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Found 18 results

  1. PROGRESS Title No Disqualification Match: Will Ospreay (c) vs. Marty Scurll - PROGRESS Chapter 25: Chat Shit Get Banged 24/01/2016 Nothing says British Wrestling than every American style finish you can think of packed into one match. And you'll find that it's not an exaggeration either. There is a ref bump in the middle of the match, Scrull almost makes Ospreay pass out via the Chicken Wing twice, surprising roll ups, a big babyface comeback following a beat down and handcuffs are used. It was quite excessive but they never lost the crowd or their heat for the match. The action was always moving along and these two know each other well enough to come up with incredibly tricked out counters that came off as fluid despite their complexity. The early parts of the match were mostly brawling on the outside and they were surprisingly able to make it work despite your first impressions. They made great use of the environment, using the balcony, with Ospreay hitting a lovely moonsault off the balcony after Scrull tried to faceplant him into the wall, the stage, with Scurll putting Ospreay through the announcers table and the crowd itself. There was a lot to talk about in this match as it was very dense and filled with moment creating spots. It could be too much for some people but I thought the match itself was big enough, by British Wrestling standards, to warrant such an epic layout. ****1/4
  2. Feels very good to see KUSHIDA back in singles action, because it's been way too long since the last time. And of course his performance was absolutely fabulous; loved the way he controlled Ospreay in the beginning & the neck targeting that got more & more brutal as the match went on was AWESOME w/ a big A. Ospreay's selling was pretty good & he was a solid FIP overall, but yeah, it's KUSHIDA on the offense that made this match for me. ***3/4
  3. This had the makings of being the best match of the entire weekend, but ultimately I thought Ospreay got too much of his weak looking offense in. Riddle looked like a damn killer in it, what a meanstreak! Watching him destroy the shit out of Ospreay was amazing & Ospreay was overall a good FIP, but like I said, he got way too much offense in. And those nearfalls after the whole referees-checking-on-him -angle were quite ridiculous. Ospreay showing that "fighting spirit" is never not cringeworthy. All in all, a really good match, loved it, but it was also quite disappointing at the same time, because it had makings of being a classic. Easy MOTN of Mercury Rising though. Riddle's an absolute stud. ***3/4
  4. This was superb. Liger's offense was nasty & Ospreay's bumping for him was ridiculous in a very good way. A super fun, great bombfest. ****
  5. Typical match of it's kind, but I usually always enjoy them, so I ain't complaining. This was very fun. Everybody got their time to shine & it resulted in a very good, fun match. ***1/2
  6. The weakest BOSJ finals match in years - this just did not come anywhere close to the greatness of KUSHIDA/Ricochet, KUSHIDA/O'Reilly & Ospreay/Taguchi. It was still really good though - thought that KUSHIDA was really brilliant in the match - what prevents the match from being in that classic status though is Will Ospreay. His selling disappointed me greatly. He pretty much no sold KUSHIDA's leg & arm work - that basically made the whole first half of the match pointless. Thankfully in the 2nd half they went into the bomb mode as they started to bust out all the big moves you would expect from them - my favorite of them being KUSHIDA stomping Ospreay's head in. Wonderful stuff. With a better 1st half, this could've been a legit MOTYC, but with it being what it was, it was "just" very good. I definitely ain't complaining about that, but it had potential to be much more. It had all the potential in the world to be even greater than those other recent year BOSJ finals that I mentioned, but it is what it is. ***1/2
  7. IPW:UK is no longer as heralded on the UK indie scene as it once was, overtaken by a number of other promotions, but has always been one that I’ve enjoyed. That did mean though that over the last couple of years you get to see some different guys and girls not seen in the more high profile promotions, with them using a lot of younger and not as polished workers that come out of their training school. Writing at the end of 2017 they’ve merged with Fight! Nation to relaunch the promotion, so I’m interested to see how that goes. Tom Dawkins hasn’t appeared too many times for the more high profile companies but is starting to get more buzz thanks to his Cara Noir persona which is really different from how he appears in this match. Before creating the Cara Noir character his moniker was ‘Black Belt’ Tom Dawkins, which he is going by in this match. You can tell then that his style is to work in a lot of kicks and strikes, and he makes them all look good. The storyline going in was that Ospreay had been acting as a sort of mentor for Dawkins and they had been a tag team, until Paul Robinson had ‘corrupted’ his old partner Ospreay and reformed the Swords of Essex. So this is former tag team partners, one of whom has turned back to the dark side squaring off, with the added stipulation that the loser has to leave IPW:UK. Because of the storyline coming in, and the style of the workers, there is a lot of striking, kicks and knees in the match, but they make everything look really stiff and realistic and they both do well at conveying the hatred. You also get to see a very different style of Will Ospreay match; there