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[1995-07-23-WWF-In Your House II] Diesel vs Sid (Lumberjack)

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Blink and you'll mess Erik Watts among Tekno Team 2000 in the crowd of babyface lumberjacks. Triple H is in full tuxedo regalia while everyone else is in their in-ring gear or street clothes, which is pretty amusing.


We pick up just after Mabel attacked Diesel on the floor, setting up the biggest groaner PPV main event in company history, probably still to this day. Diesel kicking out of the power bomb is built up to as the ultimate last-ditch comeback. Too bad we already fucking saw him do that one In Your House ago. Shawn hits Sid with a dive off the turnbuckle and Diesel cuts off the Corporation, who jump in to attack him ninja-style (one at a time). Sid doesn't even get the dignity of going down to the Jackknife, as Diesel puts him down with a big boot that doesn't even connect. Horrible on just about every level.

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