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1989 Recommendations

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Just for the sake of "WTF", I recommend the Memphis videos and appearances of Chilly B. Cool, Headbanger Ed, and the Dream Weaver (Del Wilkes). Plus Freddy, Jason and the rest of the Creature Feature show they had here at the time.



It's forever away, but feel free to start recommending things now.

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The match I've wanted to see forever, that I asked to include on the old PWO DVD club set at some point. The Ding Dong's debut with Cornette on commentary!

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I don't know for sure that this will happen, but odds are pretty good we'll do a 1989 Yearbook, so it's worth sharing recommendations if you have them. Stampede, Continental and Joshi would be especially appreciated.

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Well, I'm 0-for-3 on those, but running down the WWF PPVs and TV that I remember, because this is in my wheelhouse. Still, '89 was a shit year as far as in-ring action goes and I know AJPW and WCW are going to dominate this set, so...


Oh, and I'm going with this system:

*** - must-include

** - should be included, but can be cut if space is short

* - nonessential, something extra to include if you have room

Also note some matches will get * or ** for the whole match but the finish is ***.


Royal Rumble

*** - Rude-Warrior posedown. The start of Warrior's definitive feud.


The Rumble itself needs to be handled a little outside-the-box. The match itself is hardly worthy of being on in full. "Finish only" doesn't work--the finishing stretch is the worst and least consequential part of the match. The selling point was seeing Hogan, and that's in the middle. And you also have the opening. I know this board has gone to war over Demolition, but Ax vs. Smash is an iconic moment in history and something that really set the Rumble apart as a special and must-watch event. So I'd handle it like this:

*** Intros and Ax vs. Smash. Cut when Andre comes out. This is 5 minutes of material, so no reason not to include this.

*** Come back in at Hogan's entrance. This will include Hogan eliminating Savage and their confrontation, the Hogan/Boss Man showdown, Hogan's elimination, and Hogan yanking out the Boss Man. Cut after they both make it to the back.

* DiBiase's entrance to Studd's win. Total shit show, include it if you feel the need to show who won.




* Rockers vs. the Twin Towers. Maybe a **-worthy inclusion considering the love for the Rockers on the AWA set and these Yearbooks, and it's a look at them against a different team. Features possibly the greatest clothesline in WWF history.

** Brain Busters vs. Strike Force (***finish). Decent-ish match with some Crockett tag touches, but if pressed we can cut to Santana nailing Martel.

** Piper's Pit. A LONG segment that I'm torn on considering the quality of stuff going on elsewhere in the world, but I think it needs to be here. Piper's return was that big of a deal. Probably Brother Love's high watermark and I found the payoff with the fire extinguisher legitimately funny, even if most of the rest of this was cringeworthy.

* Rude vs. Warrior (***finish). Not as good as their future matches but the whole thing could be included for comparison purposes. The shock finish is a must.

*** Hogan vs. Savage. Duh.




*** Brain Busters vs. Hart Foundation. Very divisive match, but one worth seeing regardless of how you feel about it.

** Martel/Rougeaus vs. Rockers/Santana.

*** Warrior vs. Rude. Best match of the series, likely the WWF MOTY.

*** Hogan/Beefcake vs. Savage/Zeus. A true Pat Patterson special, maybe even more impressive than the WM6 main event.



Survivor Series:

Holy Christ, what to do about this. This is hands-down the least consequential PPV in the pre-In Your House era.

* Finish to Enforcers vs. Dream Team. Dusty sells a Crockett-worthy beatdown with the Boss Man's nightstick.

* I'll take a different tack for Hulkamaniacs vs. The Million $ Team: beginning only. The match was all about Hulk vs. Zeus. They both start, Zeus dominates Hogan, Zeus quickly gets DQ'd. You can cut the rest.

** Backstage interview with Hogan & Beefcake. Sherri comes in, throws powder into Hulk's eyes, and Savage & Zeus attack.

* Ultimate Warriors vs. The Heenan Family. A standout performance by the Brain, and the Rockers are there, but the match as a whole drags. The finish is nice but sort of plays heavily on Heenan constantly sneaking in and out during the match.


This whole show could seriously be skipped and the Yearbook wouldn't suffer. The Hulk/Zeus stuff is the only part that's close to essential. The Heenan match has a bit of a rep, the rest is window-dressing.



No Holds Barred; The Movie/The Match:

Hulk/Beefcake vs. Savage/Zeus, Cage (***finish). Not essential, but the Zeus storyline gets blown off for good (or at least until Uncensored '96).



I'll try to go over TV stuff later. Sadly Graham's Superstars results aren't as in-depth as they are in some ofher years, in terms of what segments were on what show. The 1/16 Prime Time has a rare on-set angle with the Brooklyn Brawler debuting and laying out both the Rooster and Gorilla Monsoon, which definitely needs to be there. And to close the year, try to fit in some studio stuff from the 12/25 episode. That has Bobby Heenan having to play Santa Claus as the result of losing a bet, and after being in the Christmas spirit most of the show he cuts a promo on Santa that's absolutely riotous. One of the funniest bits he's ever done, and it even has some significance as Piper beats him up and gets suspended from hosting duties. If there was one thing the '90 set was missing, it was some classic Gorilla/Bobby studio banter, so some nods to that would be welcomed.

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The match I've wanted to see forever, that I asked to include on the old PWO DVD club set at some point. The Ding Dong's debut with Cornette on commentary!


