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Charles (Loss)

1994 Recommendations

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I mentioned a few pages back about the Owen Hart "Kicked your leg out of your leg" promo. I actually watched the '94 Rumble PPV for the first time the other night, and I think the whole segment should be earmarked. The video package with Owen and Bret's dissension, the match, and the angle and promo.

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11/25/94 Misawa & Kobashi vs. Kawada & Taue (Tag League)


I'd include that as it will mean that the 1993-95 sets will have 8 of the 9 matches between the teams. The only one missing is the 1995 League match, which actually looked more interesting than the 1995 Final.


The Misawa & Kobashi vs Hansen & Baba from the 1994 RWTL is available on commercial tape. I've never seen it, so that's an idea of how "fresh" it would be for many people. Only 4 other Tag League matches on the set, might be worth tracking down.

On the 11/25/94 Misawa & Kobashi vs. Kawada & Taue 30:00 draw where the TV was JIP, Lynch has a handheld of it:


Bootleg #395


That probably has flown below the radar over the years. You might want to get it and do a splice job using the HH up until the point where the TV joins it. My recollection is 20-22 aired on TV. This would likely be a "new" thing to most people who get the set.


The HH also has Doc & Ace vs Kroffat & Furnas, which might make a comp to the Misawa & Kobashi against the two teams.


Boot #396 is a HH with:

Kobashi & Kikuchi vs Akiyama & Omori (non-league)

Williams & Ace vs Hansen & Baba (League)

Kawada & Taue & Ogawa vs Misawa & Asako & Honda


Williams & Ace vs Hansen & Baba is one of the big league matches. The other two look interesting: Kobashi with his old partner against the youngsters, and then Misawa with an undermaned team against the Holy Demon Army's top three. They aren't really significant, though.


If you get HH #395, might be worth asking for #396 as well just to give a quick look at those three to see if they surprise you as being good and keepers.


Unlike the Carny stuff earlier in the thread, I can't make specific recommendations on quality: haven't seen the HH's. I'm not usually a recommender of adding HH's, but the ability to present an edited together "complete" version of the Misawa & Kobashi vs Kawada & Taue is a worthwhile endeavor. 8 of the 9 matches between the teams exist on film. All look to be making the sets. All in complete form were be pretty fresh.



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