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Found 11 results

  1. I have been meaning to watch this tournament for awhile now. I bought this along with the 2010 tournament so, this has been a long time coming. The box art of the DVD set features all of the participants in this year's event. It is pretty damn stacked even compared to the previous year. We have stars from ROH, Big Japan, NOAH, Independent US talent as well as European wrestlers. This 16 Carat Gold event may be the most diverse and globally representative tournament assembled in recent memory. Enough fluff! Let's get to the wrestling! Kyle O'Reilly vs Karsten Beck vs Marty Scurll vs Axeman: This 4 man match will determine who will be an alternate for the tournament. Nice to have some incentive for the guys...they surely fought like they meant it. Axeman was a nice surprise. He and Kyle have a similar style. Fast paced fun opening match. Yoshihito Sasaki vs Carnage: Sasaki is a guy who's name I've seen here and there the past decade but, never knew how he flew under my radar. I mean, I have Fire Pro Returns and don't recall seeing him. Ha! I was wrong. He's listed under the Zero-1 promotion as a low ranking wrestler. That was 2004 in Japan and in 2011 he's made his way in the world. And I have to say, damn! I was missing out. He's got a no nonsense hard hitting style that I appreciate.His opponent Carnage does as well. I remember him from 2010's shows. Very good match here and a proper way to start the tourney. Two matches in and this feels better than 2010. Zack Sabre Jr. vs Colt Cabana: Is Colt NWA champ here!? This was funny at times but, took too long to really go anywhere. This was a popcorn match to me. You'll be OK fast forwarding to the last five minutes or skipping altogether. Much like the other World of Sport style matches (not that this was exactly but, it had that feel and style) of 2010, this feels out of place next to 2010 puro style bouts. Adam Cole vs Mark Haskins: Both dudes have come a long way from here. This was a very scatterbrained Indy wrestling match. Stuff was done with little rhyme or reason. Unlike the ZSJ/Cabana match, this was relatively short and an OK watch. Go Shiozaki vs Johnny Moss: Thank goodness they got the show back on track. Fans started out pretty much behind Moss but, Go won them over with his hard hitting never say quit attitude...kinda like how Rocky won over the Russian crowd in Rocky IV. This was a very good match and the ending portion was that stuff you want from NOAH's top dog. This was another very good pairing. Big Van Walter vs Rico Bushido: Never heard of Bushido but, he reminds me of how I imagine Ricky Reyes fought and looked like in the Rottweiler days of ROH. That's probably all wrong but, I'm cool with that assumption. He was all martial art kicks and Walter put him down after a few power moves. Short and unoffensive match. I have nothing against so-so matches but, at least make them short like this match. Davey Richards vs Jon Ryan: Ryan has no chance in hell beating Davey...just by the looks of him. But to Davey's credit he gave a lot to J.R. He got some heel moves in and was able to fight Richards and be a credible opponent. So, don't let his cheesy ring gear and physique fool you! I really thought an upset might happen. Another very good match. Sami Callihan vs Tommy End: This was an intense, fast, hate filled match. These guys were wXw regulars and this must have had some back story to it. You don't need to know it though. These dudes were aiming to maul each other. Tommy End is much improved since 2010 and Sami has gotten even better. The best bout so far! Great match with a fantastically aggressive submission finish. Yes! Kotaro Suzuki vs El Generico: This is a pretty high profile match for 2011. It's like an unofficial Best of the Super Jrs. match. It had lots of good action that kept the excitement and drama going. Who would win? Generico is a mega star in indy wrestling and Kotaro is GHC Jr. champ...every nearfall felt like the one that would do it. They both have so many tricks in the bag so, the end was always in doubt. Great match. As good or better than the previous bout for sure. A sweet way to end day one!! Wait...that wasn't the main event? Daisuke Sekimoto vs Bad Bones (wXw Hvywt. Championship match): This is like the cherry on top of a sundae. It starts of slow but, gets action packed as the match progresses. The last few minutes made a big difference as this was scratching at great match territory. Reminded me of the Hayabusa/Tanaka era FMW matches. Very good match overall...like ***3/4 territory. Then we get a very enjoyable post match with Bones and Johnny Moss comes out to challenge Daisuke. Very psyched to see Night 2! This was a heck of night of wrestling. This was much better than I remember the 2010 Night #1 being. Each match that I enjoyed delivered the excitement and entertainment that I was hoping for. Not one wrestler in those matches dogged it and in many cases they went above and beyond to have the best match they could. If they can keep it up then, this might be one helluva ride. Thank you for reading!
  2. A very good character driven match. I really loved the beginning stuff w/ Black establishing dominance by showcasing his technical wrestling skills, I'd actually say that overall that was my favorite stuff in the match. After that stage was done, it was more 50/50 with them trading big bombs. This was my first time seeing The Velveteen Dream in action & he sure impressed - I thought he did a damn good job working his character into the match; great facial expressions & selling. The post-match w/ Aleister finally SAYING HIS NAME was really awesome too. ***1/2
