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Charles (Loss)

[1995-03-11-USWA-TV] Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee vs Brian Christopher

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This is just back-to-back matches, not really a triple threat match. Just as Lawler pulls the strap down to make his comeback, we get a ref bump. Christopher brings out the chain and pins Lawler.


Next is Lawler vs Dundee, with Dundee in an awesome blue leopard singlet. Lawler pins Dundee with a quick rollup in less than two minutes.


Finals of the first round is Dundee vs Christopher. Dundee wins after a top rope legdrop.


Next round is Lawler vs Christopher again. A ref bump again too. Christopher goes for his chain again, but it's missing. He finally finds it in his kneepad, but Lawler ducks and lands a piledriver. The ref comes to just as that happens so Lawler is DQ'd.


Dundee vs Christopher is the finals. A THIRD ref bump. Dundee hits Christopher with a bullwhip to take the whole thing. Post-match, Christopher comes back with the bullwhip and smacks the hell out of Dundee.

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The action is okay but Bill Rush should have been hospitalized for as many times as he was knocked out in this span. This was pretty lazy booking despite the unique stip and three ostensible babyfaces all going at each other.

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