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Charles (Loss)

[1993-10-23-SMW-TV] Heavenly Bodies and Bruise Brothers

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So it turns out that the mysterious team who contacted the SMW Board of Directors were the Bruise Brothers as they thought the best way to prove they were up to the job was to go one on one with the Heavenly Bodies. They thought wrong and Cornette accused them of embarrassing him and if they pull another stunt like this they'll be back in those biker bars where he found them. One of the twins shoves Cornette down and he starts to apologise and says that he was out of order in the way that he spoke them. It was all a ruse though and he powders one of the twins before they triple team the other. When the twin gets his vision back they chase the Bodies and Cornette out the ring and to the back.


Later one of the security guards comes out to Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantel and tells them that the fight is still going on and they’re killing each other back there. Almost immediately the Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette return to the arena with the Bruise Brothers chasing them. A bunch of jobbers try to separate them, but to no avail with Cornette attacking them with his racket. They brawl out into the parking lot but it’s dark and a struggle to make out what is going on, before the twins make their way back inside and over to Bob and Dutch. They say that they’re the best in professional wrestling and no-one talks to them like that. They might not be the best wrestlers, but no-one can stand toe to toe with them. Jim Cornette is going to learn that and if they get their hands on him they’re going to break him into a million pieces.


Wild brawl and the Bruise Brothers looked real good in this. Not sure on them as faces, but a decent little promo from the twins and Cornette was excellent in the lead up to the split as you would expect from him.

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We didn't get the first part of this for whatever reason. We pick up the action just as the stagehand rushes in and says that the Harrises and the Bodies are still fighting.


A lot of this was tough to see due to them being outside, so it's hard to judge how good or bad the segment was. The part we saw where they almost destroyed the broadcast position was nice, and the promo from whichever Harris that was was better than I expected.


Bob and Dutch did a tremendous job of putting over the chaos that was happening right in front of them, and I liked that Dutch called things straight down the middle, which almost no heel-leaning color guy does in a situation like this anymore.


I don't see any matches between the two teams for a month, and apparently the one that made the set (11/20) was clipped to the end. Were the Harrises really so bad that the Bodies couldn't pull at least one solid start-to-finish match out of them?

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