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Found 2520 results

  1. This reminded me of a WCW cruiserweight match with WWE-style facial expressions mixed in. This was very good, but seemed to be missing something to go over the top. It had a good build and there were some great highspots and nearfalls, but it was kind of shallow. Not sure that's the right word, but it seemed pretty forgettable even though it was well worked. ***3/4
  2. Pretty solid spotfest and all of them are pretty good in the ring. Charlotte still has a little awkwardness but nothing that won't go away in time. I just think she's so naturally talented that it's easy to overlook how a lot of her stuff looks a little unseasoned. Another throwaway match, but a good showcase of the women in NXT.
  3. Nothing says peak wrestling like two old out of shape dudes doing a tribute to the Battlarts/BJW feud at Wrestlemania. I liked this way more than I expected, the sloppiness made it feel really gritty like I like my pro wrestling to be. Ideally you'd want workers to know how to sell but the next best thing is for them to just get old enough where they're hurt for real and that's what we get here. I think my problem with a lot of WWE epics is that they try to be these super serious matches when they're actually super ridiculous but this match is such a trainwreck that the fact it's so preposterous and Michael Cole is trying to spout his usual bullshit somehow adds to it. It also features exactly zero nearfalls which is mindblowing for an Undertaker Wrestlemania match. Glad Undertaker was a UWF fanboy, those submission exchanges were a sight to behold and Shane managed to make The Rock's Scorpion Deathlock look like Choshu's. Shane's insane bump was great but it was maybe my fifth favourite thing about the match. Shane trying to cut the cell door and failing miserably was hilarious and so many offence in this match was just them slammig each other on the cage door, steel steps, hitting each other over the head with TV monitors etc. However insane it may sound I'm going with ***3/4 for this one. The finish couldn't have been more symbolic, Shane asks Taker to go at it some more and Taker's reaction is "fuck you it's not 1999 anymore we're going home".
  4. This is pretty much a squash but is probably one of the 3-5 greatest squashes ever. Cena's selling was pretty fantastic here and Lesnar's offense and character work were pitch perfect. A 15 minute+ match that felt like 3 minutes. **** 1/4
  5. Charles (Loss)

    [2013-07-24-WWE-NXT] Emma vs Paige

    Talk about it here.
  6. This is one of my favorite WWE matches ever and one I feel is really underrated. First of all, the hate is off the charts. I am talking almost Tully-Magnum levels. They really managed to convey the feeling that they wanted to kill each other. Secondly, the mic verbals were actually great. I usually hate when guys spend half the match on the mic telling the other guy to quit and constantly disrupt the flow. But stuff like "you're gonna suffer" and "I will tear out your heart" were fresh and incorporated at appropriate times in the match. So they turned what is usually the flaw of I Quit matches into something positive. The body of the match is excellent with incredible violence, creative and unique spots, limb psychology of all things (Foley's shoulder) and strong transitions. Finish is a little bit of a cop out but a smart way to protect Foley and get across the fact the intensity of the feud and match had caused Flair to snap and go to any lengths. JR and Lawler also did a brilliant job on commentary. **** 1/4
  7. Consider this my first shot of adrenaline. I feel like with the daily grind, my love of wrestling has taken a hit in recent months and I asked around for some suggestions to pump some life back into me. This absolutely did the trick. The best tag team match I've seen since I can even remember. I liked all the neat little heel tricks we got from the beginning, but also that them working this style doesn't feel like a cutesy in-joke about an era gone by -- the stuff they wanted to get certain reactions got the desired reactions, and with a smart crowd at that. The leg stuff at the end felt a little tacked on when it wasn't really part of the match up until that point at all, but I don't see that as a huge negative, or maybe not even a negative at all. Doing it the way they did felt like it had contextual meaning that probably went over my head. I'm also not really a fan of babyfaces submitting. But I loved everything else about this -- the match was made by Dash and Dawson pulling some stuff out of mothballs that hasn't been done for years, making it fresh again. They served many masters by doing all the nearfalls that are sort of a requisite for a big WWE match but also building drama from the opening bell to the bitter end and not compromising their tag team vision in the slightest. Great match. ****1/4
  8. While their August match is a great **** affair, this was on another level. Felt like a hybrid between DreamRush and best Midnight Express-RnR bout. They escalated the intensity and drama superbly and brilliantly played off their previous match. Iconic finish too. **** 1/2