This is almost approaching urban-legend status for me. It was mentioned in a Scott Keith rant so it may have been fabricated entirely for all I know, but I've never yet found it on Youtube or DM or anywhere--and I have looked, trust me. But if he saw it then it must have been on a syndie show that aired in Canada. I'd say their Clash VII debut is a must, and maybe throw in their destruction and unmasking at the hands of the Skyscrapers as well--it's very quick and shouldn't really bump anything else.

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Sadly Graham's Superstars results aren't as in-depth as they are in some other years, in terms of what segments were on what show.

I've got my own in depth listings for WWF Superstars and NWA Saturday Night for 1989 so I'll work through those and post recommendations and the like here.

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Here are recommendations or things of interest from Superstars of Wrestling for the year. I have omitted things such as recaps of stuff that happened on other shows such as Saturday Night's Main Event, Challenge, Prime Time etc as I am guessing that they would be picked up then.



- WWF Update: Big John Studd is back in the WWF and will be part of the Royal Rumble.



- Brother Love Show w/ Andre the Giant & Bobby Heenan. A funny segment where Heenan tries to confirm to everyone that Andre isn't afraid of snakes.

- Akeem vs Randy Savage. Match where Bossman interferes and hits Savage with the nightstick for the DQ, but Hogan runs in for the save and slams both Twin Towers. Hogan's music starts playing and he begins to pose whilst Savage looks on, and after a bit of coaxing from the Hulkster reluctantly joins in.



- Brain Busters vs Tim Horner & Jose Luis Rivera (good squash match)

- Brother Love Show w/ Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage & Elizabeth. This is to promote the Mega Powers vs Twin Towers match at the Main Event, with Love saying how he's a perceptive man and that there doesn't appear to be the affection that there once was between the Mega Powers. Hogan refutes this saying he loves Elizebeth like a sister and Savage like a brother.



- Bret Hart vs Danny Davis

- Brother Love Show w/ Jake Roberts. Love says how they recently had Andre on the show and they proved to everyone that he isn't afraid of snakes. Jake gets Damien out of the bag and the Love flees the set.



- WWF Update: Hulk Hogan (iv) real good interview and says that after what happened at The Main Event where Savage laid him out with the title belt it took all the love he had for him and turned it to hate. Says that he never wanted Elizabeth, he never wanted her and all the he wants from Savage is his WWF World title belt.

- Ted Dibiase vignette where he and Virgil go to a jewellers as he wants them to design a Million Dollar Belt for him.

- Randy Savage (iv) says that you have to be blind not to see the lust in Hogan's eyes for Elizabeth. He says that he will think about Hogan's challenge to him and whether he will put up the WWF title against him.



- WWF Update: Wrestlemania V update. A number of matches have been signed and Gene Okerlund confirms that the main event will be Randy Savage defending the World title against Hulk Hogan.

- Brain Busters vs Rockers (bout never gets underway as the teams start brawling as soon as the Rockers enter the ring and they continue fighting as they make their way to the back)

- Ted Dibiase vignette. He goes to check on the progress of his Million Dollar Belt but is not happy and wants more gold and diamonds!

- Randy Savage (iv) says he should've known from the beginning that Hogan was after his manage from the lust in his eyes. He points to examples of Hogan stealing his spotlight because he was jealous of him and proof that Hogan was after Elizabeth. Says at Wrestlemania V Hogan is taking nothing of his, not his manager as she'll be in his corner and not his World title. Interview contains clips to back up his points. Good interview as are all the interviews between the two of them in the build up to Wrestlemania.

- Jim Duggan vs Darrell Peterson (Maxx Payne/Man Mountain Rock)

- Hulk Hogan (iv) where he responds to Savage's interview from earlier and says how he edited the footage to suit his means. He explains and answers all Savage's points and shows the full unedited footage. Then goes on to say that the way he ruined everything, the way he put Elizaabeth between them there is no way that she'll be in his corner at Mania and by the time it's over he's not going to be World champion either. Great stuff.



- Mr Perfect vs Red Rooster (the Brooklyn Brawler and Bobby Heenan make there way down to ringside and after the Brawler interferes the Rooster goes after him and they start fighting outside with the Rooster getting counted out).

- Ted Dibiase vignette. Sporting an almost Dracula-like cape, Dibiase returns to the jewellers to pick up the Million Dollar Belt that has been custom made for him.

- Randy Savage (iv) in similar vein to the one from the previous week where he shows more clips to 'prove' that Hogan has been after Elizabeth.

- Andre the Giant vs Jim Powers & Tito Santana (hc)

- Hulk Hogan (iv) says how the more he looks at the edited footage the more he sees how Savage changed the story around. He again answers Savage's point and says how things 'really were' with more footage putting across what happened and how he saw things.



- WWF Update: The full card for Wrestlemania V has been finalised and Okerlund runs it down. He also announces the return of Piper's Pit on the show.

- Hart Foundation vs Anthony Durante & Gary Wolfe (ECW's Pitbulls)

- Randy Savage (iv) says that Hogan made a lot of promises to him when they formed the Mega Powers, promises that he couldn't keep. Says that Hogan is a showboater, a prima donna and a liar, that Elizabeth will be in his corner and that he hates Hogan's guts (again includes more clips to back up what he is saying).

- Brother Love Show w/ Ted Dibiase where he finally unveils the Million Dollar Belt.

- Wrestlemania V report. Includes the latest Hogan (iv) where he responds to what Savage claims and says that he never lied to him, Elizabeth or his Hulkamaniacs. Again shows the full unedited clips and says how he has now washed his hands of Savage as he was the one who was jealous as he couldn't function as a team with Hogan and that jealousy turned to a cancer that has started to eat him alive.



