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Found 32 results

  1. Miyu Yamashita pummeled Misao early in the match with some nasty kicks, and knees to when she trapped her in the corner which was awesome. Sakisama doing the paradise lock (eat your heart out SANADA) and then sitting on Miu Watanabe was great heel work. And then baiting Yamashita to come in and move out of the way of her dropkick, which then hit Watanabe was just the tip of the iceberg. Biishiki-Gun as a duo worked well together, cutting off the ring, working so viciously on Miu’s arm. Yamashita when she came in looked top level with how smooth and finesse she is. Everything she did came across as flawless from her strikes to simple things such as snapmares. Her strike battle with Sakisama was awesome. It didn’t feel aimless or pointless, every strike had poise and painful intent behind it. Miu’s run on offence was so much fun. She has that uncanny ability to make you root for her. She had that plucky underdog offence that works so well when you have the domineering wrestlers in the match alongside you. The match got streamers after the fact and trust me, this was well earned. ****1/4
  2. Well, this blew my expectations out of the water. Gisele Shaw looked very awkward making her entrance and I thought she was going to be a total stiff in the ring. Even her first headlock looked so wooden but then she totally blew me away. I loved Shaw's condescending heel performance early on. When she offered a handshaw with that fake smile which slowly turned into a look of intent, I just smiled. Shaw using her size to her advantage really well, putting tons of aggression behind her offence, also blending that with her great athleticism. Her strikes in the match was actually pretty good, at one point she cut off a Natsumi Maki comeback with a nasty punch to the stomach.The selling by Natsumi Maki was very, very good and made Shaw look that much better - her screams made Shaw pulling into the corner post seam all the more painful. The attempted comebacks by Natsumi Maki were incredibly well done. They were filled with a ton of fire, they respected the size difference and was cut off at the right moments. What I think the match did well was to keep its momentum going. Even in the down points of the match, which weren’t many, they were able to recover or get back into the swing of things well. Like the “sort-of” messed up Springboard cutter. I think the finish could have been executed better. However, this was a cracking match overall with two very good performances. Both lead into each other’s strengths and made each other look great. ****
  3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2 Very good little match build around Yuka working over Miu's arm in pretty Yuka fashion, unique techniques and all. Miu's selling is fine for the most part but she is a great underdog and puts up a hell of a struggle. ***1/2
  4. Tokyo Princess Cup 2018 - First Round: Mizuki vs. Yuka Sakazaki Great match with a focus on nifty technical wrestling and aerial techniques. The action escalated with Mizuki becoming more emotional and aggressive, and Yuka evoking the spirit of Mil Clown. ****1/4
  5. I went into this match with no real expectations, more curious because Riho rarely makes tape in a singles match against a relative peer, but came away thinking that this was easily match of the night. Riho looked amazing here. She's not a flashy worker at all but she's so good at laying out a smart match and making everything matter. I've never been a Shoko fan but she put in the best performance that I've seen from her here. She was calm and under control which did wonders for her here as she didn't have her usual sloppy performance. Definitely a match worth taking the time to check out as it is a match that could get lost with the more talked about stuff on this card ****1/4
  6. This is the Muscle JK Strikers first defense of the Tokyo Princess Tag titles. Both Saiki and Mizuki looked great here. The match got off to a nice start then those two worked an awesome stretch in the middle of the match that ramped things up some more. Marika and Ito respond and pick things up as well. Neither of them are as developed as the other two but the combination of Ito's charisma and Marika's ability to hit really hard make up for it to a degree. All of this ends up producing the first actually great match in TJP this year. ****
  7. This is for NEO Biishiki-gun Princess Tag Titles and is another pretty good tag match from them. The match is worked differently than the other Biishiki-gun tags as it's quicker with a bit more back and forth. Marika Kobashi impressed here as she wasn't afraid to hit like a truck. Miyu and Saki-sama really laid into one another. In fact, I actually want to see these two have a title match together. Just good stuff all around. ***1/2
  8. This is for Yamashita's Princess Of Princess title. I've only been watching TJP for a short time but Kurone has quickly become my favourite. If you look past the cool zombie girl gimmick, she might just be the most fundamentally solid worker in the company while being a pretty good brawler too, which is a rarity in joshi. Miyu has a strong performance her to as she's able to use her power and striking to combat Kurone's brawling and other unorthodox tactics. The finishing stretch could have been longer to build some more drama but that's not so surprising give this isn't main-eventing a major show. Still, this is one of the best matches in TJP so far this year and well worth checking out. ***3/4
  9. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Championship: Miracle Apricots (Yuka Sakazaki & Syoko Nakajima) © vs. NEO Biishiki-gun (Saki-sama & Azusa Christie) Saki-sama's presence is on another level, you can sense the trouble Yuka is in when she's facing her during the closer. Yuka put up one hell of a fight, but Saki-sama was too strong. I thought everyone did great here, even Syoko, who can be hit-or-miss; she took a good beating from Biishiki-gun. Good match. ***3/4
