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Found 8 results

  1. This was very good for what it was and it is really easy to see why so many people loved it. Personally-I'm just kind of done with this style of wrestling. I really don't have much use for matches where workrate is its own sake. I can still love a spotfest and think it's a great match but I'm not going to be vowed with flashy matches just because they have flash and even for matches which I think have problems with structure selling etc. I would easily take something like Mascara Dorada vs Mephisto from 2/19 over this. Once the initial novelty of them doing all these cool spots wore off they kind of just continued to do more of them and even at just 16 minutes it felt like it went too long to me. Finish was a great example of that, them re-using a spot that they'd already done with Charlote. I'm sure their marketing team has named Charlotte "a natural" but her acting could use some work. Rough around the edges with plenty of blown spots, and to their credit they weren't thrown off by them and kept on going which prevented them from hurting the match that much but it's still not something that really fits a clean WWE exhibition of athleticism. ***1/4
  2. Nothing says peak wrestling like two old out of shape dudes doing a tribute to the Battlarts/BJW feud at Wrestlemania. I liked this way more than I expected, the sloppiness made it feel really gritty like I like my pro wrestling to be. Ideally you'd want workers to know how to sell but the next best thing is for them to just get old enough where they're hurt for real and that's what we get here. I think my problem with a lot of WWE epics is that they try to be these super serious matches when they're actually super ridiculous but this match is such a trainwreck that the fact it's so preposterous and Michael Cole is trying to spout his usual bullshit somehow adds to it. It also features exactly zero nearfalls which is mindblowing for an Undertaker Wrestlemania match. Glad Undertaker was a UWF fanboy, those submission exchanges were a sight to behold and Shane managed to make The Rock's Scorpion Deathlock look like Choshu's. Shane's insane bump was great but it was maybe my fifth favourite thing about the match. Shane trying to cut the cell door and failing miserably was hilarious and so many offence in this match was just them slammig each other on the cage door, steel steps, hitting each other over the head with TV monitors etc. However insane it may sound I'm going with ***3/4 for this one. The finish couldn't have been more symbolic, Shane asks Taker to go at it some more and Taker's reaction is "fuck you it's not 1999 anymore we're going home".
  3. This is the type of match where five years from now they'll show a clip of Owens and Zayn brawling and the finish and then enunciate "here at WWE it is all about THE STORIES. We tell STORIES. STORYTELLING. STORY STORY STORY SHAWN MICHAELS IS THE GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME" but in actuality the match is a total spotfest. I mean. It was fine for what it was. Just them blowing through a bunch of stuff I could have liked and cared about if they gave me reason to care about them. Vastly inferior to last year's ladder match, even in a match that is an inherent trainwreck like this one the lack of ring generals like Bryan and Harper hurt the match tremendously. **1/2
  4. I loved this, Kalisto is so great, I think they finally found the heir to Rey and I hope at least someone in the back is aware of it. This makes me want to watch all the matches he's had on TV in the last two months that I've missed because I did think he was the best WWE worker of 2016 after my last binge. Just a super fun match built around the size difference with Ryback throwing Kalisto around and him taking nutty bumps, Kalisto busts out a bunch of fun spots that are fluent and pretty yet are simple enough to be worked into most TV matches. Lots of nifty cut offs here and a satisfying finish with Ryback reaping what he sowed. ***1/4
  5. Look it might not match Yoji Kuri shorts in terms of the weirdest stuff I've ever seen but if we look strictly at pro wrestling Triple H's entrance is up there. Roman Reigns gets the Chris Jericho vs CM Punk Wrestlemania 28 entrance, you'd think he's about to be Booker T'd and not win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in front of the biggest Wrestlemania crowd in history. I liked this a lot, it did feel like a match that had more thought put into it than it should've but my impression is that with different participants and a different crowd this same exact match would get completely different reviews. And, I dont want to downplay the importance crowd reactions has to some folks when ratings stuff but.....IDK I drowned the noise out. I liked all the early brawling, Reigns has a good punch and Triple H was solid as well, his side headlock punches didn't look much different than Flair's really and I popped for him busting out a bunch of new shit to pop himself. Reigns took a sweet bump on the Swinging