight of this is Daniel Bryan leaning into the It Kicks. Amazing. Old school finish with the dirty heel using brass knuckles to punch Daniel Bryan in the face. A sneaky move that deserved to end the match and also stays in the thematic scope of the feud. So excited for this to continue and what else they have in store. This was great and easily match of the night. ****
  4. YouTube user Master of Muppets has added a match from last night's house show in St. Louis to his YouTube channel. This appears to be the first Daniel Bryan vs The Miz singles match to make tape since Bryan's comeback, even though they've been slowly gearing up the rivalry at arena events for months. Pretty good camerawork considering that it was shot via smartphone in the audience. You can watch it below. Let us know what you think! UPDATE Reader Wahoo's Leg pointed out that this also hit YouTube a few months ago. The Miz vs Daniel Bryan from Newcastle, England, on May 17.
  5. The incomparable Master of Muppets has added a match to his YouTube channel from the house show on Monday night (July 16) in Reading, PA. The match sees AJ Styles team with Daniel Bryan against Samoa Joe and The Miz as part of the awkwardly-named Summerslam Heatwave Tour. The camera quality isn't great in this particular case, but if you can tough it out, it's a good chance to see Bryan and Miz opposite each other -- a matchup that has evaded us on television since Bryan's spring return and will likely happen at Summerslam. RELATED MATCH: Samoa Joe vs Bryan Danielson (ROH Midnight Express Reunion 10-02-04)
  6. Gauntlet match to decide who is going to be the #1 Contender to the WWE Title. My goodness. This match was unbelievable. Daniel Bryan might be, as of June of 2018, the best wrestler on the planet. This completely overshadowed the also incredible RAW gauntlet match this year, and much of that had to do with two things: It felt more cohesive - many have a hard time considering a gauntlet match like a single unit, instead being seen as many smaller matches, but in this case it more than earned the right to be looked at as a whole. It had an overarching story to all the segments and it keep its quality at a constant. Daniel Bryan is the greatest of all time (sort of). He just went all in and made not only Big E look like a bazillion buckes, with lots of crazy exchanges, but also Joe never looked as good in WWE as he did in this match - Bryan takes a beating like no one else (being dropped on his head and nearly dying helps in a more morbid way) and his comebacks feel so fucking natural. The finish to the segment vs Joe and to the Miz segment were so smartly worked that sometimes you gotta give it to WWE and say they can do stuff perfectly. Those two main points, coupled with strong performances from The Miz and a ridiculously over Rusev - and a new feud appearing on the horizon - made for one of the best TV matches of the year, and a strong contender for best of the decade.
  7. A very good, fun, energetic match aka the perfect way to kick off a show! The Miz was good in his control segments, Rollins was very good with those comebacks, the knee psychology was awesome, the two Scull Crushing Finale nearfalls were legitimately amazing, as were the sequences leading to them, full of struggle & desperation. And talking about sequences, that finishing sequence was absolutely fantastic. The Miz & Seth Rollins are 2 guys who I don't think much of in singles action, but gotta give it to them big time here, what a banger of a match! ***3/4
  8. So the WWE decided that this week, they're gonna put together close to two hours of just real good solid wrestling and what a shock, it was awesome! Seth and Roman start the match, getting some good exchanges going with Roman really bringing the tightness and stiffness to the match. Roman's timing and character work really is something else. Something as simple as standing up to a charging Rollins says so much and really creates a very heated moment that ups the intensity of the match. Exciting and hot finishing stretch that protects both guys but does a lot to help out Seth Rollins. Seth takes on John Cena next. Seth jumps Cena to start forcing Cena to work the opening minutes in his neon green shirt. Cena comes with methodical heel-esque Cena. I like this iteration of Cena personally. The guy's been on top for over a decade and he shows it. He saves energy by really picking his spots against Rollins and even taunting Rollins, giving Rollins a good heel character to play off of. They show a lot of chemistry in the finishing stretch as they exchange big moves and let Rollins get a clean win on Cena. The crowd is all the way behind Rollins at this point. Elias rushes in to charge Rollins and goes after the bad leg allowing him to pick up the pretty quick win over Rollins. At around this point, the match starts to dip as we get some in picture simultaneous promos to the competitors who've just finished. I didn't mind it so much as it was a nice way to fill the time as the highlights of the match were pretty much done. Balor comes in and him and Elias have some decent exhanges. Elias is just a very good wrestler with his basics. Snug strikes and good energy. Here's hoping he goes a long way. Balor able to get to the win until Miz comes out and picks the bones and uses The Miztourage to get the win. Miz with some amazing facial reactions when he realizes Strowman is last and then we get the Braun Strowman Murder Hour. Always a good time. That standing dropkick is ridiculous. This was just very good television all the way through with two incredibly great matches to open and an all-time performance by Seth Rollins. ****1/2