- WWF Update: Sensational Sherr's spring fashion show.

- Randy Savage (iv) talks about the last time the Mega Powers teamed together and how he was taking care of business in the ring whilst Hogan was just holding on to the tag rope waiting for his first opportunity to come into the ring and start grandstanding. Says that he only hit Elizabeth when Akeem threw him out of the ring because Hogan had told her to stand there and how he was going to check on her only to see Hogan hovering over her and then carrying her to the back. Says he had to fight the match on his own and Hogan only came back when Elizabeth shamed him into it and he was ready to again grandstand and showboat after he was in control. So when Hogan stuck out his hand to be tagged, he slapped him and it felt great and it's going to feel even better at Wrestlemania with Elizabeth in his corner when he turns Hogan's dreams into nightmares.

- Wrestlemania V report featuring the next Hulk Hogan (iv). Says that Savage is an outright liar and that the footage will bear him out, and only when he knew Savage was okay did he leave to take Elizabeth to the back and get help. Says that he ran back to the ring when Elizabeth told him to as he wanted to help Savage out, only for him to slap him and leave him alone against the Twin Towers. Says at Wrestlemania Savage will realise that Hulkmania will never die.



- WWF Update: recap of Elizabeth's interview from Saturday Night's Main Event where she says she wont be in either Savage or Hogan's corner at Wrestlemania V and a confrontation between the two of them.

- Wrestlemania V report which features interview from both Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Hogan talks about how he has twisted the truth and how all the edited footage has now backfired on Savage, that he gave him too much time to cover his back, tell his side of the story and show the truth and that he has now exposed him as a liar. Savage says that if Elizabeth wants to stay in a neutral corner that is fine with him as he doesn't need her, just like he didn't need the Hulkamaniacs when he was part of the Mega Powers.



- Randy Savage (iv) says that he has told the whole world that Hogan is a prima donna, a grandstander, jealous of Randy Savage and has lust in his black heart for Elizabeth, and whether people believe him or not, it is only because Hogan is the greatest in the world at manipulating and brainwashing people's minds.

- Brother Love show w/ Hulk Hogan. Says that all of the things Savage has accused him of he's guilty of nothing, that he never had lust for Elizabeth, just love, like love for a sister. Says that it was Savage is the one who was telling all the lies, taking the short cuts and wasn't there when he needed him. Says that Savage snapped because he couldn't live up to what all his Hulkamaniacs expected from him, was jealous of them and that at Wrestlemania V the Mega Powers will explode and there will be just one Mega Power left standing tall, and that will be him.


I'll finish the rest of the year when I have a bit more time.



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Continuation of Superstars of Wrestling recommendations and things of interest for 1989.



- Elizabeth (iv) backstage from Wrestlemania V where they are interrupted by Sensational Sherri who says that the best man did win that match. They are joined by Randy Savage who says that the only reason he isn't the champion any more is because Elizabeth distracted him and says that he is going to make sure that she doesn't interfere in his matches again. As he is about to slap her Hogan makes the save, but as he tends to Elizabeth Sherri grabs him by the hair and then Savage nails him with a chair.

- 'The Genius' Lanny Poffo vignette



- Jimmy Snuka vignette

- Brother Love show w/ Randy Savage where he introduces Sensational Sherri as his new manager.

- The Genius vignette



- Jim Duggan vs George South (Jesse Ventura announces that Danny Davis has been reinstated as a referee during this match)

- Rick Martel vs Terry Daniels (prior to this match Slick introduces Martel as his newesty protege)

- The Genius vignette

- Ron Garvin vs Greg Valentine (after the match Valentine and Jimmy Hart are interviewed by Tony Schiavone and say how the ref was paid off to fast count him and he then challenges Garvin to a rematch. He is so confident that he'll beat him that he says he will put his career on the line)

- Jimmy Snuka vignette

- Brother Love show w/ Brutus Beefcake. Beefcake says he can't believe how Savage has chosen Sherri as his new manager and says that she should be known as Scary Sherri. As he tries to get the crowd to chant along with him Sherri comes out and slaps him, then whilst she continues to remonstrate with him Randy Savage jumps him from behind knocking him to the floor. Sherri then cuts off Beefcake's mullet.

- No Holds Barred trailer (these air weekly but can imagine that only one would be necessary for Yearbook purposes)

- Greg Valentine, Jimmy Hart and Ron Garvin (iv) confrontation where Garvin accepts Valentine's challenge from earlier, butt then Valentine says why doesn't he put his career on the line too and Garvin agrees to this.



- Jimmy Snuka vignette

- Greg Valentine vs Ron Garvin (career ending match)



- WWF Update: recap of the Greg Valentine and Ron Garvin situation from the past two weeks. Valentine says how he put Garvin out of wrestling and that they will never see him wrestle in the WWF again. They are then joined by Garvin who says that he is a man of his word and that he will never wrestle again but that he has been appointed special trouble shooting referee and is going to make sure guys like Valentine don't get away with anything.

- Jimmy Snuka vignette

- Brother Love show w/ King Haku and Bobby Heenan. They say how Jim Duggan is nowhere near royalty and probably has saw dust for brains, but if he want s achance at the crown and cape then bring it on any time any place.

