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Shane Douglas and Francine go for a swim.


Fonzie: "Why is Joey Styles growing a mustache? Because he wants to look like his mother!"


Little Guido beats up a statue while being restrained by J.T. Smith.


Brian Lee brags about taking out Terry Gordy.


Divine Brown slaps Stevie Richards.


Lori Fullington wants Sandman to die.


Saturn hits himself until he bleeds, talking about "Doc & Gordy" over and over.

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Francine and Shane Douglas are in an indoor pool talking to Gary Wolfe's personal trainer about the extent of his neck injury. Fonzie reveals the reason why Joey Styles grew a moustache. D-Von wanted to turn the Dudleyz hardcore--and now Buh Buh Ray officially seems to be a threat. Big Dick Dudley grunts. Shane and Francine have moved to the ocean. Lance Wright hawks a t-shirt. More antics from JT and Guido by the Rocky statue. Brian Lee is teaming up with the Eliminators. Steve Williams stares into the camera. Taz is going to beat some fear into somebody. Divine Brown is back, and her opinion of Stevie Richards hasn't improved. Lance Wright has an unfortunate run-in with a boom mic--"Now I know how Missy feels." Alfonso rants about Johnny Smith. Don't expect headlocks and drop toe holds from the Gangstas. A drugged-out-looking Lori Fullington wants Sandman to die. Teaming up Doc & Gordy again seems like a strong selling point for an ECW show, I must admit. I like Perry Saturn's motivation, too.

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Doc and Gordy could be a strong selling point but Gordy is too far gone by this point. Another Pulp Fiction that felt a little too disjointed to really stick with me.

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