  9. I gotta say that this one never fully clicked for me. There were stuff that I enjoyed; AJ Styles being the bumping & selling machine that he is, Baron Corbin coming in & destroying people, The Miz doing his Daniel Bryan shtick, Styles & Cena interactions when they + Wyatt were the final 3 - BUT in between those moments that I enjoyed, there were lots, and I mean LOTS of dull action that did nothing for me, which is why I can't rate this highly overall. Solid match, but far from the best Chamber match that I've seen. Great performance by Styles. **1/2
  10. For the most part, this is an ok match with Roman and Miz and the Miztourage doing more or less what you would expect, which are all things I like. It's noteworthy, though, because heels cheating is basically always done in dramatic irony these days, with the ref and/or opponent blind but the audience in on it and protesting loudly. So, while I know that the finish here, where nobody realizes that the cheating happened until afterwards, is for sure not the first of its kind, it really feels fresh and elevates this match to something easily recommendable. ***1/2
  11. First of all, I really liked Angle coming out with The Shield gear on. A wonderful character touch since Angle used to do goofy shit like that all the time during his first WWE run. Then the actual match - it was such a cluster, but I really loved it. Ambrose & Rollins were on fire from start to finish - super strong performances by them, The Miz played his role to absolute perfection & the rest of the guys did their parts very well too. I liked all the twists & turns - Angle getting out of the match after getting destroyed by Braun was great & his eventual comeback with his own music was a goosebumps worthy moment - him just throwing all the bad guys around w/ his signature Suplexes & Angle Slams ruled. The Braun/Kane angle was also executed really well & made Braun look badass as usual. I feel like this match could've been even better had Reigns been able to compete, but goddamn, I still had such a blast watching this. Super enjoyable stuff. ****
  12. Coffey

    WWE TLC 2016

    WWE TLC PPV Sunday, December 04, 2016. American Airlines Center Dallas, Texas, USA WWE Title: AJ Styles© Vs. Dean Ambrose - TLC Match Women's Title: Becky Lynch© Vs. Alexa Bliss - Tables Match Intercontinental Title: The Miz© with Maryse Vs. Dolph Ziggler - Ladder Match Tag Titles: Heath Slater & Rhyno© Vs. Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton Nikki Bella Vs. Carmella - No DQ Match Kalisto Vs. Baron Corbin - Chairs Match
  13. I really liked Miz's performance in this, he's really come a long way. He did a very good job of controlling the match and establishing nice and long control segments. Unfortunately Crews didn't have much to offer, his punches looked bad, his enzuigiri could've looked better and he is still very vanilla. I liked how they teased the bigger moves and Miz fed Crews his power showcase spots nicely (and Crews threw him good too). Not a fan of wrestlers doing things they usually don't when executing moves to set up a counter like Miz picking Crews up just so he can counter a Skull Crushing Finale atempt with a flash pin. As usual Miz used his surroundings and his manager to efficiently get heat and transition back into offence. Finish was also refreshing and absolutely the right call, no need to have Miz use the kitchen sink to beat a guy for whom it's just not clicking right now. **3/4
  14. Average TV match. I liked Miz cheapshotting Owens and his sneaky Small Package but that was cancelled out by them messing up a few spots and a weird sequence that consisted of like 5 clotheslines. **1/2
  15. I wonder if Miz could've carried Steenerico to a great tag match like The Briscoes and Super Dragon did if this were a normal tag and not parejas increibles. I loved the way Miz cheapshoted Zayn off a Maryse distraction and him and Cesaro were way interesting at playing feuding partners than Zayn and Owens. Nice to see a novel concept executed well on Raw. Do wish Cesaro interrupted Miz's Giant Swing attempt a few moments later so we'd have gotten to see him fail but oh well, what can you do. **3/4
  16. I don't really care for Zayn and his whole "Ricky Steamboat doing moves from Japan" deal. Miiz gave him a lot early on but he didn't do anything memorable, in fact he outshined his own control segment with his bump onto the steel steps, that's the kind of thing you'd expect from 2011 Dolph Ziggler. I like Zayn's Corner Exploder as a spot that looks nastier than it probably is but this was very basic and formulaic and Zayn's formula isn't one I really care about. I did love the way Miz locked his own hands when doing the Figure 4, how he acted during his entrance and that he actually uses the ropes for leverage like a proper heel. **1/2-**3/4