- Virgil vs Jake Roberts (originally scheduled to be Jake vs Dibiase, but we go backstage to see a 'clearly unwell' Dibiase who has been advised not to wrestle. Dibiase ends up attacking Roberts post match and putting the Million Dollar Dream on him and stuffing dollar bills down his throat)

- The Genius vignette



- Zeus walks down to and round the ring and scares jobbers Merkel and Michaelson, then makes his way back down the aisle to the back (Pat Patterson is in close proximity just keeping an eye on him)

- Elizabeth (iv) where Tony Schiavone suggests that there has been concern as to whether she will continue to be the manager of Hulk Hogan. She says that as long as Hogan needs her she'll be there and that Hulkamania will live forever.

- Jim Duggan vs King Haku (for the crown)



- Coronation of King Duggan.

- a scene from No Holds Barred that focuses on Zeus who claims to be the star of the movie.

- Brooklyn Brawler vs Red Rooster (this features Ron Garvin as the referee who the Brawler attacks after the match, but comes out on the short end)



- Brother Love show w/ Zeus. Love introduces him as the true star of No Holds Barred and Zeus says how he is bigger, badder and going to destroy Hulk Hogan (this includes clips from the movie)



- WWF Update: Gene Okerlund is outside the cinema on the premiere weekend of No Holds Barred where everyone he speaks to has nothing but praise for the movie and Hogan's performance.

- Dusty Rhodes 'pizzaman' vignette

- King Duggan vs Dave Wagner (after the match Bobby Heenan runs to ringside to try and steal the crown but is caught by Duggan who tosses him into the ring. As he goes after Heenan, Haku tries to jump him from behind but Duggan gets the better of him which leads to Andre the Giant coming out to help his family member. Big John Studd then comes out to even up the sides and he and Andre exchange chops and a shot to the mid-section sees the Giant tumble through the ropes to the floor.



- Bad News Brown vs Jim Evans (includes a post match interview where he says he stands alone, doesn't need no partner, no manager, nobody and then puts out a challenge to Hulk Hogan)

- Brother Love show / Big John Studd. To promote the Studd/Andre feud includes clips from last week's altercation with Love claiming that the only reason Studd got the better of Andre was because he had a 105 degree temperature.

- Dusty Rhodes 'butcher' vignette

- Elizabeth (iv) from outside the cinema and she says how No Holds Barred is the most exciting movie she's seen in a long time.



- WWF Update: recap of the Greg Valentine and Ron Garvin situation with Garvin saying how he would like to referee one of Valentine's matches to show him that there are rules and regulations. Valentine and Jimmy Hart say how he is a lousy referee, the worse that they have ever seen and don't think there is anyway he'll referee ione of his matches.

- Brother Love show w/ Jimmy Snuka. They are joined by Jimmy Hart who says that the Honky Tonk Man is the big cheese in the WWF and you don't humiliate him in front of all his fans. Honky then blindsides Snuka hitting him in the back with his guitar and eventually breaking it over him.

- Dusty Rhodes 'gas attendant' vignette

- Randy Savage & Sensation Sherri (iv) at the cinema and they think that No Holds Barred is fantastic and that Zeus is the real star of it.



- 'Widowmaker' Barry Windham vs Frankie DeFalco

- No Holds Barred music video

- Brother Love show /w Ted Dibiase and Virgil. Say that Jake Roberts has suffered a career ending injury at his hands. Says that the doctors took a disc out of his neck and the prognosis is no more wrestling and this shows that is you cross the Million Dollar Man you pay the price.

- Rick Rude vs Sonny Rogers (as Rude has chosen the 'lucky lady' for his post match Rude Awakening he closes his eyes waiting for her to kiss him, but he gets jumped by the Ultimate Warrior who attacks and then press slams him until Heenan is able to drag Rude from the ring)

- Dusty Rhodes 'table hand' vignette



- Dusty Rhodes 'plumber' vignette

- The Genius vs Sonny Rogers

- Brother Love show w/ Rick Martel & Slick. Slick says that Martel is now a monster and how that it is Tito Santana that has made him that. Martel says how he is glad he is free from Tito as it was he who carried Strike Force and that Tito stinks. At this point Santana comes out, Slick gets in his face and Tito open hand slaps him knocking him down. He and Martel then start brawling having to be separated by several referees.



- Dusty Rhodes 'garbage man' vignette

- Dino Bravo vs Brad Perry (Ron Garvin is the referee and he ends up DQ'ing Bravo for rule breaking. Bravo swings a punch at Garvin post match and they start fighting, having to be separated by other officials).

- Brother Love show w/ Randy Savage & Sensation Sherri. Savage says that there is a plot going on against him by Hogan and Beefcake because they know they can't beat him one on one so are teaming up against him. He then says that he has got someone to watch his back and then introduces Zeus and tells Hogan and Beefcake to accept the challenge any time, any place.


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Third part of the overview for Superstars of Wrestling for the year.



- WWF Update: recap of the Dino Bravo and Ron Garvin confrontation from last week's show. Jack Tunney (iv) says that Garvin's unprofessional conduct will not be tolerated and any reoccurrence of this will result in a long suspension. Greg Valentine (iv) talks about Garvin being the worst referee in the WWF and that he should be suspended now and never referee again.

- Dusty Rhodes 'Taco shop worker' vignette

- Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake (iv) where they accept Randy Savage & Zeus' challenge for Summerslam.



- Big Bossman vs Jim McPherson (after the Bossman gets the pin he is about to give McPherson the customary jobber post match nightstick beating when Dusty Rhodes makes the save. He snatches the club from Slick and when the Bossdman tries to rush him, Dusty hits him with it and he and Slick end up retreating to the back)

- Randy Savage & Zeus & Sensational Sherri (iv) say how Hogan and Beefcake have fallen into their trap and this time they have bitten off more than they can chew.

