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Charles (Loss)

[1996-01-04-NJPW-Wrestling World 1996] Shinya Hashimoto vs Kazuo Yamazaki

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I have watched this match before?!?! Lol.


Shinya Hashimoto vs Kazuo Yamazaki - NJPW 1/4/96


Well Hashimoto had to wrestle someone at the biggest show of the year since Mutoh would be defending the championship against Takada. I really liked their 1998 match. I am disappointed by this because of that. The kicks in this were phenomenal. Both guys brought their A+ kicking game. I just thought everything was fine. Yamazaki working the arm and Hashimoto making him earn is something I love in principle, but Hashimoto didn't really sell long term and didn't feel like Yamazaki had a game plan involving the arm. Basically, the match was Yamazaki escapes the first brainbuster gets a rear naked choke, which Hashimoto gets the ropes. Then I think what really kills the match for me is how Hashimoto no sells the cross armbreaker. Disappointing. I will say Hashimoto's Overhand Chop as a response to Yamazaki was GLORIOUS! Great kick and killer brainbuster to follow. Great finish stretch. ***1/4

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