is almost no high flying from him in this match, everything is much more basic; kicks, elbows and some nasty looking headbutts. He also works as a complete prick heel and it works to get a crowd that still deep down wants to cheer for him, and on a non kayfabe level not leave the company, to boo him pretty much throughout. Another storyline that works through the match is that on the show when Ospreay reformed with Robinson, they did a double team move similar to the Homicide/Low Ki double stomp/Cop Killer move to Jay Lethal back in ROH in 2005 and injured Dawkins back. Ospreay drops him on the ring apron back first and works it over pretty well. When it comes time for his comeback, Dawkins selling of the back might have been slightly more consistent but it doesn’t really take you out of things too much as a lot of his offence is kick based and his fire and emotion wins you over. The next element is that Dawkins’ girlfriend is front row and Ospreay is constantly in her face, again being a great prick (if that’s not an oxymoron). He is so detestable that on the spot where she ends up pulling the referee out to stop Dawkins from being pinned it comes over as fully justified and not heelish – I popped for her getting revenge. The other reason the spot works is because after a ref bump – something I find a very tired trope in general but something that works in the overbooking of the match – the other third of the Swords of Essex (Robinson is not at the show, potentially due to some of the injuries that have led to his retirement); Scott Wainwright had nailed Dawkins with a chair to the injured back. My biggest low point of the match is that he also nails Dawkins with a pretty awful looking chair shot to the head. I didn’t re-watch to try and see if he gets any hands up, but from a match in 2016 with what we know about head injuries it seemed completely unnecessary, especially as the original chair shot to the back worked more logically in the story going on anyway. To even the score there is a run in from the tag team champions Duggan and Donnelley, who have teamed with Dawkins on a number of occasions, so again it makes sense and returns things to a one on one match. Rewinding to Dawkins’ girlfriend breaking up a pin, the result is that Ospreay drags her into the ring. As with the chair shot to the head, we really don’t need man on woman violence in 2016/17 and thankfully we don’t get any. Just the implication that Ospreay is considering doing it gets the necessary reaction and from there Dawkins is able to take him out by exposing his shin and kicking him for the 1-2-3. I really enjoyed this. The multiple storylines going on in the match: the back injury, the mentor/student tag team being broken up, Ospreay being corrupted by Robinson and the roles played by different characters that have been involved in the feud all helped this to climax to a match where the face was able to get a positive reaction at a time when that is increasingly hard to do in modern wrestling and against a guy like Ospreay who fans deep down want to cheer for. For anyone that thinks Ospreay is all just flips and gymnastics, watch this match to see him acting like a loathsome character and working a match with very few high spots. A word as well for Dawkins girlfriend. I’m not sure if she’s in the business at all, but from her facials and her acting I thought she came across really well and helped the story of the match a lot. (**** ¼)
  8. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-08-26-WCPW] Ricochet vs Will Ospreay

    On par with their BOSJ '17 match. Ricochet dominated most of it, doing great work at that, Ospreay was really damn good selling for him - loved his rag doll selling of Ricochet's kicks while he was on the ground. His comebacks were really good as well + that finish was very neat. Even the annoying 'we're equals' flippy sequence they always do looked pretty cool because they were still wearing their entrance gear, looking like goddamn superheroes. Really good match. ***3/4
  9. A sprint spotfest through & through. They went all out in this one - I feel like if they had gone even 5 minutes longer this could've reached the overkill status, but thankfully they didn't do that & as a result this was very good. ***1/2
  10. Ospreay came out w/ a taped up back, so Bodom went after that right away. Bodom's work over Ospreay's back was AWESOME, he came off as such a cocky bastard, his mannerisms while doing that work over the back were great. Ospreay countered that brutal back work of Bodom with his fiery comebacks - all the while still selling the back. Great stuff. One minor gripe is that I wish Bodom had sold Ospreay's leg work better, because Ospreay did go after his leg quite a bit in the match too. If he had sold that, this would've been even better than it ended up being & this was already great. ****
  11. This was an outstanding fast paced, spot heavy tag bout. I was afraid that it would come off as too choreographed like every Ospreay match in ROH so far, but it actually was worked with a great sense of urgency & the sequences + big spots all felt very natural. ****
  12. My most awaited New Japan match up in a quite some time. I loved all of their interactions in their multi-man tag matches, and this singles meeting between them sure was as spectacular as expected. Fantastic styles clash with Ospreay first trying to ground Shibata, only for Shibata to get out of everything he tries. Ospreay used his amazing flips to avoid Shibata's deadly strikes. He tried to go toe-to-toe with The Wrestler a few times w/ the strikes, only for him to get absolutely destroyed by him. This had everything I expected it to have - fantastic sequences, intensity, great counters, memorable moments + really good storytelling with Ospreay getting more & more frustrated as he tried everything he could to put Shibata down - the story of a cocky youngster getting humbled, but also earning the respect of the veteran he pissed off. Amazing match. ****1/2