- Brother Love show w/ Dusty Rhodes. Love tells him how he's made a huge mistake getting involved in the Bossman's business. Rhodes is carrying the nightstick and cuffs that he took from the Bossman earlier, he then starts to talk in jive making little sense talking about 'Good times' and 'Americana'. He then gets them to play his music, Love storms off the set and Dusty starts dancing.



- WWF Update: recap of Big Bossman and Dusty Rhodes from last week where Rhodes saved the jobber from a post match beating. Bossman & Slick (iv) where they say how the 'common man' is nothing more than the 'common thief'. Dusty still has the nightstick and cuffs and tells the Bossman that if he wants them back, then to come and get them.

- Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake (iv) to promote the match at Summerslam. A vast contrast to the ones that he and Savage did to promote Wrestlemania as there was far too much waffle and talk about cauldrons and the like.

- Brother Love show w/ Andre the Giant & Bobby Heenan. They are joined by the Ultimate Warrior who says that when they eventually meet in the ring he'll beat the Giant 1, 2, 3. Prior to the Warrior coming out Love was saying how we'd see the Warrior scared for the first time when he comes face to navel with the Giant.

- Summerslam report (includes a Randy Savage & Zeus & Sensational Sherri (iv) along with one from the Rockers & Tito Santana)



- Jack Tunney (iv) says that based on the actions of Ron Garvin during a match between Greg Valentine and Jimmy Snuka and only after repeated warnings he has no alternative but to suspend Garvin as a WWF referee.



- WWF Update: recap of Jimmy Snuka vs Greg Valentine from SNME with Ron Garvin as referee and where Garvin's interference led to Valentine being pinned. Valentine (iv) where he says he knows that he put Garvin out of wrestling in the retirement match but that's not good enough any more, and now he wants him back in the WWF so he can finish the job once and for all. Jack Tunney then announces that Garvin has been fully reinstated as a wrestler.

- Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake (iv) includes a clip from SNME where Zeus no sold Hogan's chair shot to the back.

- Brother Love show w/ Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri & Zeus. They again air the clip from SNME with Zeus no selling the chair shot and Savage says that Hogan and Beefcake were shaking in their boots, but that was nothing compared with what will happen at Summerslam.



- Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri & Zeus (iv)



- Greg Valentine vs Koko B Ware (Ron Garvin makes his way to ringside to keep an eye on Valentine and takes a seat next to Howard Finkel. Valentine is about to put the Figure Four on Ware, but Garvin gets up and tells the referee that Valentine has altered the position of his shin guard and when Valentine goes over to Garvin, Koko rolls him up from behind)

- Events Center: Rockers (iv) for their marathon match with the Rougeaus.

- Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri & Zeus (iv)

- Brother Love show w/ Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake. Love says that he doesn't think Elizabeth has the guts to be at ringside for Summerslam, but Hogan says how it is no-ones business where she will be. Love says how that he used to see the eye of the tiger in Hogan's eyes but now he only sees the fear of Zeus. Hogan says how he and Beefcake fear no man, beast or human wrecking machine and they end up cutting some of Love's hair.

- Ultimate Warrior vs unnamed jobber (as the Warrior is carrying the jobberback to the dressing room out from behind the curtain comes Bobby Heenan. He starts talking to the Warrior who drops the job guy and turns to follow Heenan, this enables Andre to sneak up from behind and start choking the Warrior.



- Jake Roberts (iv) says how Ted Dibiase put him out of action and everyone said that he wouldn't be back, but he is, and is gunning for retribution from Dibiase.

- Brother Love show w/ Big Bossman & Slick. He;s got a little extra surprise for Dusty Rhodes and he's going to pay for the crimes that he has committed against himself and Slick.



- WWF Update: recap of Andre the Giant's attack on the Ultimate Warrior from two week's ago. Includes interviews with Andre & Bobby Heenan and the Warrior.

- Big Bossman vs Bob Allen (Bossman is giving Allen the post match beating when Dusty makes the save. He nails him with a nightstick, cuffs him but before he can cuff him to the ropes, Slick distracts him and the Bossman gets out of the ring; not before Rhodes has stolen another nightstick though.

- Brother Love show w/ Roddy Piper who is carrying a bag. Love starts insulting Piper making fun of his kilt etc, then Piper says how Love has bad breath and needs a lesson in hygene. He opens his bag and takes out dental floss and shoves it in his mouth, then he squirts toothpaste in his mouth and rubs it on his face, followed by squirting shampoo in his hair. At this point Bobby Heenan comes out and distracts Piper which enables Rick Rude to sneak up from behind on him. He gets some mouthwash out of Piper's bag and squirts it in his face 'blinding' him and gives him a Rude Awakening neckbreaker on the set. A bunch of agents come out and Piper starts swinging wildly, hitting a couple of them before they finally calm him down and restore things.



- Brother Love show w/ Jake Roberts. Jake confirms the rumours that he is heading back to action and Love questions if he is fully fit and even if he can apply the DDT. Roberts threatens to demonstrate it on Love, but says that iif he only has oneDDT left in his body then he is saving that for Ted Dibiase.

- Brain Busters vs Al Mayo & ? (as soon as the match is over Demolition run down to the ring and want to get it on with the Busters, but they want no part of them at this time and just exit the ring and head to the back).



- Brother Love show w/ Andre the Giant & Bobby Heenan. Andre is sporting the Ultimate Warrior style face paint and they refer to him as the 'Ultimate Giant'.

