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Found 11 results

  1. CWF Mid-Atlantic has posted two new episodes of Worldwide to their YouTube channel. The match lists looks like this. Episode 155 Kernodle Cup Semi-Finals: Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling vs The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) Kernodle Cup Semi-Finals: Redemption (Michael McAllister & Nick Richards) vs The Closers (Sloan Caprice & Rick Roland) RGL Title Match: Kool Jay (c) vs Mace Li vs Jeff Castro vs John Castro Roy Wilkins vs Dirty Daddy Episode 156 Kernodle Cup Finals: Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling vs The Closers Mike Mars vs Aaron Biggs The Gym Nasty Boys (White Mike & Timmy Lou Retton) & The Cross Brothers (Aden Cross & Christian Cross) vs Corruption (Cain Justice & Ethan A. Sharpe) & High Profile (Shea Shea McGrady & Will Demented) Anything the rest of us should go out of our way to check out? Let us know what you think of both episodes in the comments.
  2. I didn't like the first two matches in Webster/Cage + Brooks/Haskins at all, so out comes the best wrestler in the world to stop the streak of awful matches! This is, so far, my favorite PWG Trevor Lee performance & match. Loved his attack on Janela during the introductions & that set the formula for rest of the match - Trevor beat the crap out of Joey in fantastic fashion while Janela had some awesome, explosive comebacks. Loved Trevor's trashtalk throughout w/ him mocking Joey's "WHAT AM I?" yell, his cocky confidence was also awesome & the moment when Janela starts to fire up & Trevor just grabs his goddamn nose was so great. Excellent match. ****1/4
  3. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-10-14-CWF Mid-Atlantic] CWF Rumble

    This was really fun from start to finish, with really good showings by Nick Richards, Ray Kandrack & Chet Sterling. What really put it over the top as a great match though was the finishing stretch between the final 2 in the match, Trevor Lee & Cain Justice. Legitimately can't think of a better final 2 Rumble finishing stretch off the top of my head right now - they absolutely KILLED it. Cain was excellent beating down the exhausted champ w/ his strikes & amazingly nasty submissions - which Trevor sold fantastically. That created some fantastic drama. LOVED him working over that cut on Trevor's head as well. Trevor of course once again proved why every single goddamn time I watch a CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship Match of his, I come thinking "that guy really is the best wrestler in the world" - fantastic performance by the man, excellent selling as mentioned earlier & the way he just tells stories with his body language & facial expressions is unbelievable. The moment when Cain refuses to shake his hand which then leads to Trevor beating the absolute SHIT out of him was amazing. Great, great stuff. Can't wait for the eventual 1 vs. 1 meeting between them. ****1/4
  4. This was so incredibly entertaining. Trevor Lee's TNA heel shtick, Chuck Taylor joining the match & having to go to the back & get geared up for it, him accidentally slamming his own partner Joey Janela, confusing him with Trevor Lee because of their similar gear, WALTER having none of the fun & games, Flamita coming in & showcasing that freakish quickness of his, WALTER & Jonah brawling to the back... This one was just absolute gold from start to finish. A PWG classic! ****1/2
  5. BIG MATCH TREV does it again. Not a surprise. This was just an excellent match that had some really great storytelling - at first Trevor wasn't really taking Andrews seriously, just toying with him & talking smack, but then Andrews starts targeting Trevor's leg like a man possessed & suddenly Trevor is the underdog now. He sells Andrews' onslaught excellently & makes some tremendous comebacks. Brilliant stuff. ****1/2
  6. **Spoilers** My understanding is that even though this was a MVW show, this will be on CWF down the road so if you keep up with the show and avoid spoilers, stop here I had pretty high expectations going into the building and these two really lived up. I thought Elgin gave this a big fight feel, a super fight feel. He worked it to a bigger crowd that gave it some gravity, but it also made some of the moments feel somewhat awkward and out of place in the small room. That is, there were just some spots where things didn't flow quite right, a few little moments here and there where things felt disjointed. That was really my only critique (and I am really nitpicking) of the match and it honestly might not hold up once I see it on tape. Elgin worked this like a monster. He didn’t give a lot early on. He gave gradually, putting on a performance that reminded me of Aja Kong or Vader at his best. Trevor fought from behind and that let him fire off offense in spurts. Between the high impact beating he took and the high octane counters and comebacks this match provided a lot of "oh shit" moments. Most of those moments come from Elgin and start early. Elgin takes control after countering the apron punt and keeps control with high impact moves and strikes that break Trevor's momentum. Don’t worry though, Trevor gets to kick him… real good. When they return to the Apron punt Trevor tries to chop him down with 5 HUGE kicks. They tie lots of things together really well. They threw bombs at each other and both men put some real power on display, but all of that was put within the context of good selling and solid pacing. Big Mike always excels with the power, but I thought Trevor showed up big there. He delivered a dead-lift suplex late in the match that pulled my back out. They also knew they were working within the context of Trevor’s epic run and had a few nice little callbacks to things, especially the Day match. Trevor kicks out at one at a point late in the match, a spot that let the crowd on fire during Day/Lee. Here everyone pops hard only to see all the life quickly drain from Trevor again as he slumped to the floor. It was sort of brilliant. The ending was good, but not quite as satisfying as I might have hoped for. It made a ton of sense and honestly the more I think about it the more I at least don't dislike it. They are moving like one of them is about to hit a deathblow, with lots of quick reverses and counters and