  13. This was very fun. Some good interactions between the New Beginning big match up opponents, such as Ishii trading some stiff strikes with Makabe & Honma, Goto & Juice having some nice sequences, and then my favorite part: Shibata & Ospreay having an absolutely amazing opening sequence. ***1/2
  14. Decided to check this out since I heard it was 8 minutes long and relatively one sided but was disappointed to find out it was nowhere near as good as it was hyped to be. Ok, so you have Riddle blindsight Ospreay with an amazing knee strike before the bell rings. That ruled. Then he starts slamming him around-and the throws he does look great, the Fisherman Buster in particular looked like he decapitated Ospreay. What he does inbetween the slams isn't very good-his chops are eye rolling and for most of his strikes he still hasn't managed to figure out how to make it look good without hitting full force. I find the overreacting incredibly annoying-good for the crowd and the commentator for enjoying themselves, but screaming at every single spot they do every two seconds is a bit much, especially if you've watched, ahem, any Riddle and Ospreay match before, ever. Ospreay was surprisingly tolerable here-his flippy nonsense is much better as a means of a comeback. If they worked it like that instead of just having Ospreay do on a moves spray maybe the match could've been good. But between the ridiculous New Japan cosplay no selling strike exchanges, sound effect kicks and the overreliance on constant pop-ups and countering in the finishing stretch this one felt like a missed opportunity more than anything. **1/2
  15. Sorry this match was shit. Ospreay might be the inventor of GIF selling, when someone is attacking his limb he'll do about one spot where he'll "smartly" do a move without using his injured limb so EVERYONE CAN SEE HE CAN ACTUALLY SELL RIGHT? But he can't. He sucks at wrestling. And his selling looks fine in comparison to his childish facial expression and annoying yelling. I don't remember the last time I felt so embarrassed about watching a match as I did during his hulk up attempt after KUSHIDA hit him with some Kawada kicks. And his facial expressions look fine compared to his execution. Good God I don't remember the last time I saw a praised properly trained professional wrestler blatantly not connect on so many moves in the same match. KUSHIDA may not have done as many flips on it but his tope looked good because it actually connected. Some nice Armbar counters by KUSHIDA but I want to forget about this match ASAP. Also it's becoming increasingly hard for me to care about sequences where I know the first five attempts of doing something aren't going to work. Rating: BAD; very.
  16. Pretty great performance by Sabre and a not so great one by Ospreay. I've tried to but I just can't like to guy. He'll drop selling in order to move on to the next MOVE all the time, the selling he actually does doesn't look convincing and doesn't last long enough and his shit just isn't impressive. It doesn't look good. He's good at jumping around but not good at incorporating his leaping ability into creating good pro wrestling sequences and moves. Chad compared him to a young AJ Styles in his article-I couldn't disagree more. I think young AJ Styles actually had a really good basic sense of pro wrestlng, certainly a million times better one than Ospreay. I'm sure Ospreay would be better if he watched a bunch of Ohtani tapes and went to work southern indies for three years. Half of his offence just looks ridiculously bad and the other half I've seen done better by any number of CMLL guys. I imagine people would be losing their shit for Triton if he was british, signed by New Japan and looked good in a suit. Anyway. Onto Sabre and how he made this match good. He totally carried Ospreay on the mat (hardly surprising). Sabre is so much better than the catch point guys it's ridiculous, a Gulak or Tracy Williams may use a forearm during a hold to remain in control but they do it without any purpose and it doesn't add to the match like it does in a Finlay or Regal one. Sabre will also do something similar like step on Ospreay's hand for a transition, and will both give the move meaning by doing so and milk it out more. Furthermore he has so many escapes that he can basically have Ospreay slap on a wirstlock and work a whole segment AROUND Ospreay. He may not be at that Billy Robinson level where he's reversing all his own submissions and making it seem like Jumbo knows how to work but he did do the next best thing in making the narrative of the match fit him releasing Ospreay from holds. He busted out some really neat suplex counters to Ospreay's flips as well. ***1/2
  17. I enjoy KUSHIDA appropriating the Minoru Tanaka/Kendo Kashin "every move I do is Armbar" gimmick. I really, really don't care for Ospreay-I could do away with indy wrestlers in 2016 who have athletic ability and flips and not much other-but KUSHIDA does a very good job of constructing a match around him and grounding him so that Ospreay's weaknesses don't matter as much. KUSHIDA worked like a true junior ace here and the theme of him working as a base of high-fliers that tries to ground them could be a great formula.