- Roddy Piper vs Chris Duffy



- Rougeaus vs Gary Wolfe & Anthony Durante

- the coronation of 'Macho King' Randy Savage and 'Sensational Queen' Sherri.



- Brother Love show w/ The Genius. The Genius introduces Mr Perfect and he says that he is twice the athlete, twice the wrestler and twice the man that Hulk Hogan is and that after Hogan has met him in the ring, he wont be able to call himself the World Heavyweight champion.



- WWF Update: Gene Okerlund runs down the team captains for this year's Survivor Series match ups.

- compilation of Mr Perfect putting a golf ball, getting a strike in bowling, hitting a bullseye in darts and the the Genius and Perfect say how Hulk Hogan can't do that.

- Ted Dibiase & Zeus (iv) where Dibiase says how he brought himself an insurance policy.



- Mr Perfect vignette with the Genius where he demostrates his perfect ability at ping pong and says how Hogan 'can't do that'.

- Brain Busters & Bobby Heenan (iv) where they say how they'll give Demolition one last title shot, but no more. This is immediately followed by a Demolition (iv) responding to this.


I'll finish the year off next time.

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Final part.



- WWF Update: Mr Perfect giving us another example of why he is perfect, this time demonstrating his Diving and saying how Hogan can't do that.

- Brother Love show w/ the members of the King's Court for Survivor Series. This is just to build their match with the 4x4's at the upcoming PPV. The show commences whilst the 4x4's are still in the ring from the previous match and when they run from the ring to the set the Court flees to the back.

- Brain Busters vs Demolition (tag title change)

- Dino Bravo & Jimmy Hart (iv) where they issue the ultimate challenge to the Ultimate Warrior, challenging him to a push up contest next week on the show.

- Ultimate Warrior (iv) in response to Bravo's interview where he accepts.



- Dino Bravo feat of strength where he does push ups with Jimmy Hart on his back. Gene Okerlund is not impressed and Hart then says Bravo will let him choose the largest fan in the audience and he will sit on Dino's back whilst he does push ups. Hart scours the audience and they find a big man in the crowd who they invite to come and join them in the ring. Okerlund asks him a couple of questions and we find out his name is John and that he weighs 461lbs. Dino then proceeds to do a number of push ups with John sat on his back and says how no-one else in the world could do that. Gene then introduces the Ultimate Warrior. He gets into the push up position and John gets on his back, but John and Bravo then attack him and beat on him with John splashing him a few times. Good angle.



- WWF Update: recap of last week's test of strength and attack on the Ultimate Warrior. Okerlund then says that Bravo's accomplice is known only as the Canadian Earthquake (includes an interview with Jimmy Hart, Bravo and the Earthquake).



- WWF Update: Gene Okerlund announces No Holds Barred: The Match, The Movie PPV for 12.27.89 (includes an interview with Randy Savage, Sensational Sherri & Zeus)

- Dusty Rhodes vs Rusty Riddle (Dusty goes and dances with one of his fans post match and this is the first appearance of Sapphire)

- Mr Perfect plays Horeshoe perfectly and says that Hulk Hogan can't do that.

- Brother Love show w/ Roddy Piper. He says how the last time he was on the show he was humiliated (they air the clips of when Rude jumped and attacked him previously), but says how they didn't expect him to just let that go and not do anything about it. There has been no sign of Love, but Piper has been carrying a rope and says that he is the King of Humiliation and wants Rude to take note. He brings out someone on the end of the rope, under a sheet and it's Brother Love who is tied up and wearing a diaper and he says that everyone has to pay the Piper.



- Brother Love show w/ Greg Valentine & Jimmy Hart. They say now that Ron Garvin is reinstated he can have him in the ring again and put his Figure Four on him. Says that even though his shin is injured his Figure Four is more powerful than it has ever been, at which point Garvin makes his way out. He says that Valentine injured his ankle with the Figure Four and has been to see Jack Tunney to get permission to wear a special shin guard of his own as his ankle is hurt. He then says how he has a leglock of his own and it will be hold against hold.



- WWF Update: promoting the No Holds Barred PPV (includes clips of the Hulk Hogan and Zeus confrontation from Survivor Series where Zeus got DQ'd and Gene Okerlunds post match (iv) with Hogan & Brutus Beefcake where Sherri interrupts them and throws powder in their faces and they get jumped by Savage and Zeus).

- Big Bossman vs Larry Lawson (after the match Slick goes and gets in the face of Dusty Rhodes' fan who slaps him. The Bossman then goes out to her which brings out Dusty who comes to her aid, lifts her over the guard rail and she leaves with him).

- Brother Love show w/ Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan. They tell Roddy Piper that the man who will defeat him is the very monster that he created (includes a clip of Piper humiliating Love in the diaper). Intense stuff from Rude.

- No Holds Barred report (includes Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri & Zeus (iv))



- Dusty Rhodes vs Al Burke (includes an insert (iv) from his fan, and he invites her into the ring to dance with him after the match)

- Brother Love show w/ Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri & Zeus. Promoting the No Holds Barred PPV and includes Hulk Hogan and Zeus in action from the Survivor Series.

- Rockers vs Brooklyn Brawler & Dale Wolfe (after the match Mr Fuji comes down to ringside and gets in the ring challenging the Rockers on behalf of the Powers of Pain. They end up double dropkicking him and giving him the double fist drop off the top turnbuckle).



- Brother Love show w/ Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake. Says how they are lookingto put Randy Savage & Zeus out of the WWF permanently (again includes clips from the Survivor Series and the dressing room attack).