  3. I have heard of both teams here, but I dont think that I have seen any of their stuff before. Then I realise that one of the members of the Sumerian death squad is tommy end aka Alistair black and I know I am in safe hands. We start with some shoot inspired mat work with end schooling one of the crists. Dante tags in, he looks like a beefy guy, I like him already some nice double teams. End back in, crists take over with a double team codebreaker and qudabra thing. End takes back over with a kick to the gut. Dante in clubs one of the crists. Quick tags beating him up. Jake makes comeback and tags in Dave, he hits a bunch of moves and then some dives. I think Dante screamed Fus Ro Dah at one point. He takes back over. Dante has his nose bust open somehow. Another comeback from the crists, cut off by high kick into German by end, retaliation from Jake with his own kick into tiger suplex, broken up . End knocks Dave out. Nasty double stomp from end. Super rana countered into a double stomp tombstone piledriver WTF. Gets the three count. I really enjoyed this, it was not an epic but at the same time felt like it could have been if it was the same story but three times the length as it felt like an epic tag match from ajpw in the Olympians era compressed into ten mins. There was zero down time and it flew by. End was violent, dante was stiff and looked badass with blood all over his face, the crists were good as a team taking a kicking but able to make quick comebacks with their innovative offense the look of them was very 80s Crockett just with extra tattoos. They finally were able to string a few moves together one of them being a nuts finisher to get the win. The only problem I see with the match was that due to it being so condensed nothing was given any time and it was back and forth very quick, there were some nasty moves such as the kicks from end or the tiger suplex that were done and then ignored, I would have liked a little more time given to selling these moves, but at its short length it was not a major problem at all. For a star rating I would go around ***1/2 it was very good a damm good upper midcard match I would like to see more of the death squad as they impressed me as a team here, can anyone recomend me any of their stuff
  4. This was whatever. Opening was pretty boring with them doing uninteresting takes on basic holds, I've seen enough arm wingers for a lifetime, nothing Chris Hero does with them makes me want to see more. Commentary compared Tommy End to a K1 kickboxer, I don't remember ever seeing Peter Aerts do sound effect kicks. The sequence with End and Sabre Jr. avoiding each other's kicks was more eye-rolling than any of the recently debated flip GIFs and the one man Magic Killer was the type of embarrassing indy nonsense I'd expect out of Davey Richards. The Sabre in peril portion wasn't particularly interesting and all the striking quickly got repetitive. They kicked it up a notch for the finish with their puro cosplay strike exchanges but then the match just went on and on and on. I'm not really familiar with how Evolve matches are structured so it is not a good sign they couldn't get me to bite on any of the nearfalls. The idea of Tommy End, this great faux kickboxer doing Moonsaults could be explained as an Otsuka-tribute but it was much closer to a very bad Koji Kanemoto tribute. I don't really have anything nice to say about this match. It wasn't very interesting to me sorry (I did pop for the D'Lo Brown namedrop on commentary). Chris Hero has a nice Piledriver I guess. **
  5. First of all I will admit that I was super disappointed when this match was announced because I really wanted them to do Ohno vs. Itami on a big stage like this. I am very happy of how this match turned out to be though, as it was absolutely amazing. Loved just everything about it - Hideo showcased great character work right from the get go as he got into Aleister's face when he was still making his entrance. That continued from there till finish; Hideo's performance was really damn great. Loved the start of the match with them going right at it, exchanging those hard hitting strikes - that eventually lead to a pretty lengthy heat segment w/ Hideo working over Aleister & I absolutely loved that as well. Hideo was so, so great during this. Aleister also did a great job selling - the blood added to it & his facial expressions were really good. The finish was also really awesome w/ Aleister only surviving because he hit that Black Mass kick - he got his ass kicked by Hideo, but he had enough power to hit that ultimate death finisher. Really well structured w/ fantastic performances by both men, especially Hideo who continues to be one of my favorite wrestlers to watch in 2017. ****1/2
  6. I was really excited about the idea of AJ Styles selling & bumping for Tommy End's strikes - and I sure was not disappointed, because I got plenty of that. AJ Styles was absolutely great, fantastic work over Tommy, and then fantastic selling when it was Tommy's time to shine w/ his offense. ****
  7. Therealheel

    Progress Wrestling on Demand

    This is Progress! Hello Wrestling fans , this is a topic created and geared towards the On Demand service provided by Progress Wrestling in England. I want to create discussion and awareness of this fantastic service that provides great wrestling of all styles! Some of the best new talent have made a name for themselves here and some of the best matches on the planet in the past couple years have come from performers such as Will Osprey , Marty Scurll , Tommy End , Jimmy Havok and many others! The service has every major show it has ever ran. The shows are setup in Chapters and each chapter has a unique name for each show. It's a very creative company with lots of potential and loads of room for growth , the fan base is very loyal and passionate to the promotion and the energy comming from the audience makes for a very enjoyable program. The price for the service is 7 dollars and it's worth every penny , the shows are uploaded reasonably quickly and they are in very good quality and the production is major league. I recommend starting from chapter one , but it's easy to start anywhere and you will quickly fall in love with this company and become a loyal fan for years to come. Early on in the companies history has some fantastic Jimmy Havok and Will Osprey stuff that is unique to say the least. All you Progress Wrestling On demand Subsribers lets start a conversation about the shows we watch and let's put over this great company! What have you been enjoying with Progress? Have you been to any shows? Experiences with Progress? Let's chat!