  10. Saki-sama vs. Marika Kobashi I didn't expect this to be such an intense match. This was definitely Marika's best bout - she pulled through big time with a spectacular underdog performance, and Saki-sama was the perfect opponent. The action was captivating and the finish was highly dramatic. Incredible match. ****
  11. TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship: Reika Saiki © vs. Miyu Yamashita This was everything you'd want from a match between these two and more, a spirited back and forth with beautiful kick exchanges. It doesn't reach the dramatic heights of Reika's previous defenses, but it still was very good. I hope to see these two clash again in the future. ***3/4
  12. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Championship: Miracle Apricots (Yuka Sakazaki & Syoko Nakajima) © vs. Mizuki & Riho Riho in TJPW! I feel like this could have been so much better, but I probably had unrealistic expectations for it. It was still really good. They created great moments even though the execution could be spotty, and the high speed exchanges between Riho and Syoko were easily the highlight. ***1/4
  13. Mizuki vs. Yuka Sakazaki Great match, it's a timeout draw so they're taking it slow, but I thought they made the 'filler' feel meaningful. The crowd bought into the near-falls and submission struggles, and these two build to a hot finish. ***1/4
  14. Reika Saiki vs. Yuka Sakazaki Another great timeout draw involving Yuka. Miyu might be positioned as the ace, but I think Yuka is the full package. I like the way Reika carries herself, and she knows how to make those big moments count. The first half of this is pure gold, the outside segment has to be one of the best I've seen all year, and all of the cut-offs from Reika were great. ***1/4
  15. TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship Next Challenger & Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship: Yuu © vs. Miyu Yamashita Yuu is on another level when it comes to making her offense look legit. I was wincing at some of the things she was doing to her opponent. Miyu went through hell, her chest reddened from Yuu's chops. She fought hard for the comeback and it felt earned. What a match. ****1/2
  16. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Championship: Miracle Apricots (Yuka Sakazaki & Syoko Nakajima) © vs. Super Milk Combination (Nonoko & Yuna Manase) Fun match between two fun teams. I thought the boob double teams were clever. I didn't feel strongly about the closer between Syoko and Nonoko, would've been much better if Yuka was there. I think she could have put together a more compelling finishing run. Good match, still. ***
  17. Yuka Sakazaki & Maho Kurone vs. Super Milk Combination (Nonoko & Yuna Manase) Amazing debut for Super Milk Combination. Yuna looked really motivated, and Nonoko and Yuka were good as always. Maho is obviously the designated fall person, but she was fighting hard. That headscissors counter into the Oppai Driver from Nonoko was nuts. Good stuff. ***3/4
  18. TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship: Reika Saiki © vs. Rika Tatsumi Rika has been building the strength of her hip attacks and they were a serious threat to Saiki's title. There's a cool spot where Reika counters one with a kick and ends up hurting herself. This was fantastic; the crowd was hot and the action was engaging and full of emotion. ****1/2
  19. Miyu Yamashita vs. Meiko Satomura These two had a heated post-match when they met at DDT's big show in Saitama, so I liked how they skipped the 'feeling out process' and went right at it. Satomura was mowing down Miyu with kicks, but Miyu manages to cut Satomura off and rallies with head stomps. I really liked her aggression in that sequence, and when she locks in a cobra clutch. Satomura gave Miyu more than I expected, so kudos to that. ****
  20. TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship: Reika Saiki © vs. Mizuki This started off rough, but they found their rhythm quickly. I was impressed with the pacing; the comebacks were timed well, and the submission sequences were very compelling. There's a dramatic moment where Itoh Maki motivates Mizuki at ringside -- it's fucking amazing. Itoh has such a strong presence and it heightens the intensity of the match. Great main event! ****1/4
  21. Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship: Yuu © vs. Nonoko Yuu has a dangerous arsenal of chops, judo throws and submissions, but Nonoko has her powerful boobs. They were brutalizing each other in grand fashion, and Nonoko shows that she can be just as vicious as Yuu. This was a spectacular 7 minutes. ****1/2
  22. Miyu Yamashita vs. Yuki Kamifuku This was everything I had hoped for, just Miyu putting the beatdown on this awkward rookie. Her strikes were stiff and punishing, and it felt like she wasn't holding anything back. Kamifuku shows fire as Miyu keeps pushing her, and she lands some nasty strikes herself. Nice little match. ***1/4
  23. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Championship Tournament - Round 1B: Miracle Apricots (Yuka Sakazaki & Syoko Nakajima) vs. Konkatsu-gun (Azusa Takigawa & Nonoko) This was really entertaining. Konkatsu brought kitchen utensils as weapons and they were amazing on offense. Nonoko introduced the devastating Oppai Driver, which is a Fire Thunder piledriver into her boobs. Her high wrestling IQ shined here. Azusa's new attire is just incredible. ***1/2
  24. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Championship Tournament - Round 1A: Itoh Respect Army (Itoh Maki & Mizuki) vs. Muscle Strikers (Reika Saiki & Miyu Yamashita) The atmosphere here is insane; the crowd is hanging on every movement, and the performers were playing to it with some very dramatic moments. Mizuki & Itoh deliver one of the best underdog performances I've seen this year and 1stRING was going nuts, it was magnificent. ****
  25. Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship: Yuu © vs. Nodoka-oneesan vs. Marika Kobashi Kobashi's my least favorite joshi ever -- not a fan! But this was the best match of her career; working in a 3way hid her weaknesses well, and I was totally into the chop battle she has with Yuu. Also, YUU! Her new attire is incredible!! ***1/2