- Dusty Rhodes (iv) introduces his new manager Sapphire (the fan who then joins him from ringside on the stage where they dance together)

- Colossal Connection & Bobby Heenan (iv) immediately followed by a Demolition (iv) to hype next week's match.



- WWF Update: Gene Okerlund announces that the Royal Rumble will take place on January 21st 1990 (includes highlights from last January's event).

- DIno Bravo vs Reno Riggins (despite having Riggins beat, Bravo continues to lift him up at the count of two rather than pinning him. This leads to the Ultimate Warrior running down to attack Bravo and he ends up clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor. He goes out after him but is distracted by the Canadian Earthquake who has gotten into the ring. With his back turned and now up on the apron to go after the Earthquake, Bravo hits him with a chair and continues to beat on him until a bunch of referees come out and usher him to the back.

- Colossal Connection vs Demolition (tag title change)


I'll do NWA World Championship Wrestling next as I think I already have a lot of that stuff typed up as opposed to just being on paper in a folder. There is plenty of stuff that could easily be suitable for Yearbook purposes, especially when they move out of the TBS studio. Main highlights are the return of Ricky Steamboat, the Ric Flair - Ricky Steamboat feud, the Flair - Terry Funk feud, the whole Robin Green/Woman - Doom - Steiners angle, the Lex Luger heel turn, the Midnight Express - Jim Cornette - Dynamic Dudes, the Teddy Long firing and a bunch of debuts (Great Muta, SST, Brian Pillman, Skyscrapers, Norman). As well as this there are numerous great interviews and segment aswell as some strange teams (Dick Murdoch & Vincent Young!).

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Also, a note: Duggan losing his crown to Randy Savage was ONLY shown on Update, showing the ending of the match. That aired on the 9/23 Superstars, with Savage's coronation the next week.


Graham's http://www.thehistoryofwwe.com/challenge89.htm'>Challenge page for '89 is actually more in-depth, listing most of the podium interviews. A few things that jump out:


5/21 - The Rockers come out for a match against the Rougeaus singing their entrance music, incensing the Rougeaus and leading to Shawn Michaels getting his throat crushed with the megaphone. I remember freaking out when this happened, sort of the poor man's Savage/Steamboat. Good set-up for the London match, which got some love during the first '80s Project and is something I think needs to be on.


7/16 - Mr. Perfect vs. Dave Paradise. Heenan melts down in the booth, tells off Schiavone and Monsoon, and storms off the set, quitting the show. Some classic Brain here. Set-up for The Bobby Heenan Show, which probably needs a Yearbook segment for sheer WTF-ness.

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Also, a note: Duggan losing his crown to Randy Savage was ONLY shown on Update, showing the ending of the match. That aired on the 9/23 Superstars, with Savage's coronation the next week.



Cheers, I never knew that. I did see it, but as it was being shown in the Update assumed it had aired on either Challenge or Prime Time.


Here is the start of the NWA World Championship Wrestling recommendations/things of interest for the year. When sorting through these I think I ended up noting every Muta match, but really I think only one or two of the squashes would be required. This will take some trimming as you could feasibly do 30 discs on the NWA alone, but it is a starting point!



- Barry Windham (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs Eddie Gilbert (Ric Flair comes out to join Dillon midway through the bout. He then interferes for the DQ when Gilbert was in control)

- Road Warriors & Paul Ellering (iv) they announce Genichiru Tenryu as their new Six-Man Tag Team partner

- Barry Windham & Ric Flair & J.J Dillon (iv) they are joined by Eddie Gilbert, and he challenges Windham & Flair to face him and a mystery partner on the show next week. They accept.

- Missy Hyatt (iv’s) Ric Flair incl. clip of Flair vs Lex Luger where Flair gets the pin with his feet on the ropes

- Rick Steiner vs Mike Rotundo (w/ Kevin Sullivan) - Steve Williams interferes for the DQ. They spike piledrive Steiner and try to steal his dog, until Michael Hayes & JYD come out to stop them

- Lex Luger & Sting (iv) re. Flair’s comments about how he’ll never face Lex again



- Eddie Gilbert (iv) confirms his mystery partner is here

- Eddie Gilbert (iv) incl. clips of last weeks beatdown by the Horsemen

- Ric Flair & Barry Windham (w/ J.J. Dillon) vs Eddie Gilbert & Ricky Steamboat

- Steamboat & Eddie Gilbert (iv) after getting the pin on Flair, Steamboat wants a World Title shot. They are joined by Ric Flair, Barry Windham & J.J. Dillon and they are not happy as they never got a chance to prepare for Steamboat



- Ricky Steamboat (iv) brings out his wife and son, and says that securing their future is the reason for his goal to become World Champion

- Ricky Steamboat vs Russian Assassin II (w/ Paul Jones & Russian Assassin I) (Ric Flair comes out to the commentary position during the match. After the bout Jones and Russian Assassin I come in the ring to try and jump Steamboat but he sees them off. Flair then comes up to the ring and says how Steamboat wants no part of him, he then hits a running over the top rope to the floor tope on Flair. Barry Windham comes to help Flair but Eddie Gilbert evens it up and they brawl at ringside with the heels injuring Gilbert. They ram his head into the ringpost, then Windham lays him face down on the concrete floor and Flair drops a knee to the head. Great stuff).



- Eddie Gilbert (iv) has his nose plastered and incl. clips of last week’s attack on him

- Abdullah the Butcher (w/ Gary Hart) vs Dave Heath (Gangrel)

- Lex Luger (iv) says that he has the US title in his sights and if he wins, then that makes him the number one contender and Ric Flair would then have to face him.

