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Found 8 results

  1. "Same great shit!" chant as Danielson goes for the surfboard. Oh how a year can change things, eh. A very good, back & forth match w/ very good, competitive work on the mat + TJP's selling of Bryan's strikes was a beauty. ***3/4
  2. This was very good. I never think of TJP as a really good wrestler or anything, but he often has these sneaky good performances. This was one of them. Loved his arm targeting & overall control of Tozawa - he was awesome on the offense. Tozawa was really good selling & fighting from underneath as well. Very good dynamic, very good performances, very good match. ***3/4
  3. Without a doubt the best Cruiser match since WWE launched the division in September - this was so great. Loved the beginning with Gallagher overwhelming TJP w/ his technical work, which made TJP need to come up with something, so he came up with a fantastic strategy of going after Gallagher's leg. All the work he did to Gallagher's leg was just awesome, and I can't praise Gallagher's selling enough - superb selling performance by the man. All of his desperation hope spots were awesome as well; the headbutts, the big super backdrop suplex. ****1/4
  4. This was pretty great. Started off with them trying to outswag each other, loved the mind games w/ the taunt stealing. Then TJP started targeting that knee of Shinsuke's - that's when things got REAL good. Loved TJP's work over the knee, and Shinsuke did a really good job selling it while showing that it isn't injured anymore - they clearly wanted to establish that he is now back with a good knee & all. Really good match. ***3/4
  5. Early on Perkins avoided Ibushi's kicks by checking them, countering them with a Dragon Screw and so on, did a lot of matwork, really leaving an impression he had come prepared to face Ibushi, as in Ibushi's last two matches were him just surviving insane bomb throwing. But with them showcasing Ibushi as the favourite to win the tournament, it'd only make sense that it almost didn't matter if Perkins did all that and went to the trouble of cutting off Ibushi's dive, Ibushi was gonna get it in anyway. Whereas that dive cut-off felt like a big- elaborate counter-move from Perkins Ibushi doing something like staying on the apron and hitting a Springboard Dropkick after Perkins had tried to set-up a dive with his rope trick looked like it just naturally came to him. The context really makes the finishing stretch work-it would seem bloated and cliche that was how they'd worked every match. But even in the last two big Ibushi matches the big nearfalls were based on novelty and them doing a good job of setting them up and not so much, well, *really* buying into that they were going to end the match. And that was the case here. It didn't matter how the Sitout Last Ride was used in the rest of Ibushi's career, in this tournament it was a killshot, and this match was the pay-off that they could have and did afford due to the uniqueness of the tournament. And for Perkins to beat Ibushi at his own game it would take a bunch of bombs of his own, and hitting his biggest bomb over and over again and modifying it and boy did they ever accomplish everything this match could've and should've been. ****
  6. This match was great! It was, to me, a very good blend of WCW multi-man fuckery with lots of highspots, and of WWE produced drama, with a bit more storytelling. There were some few stories coming into the match: Mustafa Ali's spot at first belonged to Tony Nese, who got injured days prior. As such, Ali had a match in that same day against Daivari to determine who would get that final spot in the match, and there was doubt if he could have enough gas to go through two matches in the same day. Noam Dar and Cedric, still feuding, had some pretty heated exchanges in the ring, and costed each other the chance of facing Neville at Fastlane. However, the highlight was Gallagher, Not only he had some fun spots like diving with his umbrella, but also kept selling the leg throughout the match, which was a key point against the other last man in the ring, TJP, whose finisher is a leglock. With some great selling, the drama was intensified to great effect, and with a hot crowd, his win felt so good. Rating: 4 1/4 *
  7. I have to say I was was surprised by how much I disliked the first Sabre Jr./Callihan tag, I was more expecting Evolve matches to be good but a bit dry and not kind of shit like that one was. This was a much better and more interesting match, I liked that they utilized the format of tag matches to do cool stuff like Sabre pushing TJP back into the ring after his fake dive and Gulak pushing Callihan off the top rope when had TJP in the "ten punches" position. The most interesting thing in the match by far were Zack Sabre Jr.'s flashy matwork sequences. Callihan and TJP didn't do much memorable and Gulak seems like someone whose ideas about pro wrestling are much closer to great wrestling than the wrestling he actually does, it's cool he does Finlay spots but becoming a great wrestler isn't that easy. I wish Sabre would drop his elaborate Kimura set-up. The double submission spots seem to always get a pop but much like in puro from where they ripped it don't seem to ever finish matches. ***
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