  17. Rematch for the IC title. Ryder has a lot of fun babyface shtick but also adds some new stuff here like the neat slingshot splash and a final cut. Miz took a cool bump off Ryder's Apron Dropkick into the barricade and busted out a counter Liger Bomb out of nowhere which completely caught me off guard. These two did a good job of using learned psychology and I loved the finish with Miz just punching Ryder in the eye off a Maryse distraction. ***-***1/4
  18. I'm shocked they got so much time (~15 minutes on TV) but it was totally the right call. Man Miz is just fucking good right now. He can stooge and feed the faces so much because he's good enough that his character doesn't need to be presented as especially strong to be able to take big portions of the match if needed. When AJ goes for his Dropkick sequences Miz cuts him off and quickly slams him. This is smart, but also sets up a revenge spot of AJ Bodyslamming Miz later in the match AND builds to AJ successfully hitting the Dropkick. When Miz gets in the ring before AJ does he'll jump him as soon as AJ gets in there. And there was an awesome spot where he used Maryse as a human shield but instead of acting like a generic dumb WWE babyface AJ went around her only for Miz to catch him with a quick cheapshot. AJ did a good job of selling the leg injury and I liked the finish with Miz trying to run away and Gallows and Anderson preventing him from doing so, they've been presented as heels so far and I do see them turning on AJ eventually but you might as well build suspense with them helping him against heels as well. ***1/4
  19. I am all in on Miz and this match only helps his case for being one of the best WWE wrestlers of 2016. I absolutely love the way he transitions into offence. Nothing fancy or flashly, just wery smart use of his surrounding, whether it be the ropes, the corner, the ringpost, the steel steps or the announce table. Reigns seems to have more shtick that works now and it's astonishing how much better he is at carrying himself when he's not asked to be El Hijo Del Cena. He's also improved his selling a lot which was pretty evident here. ***1/4
  20. I'm sure it's a fairly unique opinion but at this point I'm completely convinced Miz is a better worker than Zayn. He's really great at stooging and both of his big transitions ruld (him countering Zayn's ten punches in the corner and pulling him out of the ring). Zayn is a fairly standard armdrag-flip flop babyface not really adding much. It was fairly predictable how this one was going to end as soon as Owens joined commentary and I feel like I've seen the "two heels attack one face before the other face makes the save" spot five times in the last two weeks in the IC title feud but here the post-match had a couple of neat details, like Miz pushing Zayn into a Cesaro Uppercut to save himself and Maryse trying to save Miz from a Giant Swing but Cesaro not only overpowering her but pulling her into the ring. So yeah. Miz is really good.
  21. I'm not convinced Cesaro is a better worker than The Miz right now. This was a total blast-Cesaro has a lot of spots that sound good but often don't amount to much and having Miz stooge for him really helps his matches. The Miz lets him shine early on as Cesaro does come cool matwork spots and his badass deadlift gutwrench. They smartly transition into Miz's control segment by using Maryse and Miz doesn't do nothing fancy, nothing that would get a pop, just goes after Cesaro's shoulder injury. The way Cesaro countered Miz's Sleeper to get back in control was amazing, I don't remember him ever doing that before, ditto the amazing counter he had for Miz's DDT, that's the kind of awesome stuff he used to bust out regularly a few years ago before he settled into an underwhelming formula, and here even when he does use his formula (like the uppercut train I don't really like) he modifies it a little bit by finishing it with a beautiful dropkick. The big nearfall caught me completely off guard and I loved how they incorporated the Owens-Zayn angle into the match. Sure, Miz fucked up the Neutralizer bump after the match, but that was so utterly irrelevant after everything that took place. I wasn't expecting to like this more than Kalisto/Ryback but I did. ***1/2-***3/4
  22. A good match at last. Early on Miz gets heat out of a shoulder block. A SHOULDER BLOCK. Think about that for a second. He might be the only WWE heel that knows how to properly stooge and get some shine on the babyface. Shocking to see a match in WWE in 2016 actually get the desired reaction. Ryder's offence seemed quite Dropkick heavy, they provided a lot of movement in the match which kept the fans thoroughly invested. I enjoyed the wacky interference in the finish. Good little three star match.
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