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Found 14 results

  1. Grimmas

    Tyler Bate

    ZubazKid said: "His freakish strength for a guy his size leads to some interesting offense, & I thought his emoting in the corner added a lot to the story of the NXT TV tag title match against Undisputed Era. He's been a stalwart of NXT UK with great singles & tag matches."
  2. *Broadcast January 9th 2019 25 minute trios match to hype up the Takeover show, and if those matches are better than this then we're in for a fantastic show. The last 15 is great stuff that's a bit let down by the first 10 minutes where you have long heel control segments by wrestlers who aren't that interesting at it even if Tyler/Trent both do really good struggling/selling in this. Once Pete Dunne is tagged in for the 2nd time and lays waste to everyone the tone changes though. Worth noting how he comes across as way above his partners in this, anytime he's in the ring the momentum seems to swing to BSS's side, even though Trent actually has the more powerful looking offense. ***3/4
  3. I'm writing this review now on just having got home from seeing the show. It should be available to watch on their streaming service in a few days and this match is really worth seeking out. It's for the Progress World Title. Tyler is the "Big Strong Boy" who's facing a huge strong man in the champion Walter. Walter (got a live violin duo playing his entrance theme) totally dominated the opening half, lots of basic wrestling and tests of strength type manoeuvres, however hard he fights nothing Tyler does seems to have any significant effect on Walter. It's like he's just made out of brick. The fighting spills out to the floor at one point and Tyler manages to reverse a suplex attempt into one of his own to the floor! I don't think I've ever heard a simple vertical suplex get such a loud pop from the crowd. Pete Dunne and Trent Seven are now at ringside urging Tyler on, as well are the crowd who are 75% loudly behind him (and the remaining 25% is mostly a vocal pro-Walter section). Now even the pop for the suplex wasn't as loud as the huge roar for Tyler as he's stuck in a sleeper hold urging him to fight out of it. It's remarkable how a match mostly consisting of moves that wouldn't look out of place in the 1970s is getting the biggest reactions of the show and feels like a real big match showdown. The match reaches it very logical outcome at the end. Yet another strong title defence for Walter. ****1/2
  4. Undisputed Era continue to refine their chickenshit trio shtick in wonderful ways. With British Strong Style being the overwhelming hometown favorites, seeing them absolutely thrash the Era was a wonderful thing to see. Strong, O'Reilly, and Cole bumped huge for all three BSS guys and it was great. Perhaps one of my favorite spots was Adam Cole taking a huge jumping bump off of a Dunne forearm. Speaking of Dunne, that man is so good at being a fired up, intense babyface. He really sells the hatred he has for Strong and all their interactions make me eagerly anticipate their inevitable singles blow off match. Great match here, fast paced, exciting, and with the right finish. ****1/4
  5. I've said this before but O'Reilly and Strong might be some of the best chickenshit bumping heels in the world. They've translated their indie athleticism and energy into an insanely fun ability to feed into the babyface team's offense. This was about as classic of a tag team format as there is. Early heat segment on Trent Seven that leads into a huge hot tag from Tyler Bate and straight into a wild and fun finishing stretch. Thought that Bate looked fantastic with his strikes, energy, and continued freak of nature power spots (the deadlift German while O'Reilly was on his back looked amazing). Liked the story that one of Undisputed Era's biggest flaws is how often they miscommunicate as indicated by how often missed spots from them became huge transition points not just in this match but in their other Tag Title matches. Reminds of when The Young Bucks had their 15% transitions in PWG during their big run. Awesome match, a nice addition to their six-man tag from last night and I look forward to seeing more from both teams. ****1/4
  6. I had pretty high expectations for this one & I am happy to report that it did live up to all of those! Fantastically structured match w/ Ohno being the classic big man bully that he is, beating the crap out of Bate & making fun of him while doing so. Bate was an amazing babyface fighting from underneath to go against that - LOVED his comebacks, in particular that punch flurry he busted out at one point. They built to the big German Suplex spot super well too, which helped build into the finish which was unreal. A motherfucking UFO sighting. What a way to end an absolute banger of a match. ****1/4
  7. Bate tried to match ZSJ's ground game & for a while he did get some good stuff going there, but eventually it became clear that he was getting outclassed by the best technical wrestler in the world; Zack had a counter for EVERYTHING Bate tried to do. After that it's "the usual" ZSJ torture show & as always, it's a joy to watch. Bate did a great job being the FIP; his facial expressions & selling were very good. Bate starts to wrestle with more urgency as he abandons the initial ground plan he had going, he starts to go with his high impact power moves & those sure are a lot more successful against Zack than the ground game he tried to get going. Very good storytelling. Great match. ****
  8. Amazing, just as I expected it to be. Started off with Thatcher & WALTER completely owning Bate & Seven - they got to do work over them for a pretty lengthy amount of time & it was amazing. Both of them are really great on the offense. It was only after Seven did a low blow on Thatcher that BSS got some real offense in - they did really good work over Thatcher and Thatcher, as usual, was excellent with his selling. I've said it before & I'll say it again - he might just be the best seller in the business right now. WALTER was an awesome hot tag as well. The finishing stretch was also really hot & a great way to cap off a classic tag match. ****1/2
  9. They went for an epic to finish the tournament & sure delivered one. The interferences by BSS & CCK were done really well. Lots of big moves, awesome atmosphere, fantastic drama & great fire from Travis Banks. ****
  10. I thought that their Chapter 48 match was great & this was on the same level as that one. Loved Tyler starting the match off super cocky by taking off his boots to make fun of Riddle's MMA look - he tried to hang w/ Riddle on the mat & well, that sure didn't go his way. Riddle dominated the whole first half of the match, which he was terrific at & Bate eventually got the control very naturally. He did a great job in his control segment too. The finishing stretch w/ the big moves & counters was terrific as well. ****1/4
  11. The finish was absolute dogshit, but it didn't take anything away from this incredible match. They went for an indy epic w/ lots of big moves, counters + nearfalls & they sure delivered one - all the while not going overkill. Fantastic stuff. ****1/4
  12. Was super excited when they announced this match up & it managed to deliver just like I had hoped it would. Ringkampf quickly established dominance over BSS - they worked over them for a pretty lengthy amount of time before BSS got back into things. When they did get back into things, we got an outstanding FIP segment w/ Thatcher - Thatcher might legitimately be the best salesman in wrestling today. His facial expressions & physical selling are on point. ADJ's eventual hot tag was great; the heels did what they had been doing the entire match for Ringkampf - they bumped their ass off for him/them. They were really great in their role. The finishing stretch was them going balls-to-the-walls, which was enjoyable, my favorite part about that was Thatcher catching Bate into a Fujiwara Armbar outside the ring. Fantastic match. Everybody played their roles super well - ADJ was the stoic technician working over BSS, WALTER chopped people around, Thatcher sold his ass off & the BSS trio played the close-to-defeat vulnerable heel group. ****1/2
  13. Started off with some comedy w/ the crowd chants & all, but once we got down to the real business here, things got really good. Got an awesome FIP segment w/ TK Cooper, loved the work that Trent & Tyler did over him. Really good hot tag by Travis Banks too. After that they decide to go balls to the walls with all action, and it was so, so, SO much fun - helps that they didn't go into the overkill zone either. Great opener. ***3/4