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Found 14 results

  1. An absolutely awesome, action packed sprint. Really no dull moments, the action remained heated from start to finish. ****
  2. The first about 8 minutes or so of the match are kinda dull w/ them doing meh comedy & all, but then they decide to go nuts and it gets amazing. Just an outstanding, crazy spotfest. On par with the BOLA 6-man. ****1/2
  3. Kenny Omega hesitates to harm The Bucks, even stopping Ibushi from going after Matt's back. Loved Matt's back selling throughout, making it the center for some of the match's biggest transitions. Particularly liked how it forced him to drop the Sharpshooter. Thought it was a nice little plot thread that ran through the match. Then they do crazy spots, and I'm sorry but I'm a sucker for crazy spots. And these didn't feel overkill, they transitioned from one to the other really well. We didn't get too many pinfall attempts til about the last 10 minutes or so. I like how the crazier spots that stick out at least had significant character moments. Ibushi forcing Omega to V Trigger Matt. Matt not taking Omega's mercy and initiating the One Winged Angel. Matt switching directions at the last minute during the One Winged Angel to put Kenny through the table instead of completing the More Bang For Your Buck on Ibushi. Lots of great stuff all over. ****3/4
  4. Of course this was great. An absolutely amazing spotfest with the SSB being fantastic nasty bastards, the Bucks playing some of their vintage greatest hits & Matt Jackson continuing his hellacious 2018 FIP-run. Pure mark out festival from start to finish. ****1/2
  5. I didn't like this as much as their Dome match, but it was still really good. Great chemistry between The Bucks & RPG 3K. Fun action from start to finish w/ a really good structure & psychology. Matt f'n Jackson! Great performance from the man. ***1/2
  6. There's some sequences where I think the match became a little too "cute", but all in all, this was an absolutely great weapons trios warfare. The SCU lads especially did such a good job selling the gimmick of the thing w/ their viciousness. Great, brutal spot action w/ some really great psychology with the continuity of Matt Jackson's banged up back. ****1/4
  7. This was a match given to me in the secret santo project by migs The Briscoes vs the young bucks roh honor reigns supreme 2017 tag titles 2/3falls So a two out of three falls match with a team of bullet club members vs a team of massive homophobes in roh. This could be really dreadful it has the makings of a really long boring match. First fall: this goes about ten mins, we start off with some back and forth, it is fine then we have a nose to nose stare down which looks silly when the partners join in. One of the young bucks gets worked over for a few mins, complete nothing section of the match no real sustained heat and his comebacks are not good. There is no sympathy elicited. We then quickly move into the finish of this section with the Briscoes going for a doomsday device and the bucks going for the Meltzer driver multiple times. Finish with a roll up by mark Briscoe. This fall was fine it was not all that good but it was not outright terrible as I was fearing. If this was the whole match it may be around **3/4. Fall two, this was completely stupid. This is fought under “lucha rules” but I don’t think it ever started as Jay goes to the outside and gets a mic and asks what is lucha? At this point mark hits the bucks with a chair and the Briscoes get DQ’ed bringing the teams level, WHY? You were already ahead and by what the commentators were saying the Briscoes are the faces so why do this? But on the bright side at least this means the match will be shorter. Fall three No DQ rules: jay hits a running knee to matts head in the corner into a rope hung chair. This is followed by a chair dropkick to the face. Some outside plunder brawling by the Briscoes. The young bucks hit a moonsault off the barricades followed by double apron powerbombs and stereo suicide dives. Chairs to the head of mark with no protection, there are about 7 superkicks in a round on the entrance ramp and then everybody falls down. Strike exchanges in the ring more superkicks, yet more superkicks to Briscoes on their knees. Briscoes come back with belt shots, Tiger driver 98 followed by elbow drop pin broken up by generic white guy bullet club member number 4. Ref down, 450 onto chairs 2 count, more superkicks to more refs, 2 count on more bang four your buck, tomb stone on the floor where nick Jackson tries to do a spike version but misses completely. Meltzer driver got the three. The first fall was meh the second pointless and the third was quite good, it was standard plunder brawling that you would see from someone like Kevin Owens in wwe just with more shots to the head Things took time to set up and there was not any hatred in what they were doing. There was no real sustained heat in this match or really any team that came off as the faces both teams were unlikeable. It was just there but thankfully it did not go anyway near as badly as it could of gone, the plunder stuff really saved this match. In the end maybe ***
  8. Goddamn this was great. Best Dome Jr. Heavyweight Tag Match that I can remember. AWESOME storytelling w/ YOH hurting his back early on - that became the focus of The Bucks' attack on him, and my goodness, he sold AMAZINGLY. Such a great performance from the man. Matt also hurt his back eventually, and SHO & YOH started to target that as well. Awesome. The hurt back of YOH vs. The hurt back of Matt. The sequence where Nick & SHO are in the middle of the ring, looking at each other while YOH & Matt are on their knees, selling - & then Nick & SHO start just kicking them to their injured backs was really great & solidified this, already a really good match, as a GREAT match in my eyes. ****
  9. An incredibly entertaining trios match. The heat segment on Fenix was great, the comedy was fine & pretty much everything apart from those 2 things I mentioned were straight up highspot after highspot stuff - and it was pretty damn amazing. ****1/2
  10. This was a spectacle. Truly a Guerrilla Warfare, because when it was over, it truly felt like Candice & Joey had won a war against The Bucks. Candice with that face covered of blood holding the tag title belt is probably the most iconic PWG image of all-time. Not much else to add, just a fantastic match. ****1/2 "Gummy bears are stupid & delicious." - Kevin Steen
  11. A super fun, great spotfest. All 6-men involved killed it. Trent continues to impress w/ his terrific performances, he's having such a great year. ****1/4
  12. If it wasn't for Tanahashi & Naito putting on another masterclass of the graps a few matches later, this would've been an EASY MOTN. Amazing psychology with The Bucks taking out Rocky with an apron powerbomb, so that leaves Trent alone for quite a while - Trent has become one of the absolute best FIP's in the business & he was outstanding here. Just selling & bumping his ass off while The Bucks did great work over him. Loved how when Rocky was first starting to get back to the match, Matt goes and powerbombs him on the entrance ramp right away. Once he does make it back to things, RPG Vice get more offense in, but you just know they can't get it done because of the damage both guys had taken - they sold that in superb fashion. Brilliant stuff. ****1/2
  13. A very good spotfest. They went all out for this one, working hard to put on a memorable spectacle. Very enjoyable stuff. And seeing the Hardyz be so over in ROH after their previous relationship w/ the ROH fans is a spectacle of it's own. ***1/2
  14. This was a blast. Easily the best looking match on the card, and it delivered big time. Started off with Riddle & Cobb making Bucks their fools by throwing them around and striking the crap out of them + Riddle also busted out some real nice submissions. Then Bucks got the advantage by their tag tactics, which was something I really liked because they obviously are way more experienced as a team. It made perfect sense. The transition was done super well. Matt Riddle was a really good FIP, and Cobb was a tremendous hot tag; loved him just throwing Bucks around. From then on, the match kicked into the finishing gear, and it was as awesome as you'd expect. Amazing, amazing match. Absolutely loved it. ****1/2