Neckbreaker off the table, though you do question off all the moves you could do why would you do a Swinging Neckbreaker where you take a bump even when you're executing the move. Then again most pro wrestlers are supposed to be dumb. Triple H busting out the second rope knee drop was interesting as well, and even if I could see the counter coming when he went for it the second time I still thought it looked good so I didn't mind it that much. Reigns should probably drop the corner clotheslines and replace them with the 10 corner punches. The Clothesline over the steel steps looked cool but following it up with three steel steps bumps was pretty much the definition of diminishing returns. The Spear through the barricade would be another example of that, just a few years ago it felt like a holy shit spot and now it's just another transitional spot I didn't even pop for that much. Steph as the evil witch was hilarious at ringside, have to laugh at anyone who ever argued she was the best non-wrestler at any point. I did like the armwork, Triple H doing Fujiwara tribute spots was too amusing for me to complain about it and none of the spots went that long. My response to the Inoki comparison and the pre-MMA armbars is that I sat through a bunch of those matches and I found this more amusing than Inoki and Andre The Giant rolling around. I really don't see any point in Reigns doing a sit out for his power spot, it just makes it look even less impressive when it's a move for which he can't deadlift the other guy all the way up in the first place. I really liked the way they used finishers, never felt like they were there just for a cheap pop, first Spear had the Steph interference to *theoretically* build heat and the first Pedigree was just after Reigns Speared Stephanie and that whole sequence felt huge. Triple H holding onto the hammer after Reigns Superman Punched him was solid work on his part to build drama and I liked that final sequence a lot as well. I'd have this at ***1/4 which is like what Meltzer have it I think. But screw it, I shit on more than enough pro wrestling matches, I can like one no one else likes.
  6. Man I don't blame AJ Styles for not getting a four star match out of Chris Jericho but I should have had him lower on my GWE list. This was just....I don't even know. AJ should revisit those Ohtani tapes because he's misremembering his big facial expressions after nearfalls. AJ's look really bad. Want to talk annoying WWE tropes? Codebreaker-long pause-kick-out is stupid and served no purpose. Finish was stupid as well and it could've been great-all Jericho had to do was shove the ref onto AJ but he didn't do that for whatever reason and we got another springboard something into Codebreaker counter. Never seen one of those before. And it also showcased another WWE trope we all love-a wrestler going for a move he usually doesn't at that point in te match just to set up a counter. The double Springboard spot looked cool at least (and even that wasn't consistent enough for me to call it logical and something that makes sense as Jericho landed on the apron which he usually doesn't when doing the move). I don't want to talk about 2016 Jericho anymore. Two stars, let us never think of this ever again.
  7. I actually liked this a lot more than I ever thought I would. I've been quite disappointed with Lesnar's recent work but I think this delivered on what I'd hoped to see out of it. I've seen statements that this felt more tame and less violent than the usual Lesnar match and my response to that would be that the violence in the usual Lesnar match is probably overstated. Maybe I just dislike Ambrose enough I was fine with watching him get Suplexed a million times but I truly believe there was more to it. Ambrose's wacky character is stupid in 95% of wrestling roles but it might be great at just getting squashed. I didn't see the weapons as an attempt to reach some huge level of brutality as much as a means of Ambrose having a way to fire back against Lesnar and this match lasting longer than five minutes. In a way it is hilarious that Ambrose is acting like the new age hardcore icon, being endorsed by Terry Funk and Mick Foley and wearing an Onita-esque jacket and then he gets in there with a former UFC champion who suplexes him twenty five times and you remember wrestling is a work. The chainsaw spot was unnecessary but I don't think it hurt the match, Ambrose's gimmick is that he's stupid anyway. I liked the way Lesnar used Germans to transition back into offence here and the way he just planted himself on Ambrose's Double Underhook DDT was nasty. ***1/2
  8. A classic for the ages. Seriously, this kind of thing seems pretty counter-productive, not only because it diminishes everyone on their roster but also because it's going to make The Rock eventually having a normal match at Wrestlemania feel less special because he's now there every year. I'm sure it pops the crowd but I don't think his promo makes much difference business wise. Imagine if Reigns had a flamethrower to burn The Great Satan with.