escapes, and all the sudden its a flash roll-up. It was a desperation move by Lee and was consistent with the beating he just took. Lee gets a clean win and Elgin loses absolutely NOTHING. My favorite part of the match was just how they built the emotion and intensity. Trevor comes in fired up and Elgin is stoic. As the match moves forward Elign grows impassioned and frustrated. First he tells Trevor it is his house and slowly unfolds that emotion. That eventually turns into anger as he tells Lee to stay down. Lee on the other hand sells the beating like a champ. He doesn’t just sell the pain, his energy levels decline as he goes too. Like the abovementioned one count spot Trevor had fired up so many times that he just crashes to the ground because he has almost nothing left. That comes right before he gets the desperation rollup win. These two pay a lot of attention to detail. Regadless, this is a must see match. I am not seeing quite as much interweb hype as I saw for Day/Lee (I am new to twitter so maybe I am missing it), but I think this deserves some buzz. It was really really good. For those rating inclined, I put this just under Lee/Day, giving it ****1/2, but the more I talk/write about it the more I am talking myself into this being better than that. I always like to reserve final judgment till I see it on tape. I can see some of my complaints sort of disappearing a bit and some of the strengths of the match really being accented on camera. It is possible that the little moments that seemed disjointed to me might not hurt this and I up its rating. I am really excited for this to hit youtube. EDIT: This one finally came to youtube and confirmed more or less everything I wrote about it before. It was a great, physical match, something a good bit different than other Lee title matches here. Elgin played the final boss in a video game really well. I loved it
  7. Right from the get go Trevor was being a total douchebag to Lio & it was great. Loved the early stuff with him with him showcasing his power in cocky fashion. Lio answered to that by showcasing his quick move combinations. From then on it's enjoyable back & forth action between the 2, the ending of the match was really great too with Trevor low blowing Lio & then going for his classic small package only for Lio to reverse to that into his own. Awesome match. ***3/4
  8. Pro Wrestling fucking lives in North Carolina at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium! This match got unbelievable hype by those who attended the show & I was honestly afraid it wouldn't live up to my insanely high expectations, but who I am to doubt Chip Day & TREVOR F'N LEE? This lived up to all the hype. All of it. CWF Worldwide episodes drop at 9 PM, it's 4 AM my time & my plan was to watch this when I wake up - but I couldn't sleep & once I noticed that the episode had been uploaded, I just had to give it a watch right away. Was so hyped for this shit. Let's talk about how Trevor Lee is quite possibly the best wrestler in the world. He wrestles a pretty different style on the other promotions he wrestles for (TNA, PWG, AAW..) - and he is very entertaining in that style, but in CWF he is the best big match wrestler on the whole goddamn planet right now. These 2 had some really great interactions in Trevor's 6-Pack challenge for the title (****1/4) on the Worldwide episode from 03/22. They kicked the shit out of each other in that one, oh boy, that was just a little sample of what they were gonna do here. The match starts off with some neat feeling out between the 2 - really good work on the mat, just fun back & forth. They very quickly established that Chip Day's kicks are absolutely deadly as he went for a kick which Trevor ducked. Trevor was absolutely brilliant w/ his character work when it came to those kicks of Chip - every time he successfully dodged a kick, he had to collect himself because he knew if Chip would land that shotgun blast of his, the title could be gone from his waist. He tries to keep things "civil" as he doesn't want to start trading strikes with Chip - eventually they catch each other's legs & as they both put them down, Chip lands a goddamn STIFF kick to Trevor. From then on the match becomes pretty much a full on slugfest with them trading those strikes - Trevor's selling was unbelievably good during this, quite possibly the best selling performance of the year as far as I am concerned. The strikes in this were the best ones I've seen in the indies in a looooong time. And that includes guys like Hero, Low Ki, Callihan. Trevor & Chip just beat the shit out of each other in a level I haven't seen in indies in years. My favorite moments of the match however were Trevor's epic comebacks - after he gets a big nearfall on Chip, he starts pounding his chest & says "I need you" to the crowd while his eyes closed. Goosebumps, man, goosebumps. And then the goddamn finishing stretch with him getting his chest kicked in by Chip while he gets more & more fired up - then he gets up and delivers 3 badass PK's to Chip only for Chip to kick out at 1 - they go face-to-face & start slapping the shit out of each other - a battle that Trevor eventually wins & chokes Chip out with a guillotine & then kicks his head in with an epic buzzsaw kick. What a fucking finish to an all-time great match. Then the post-match stuff with Trevor showing respect to Chip & the crowd giving both guys a standing ovation. Not gonna lie, got a little emotional there. *****
  9. Yet another fantastic Trevor Lee title defense! Can't say that I am surprised. The first third of the match featured some fun, easy to watch action, nothing spectacular, but really good stuff. Once Smith Garrett got eliminated things got really damn great w/ Trevor Lee having fantastic interactions with Cain Justice & ESPECIALLY Chip Day - they just kicked the shit out of each other. That's when the match solidified itself in being ****+ to me. Loved how Trevor & Chip worked together to eliminate the bigger man in Otto Schwanz too. The storytelling throughout w/ Trevor wanting to be in there as much as he could, and only being out of the match when he was being thrown outside was done fantastically, and Trevor sold the exhaustion of that absolutely perfectly. Really can't praise him enough. What a wrestler, what a champion & what a match! ****1/4