- Ricky Steamboat public workout to get him ready for his match with Ric Flair at the Chi-Town Rumble. The workout sees Steamboat against Bob Cook, Dustin Rhodes and Ric Diamond with Flair coming out to observe.

- Clips of Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair in the ring after the workout (this took place during the commercial break)

- Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs Mike Jackson & Kip Montana (Billy Gunn)

- Midnight Express & Jim Cornette (iv) great stuff from Cornette.



- Midnight Express & Jim Cornette (iv) where Cornette says how he will send Paul E. Dangerously packing from the NWA in the loser of the pin leaves town match.

- Road Warriors & Paul Ellering vs The Varsity Club (from NWA Saturday Morning). Good action in this.



- Samoan Swat Team (Fatu & Samu) vs Dale Lapeyrouse & Bob Emory (Paul E. Dangerously, Gary Hart, Hiro Matsuda, Kevin Sullivan and Paul Jones are all out scouting the SST).

- Ricky Steamboat (iv) says that the match with Ric Flair is all or nothing for him as he doesn’t want to be in a situation like Lex Luger where Flair has said how he will never wrestle him again.

- Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner (iv) where Gilbert says that Steiner no longer has to worry about Kevin Sullivan sticking his nose in his business as he has his back.



- Eddie Gilbert (iv) introduces Missy Hyatt as his returning valet.

- Ricky Steamboat dressing room (iv) after his win at the Chi-Town Rumble and the likes of Lex Luger, Sting, Rick Steiner and Stan Lane all spray champagne over him.

- Michael Hayes & JYD (iv) Hayes says how he has had some offers from Hiro Matsuda but is not interested in joining him (Hayes’ racial slurs are silenced out whilst JYD does his best Japanese voice!)



- Iron Sheik (iv) demonstrates the Iranian dumbbells, and challenges any American to duplicate what he can do

- Paul E. Dangerously (iv) announces that he will have a weekly talk show segment called ‘The Danger Zone’

- The Danger Zone w/ Ric Flair & Hiro Matsuda (Heyman has a bodyguard with him in ‘Secret Service’ Jack Victory). Flair states that he has a major announcement for next week and will also wrestle on the show

- Varsity Club (all four members) (iv) Kevin Sullivan has been looking through NWA documentation and has found that the TV title will only be on the line for the first 10 minutes of matches as it is an old by law of the promotion. Sullivan then announces Mike Rotunda is now the Captain of the Varsity Club, and that Rotunda has agreed to put up $10,000 of his own money to try and encourage challengers.



- Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda & Dan Spivey (iv) they confirm the $10,000 challenge that they made last week and then show the money. They reiterate that the TV title is only on the line for the first 10 minutes and say that they are putting the money up as Rotunda wants competition and competition makes him better.

- The Danger Zone w/ Lex Luger. They are joined by Michael Hayes who is teaming with Luger to take on Barry & Kendall Windham at The Omni, although they are already thinting at dissension between the two as Hayes takes over the interview.

- Ric Flair & Hiro Matsuda (iv) says just because he doesn’t like him, he is going to beat Lex Luger for the US title before he beats Rick Steamboat for the World crown.

- Ric Flair (w/ Hiro Matsuda) vs Greg Evans

- Old Spice advert featuring Sting

- Paul E. Dangerously & Jack Victory & Samoan Swat Team (iv) he’s not happy over the way that Lex Luger conducted himself on The Danger Zone earlier so ‘Secret Service’ Jack Victory is going to take the US title from him.

- Michael Hayes & JYD & Vincent Young vs Cruel Connection & Rip Morgan (pre-match Hayes wasn’t happy that they came out to Young’s music)



- Gary Hart & Hiro Matsuda (iv) they introduce The Great Mota.

- Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda & Steve Williams & Dan Spivey (iv) they are accompanied by Chip, the Personal Accountant of the Varsity Club, and he is looking after Rotunda’s $10,000.

- Mike Rotunda (w/ Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey) vs Richard Sartain (Eddie Gilbert and Rick Steiner come to the commentary booth and say why doesn’t Rotunda put the money and TV title up against them rather than handpicking easy opponents. Steve Williams eventually comes to ringside to support Rotunda).

- Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner & Missy Hyatt (iv) they again challenge Rotunda to put up the $10,000 and the TV belt against them.

- Great Mota (w/ Gary Hart & Hiro Matsuda) vs Cougar Jay

- Gary Hart & Hiro Matsuda & Great Mota (iv)

- Barry & Kendall Windham (w/ Hiro Matsuda) vs Michael Hayes & Lex Luger (from The Omni, Atlanta, GA. Hayes turns on Luger allowing the Windhams to get the win and then joins them in a post fight attack on him. This is followed by a great Hayes (iv) at ringside conducted by Jim Ross who is convinced that Hayes took Matsuda’s money)



- Hiro Matsuda & Michael Hayes (iv) where Matsuda confirms he has come to an arrangement with Hayes, whilst Hayes says that he is the new color analyst on the show.

- Lex Luger (iv, from Albany, GA) where he addresses what Michael Hayes did to him. Hayes then responds from the commentary booth and says that the Yamasaki Corporation (Ric Flair, Barry & Kendall Windham, Butch Reed, Hiro Matsuda and himself) now runs the NWA.

- The Danger Zone w/ Cougar Jay and they are joined early by Randy Rose who says that his lawyers found a loophole and he is back in the NWA. When Paul E. Dangerously asks him who his manager will be, he says him. Dangerously says that he wants nothing to do with him as he lost twice on PPV, and when Rose gets heated about saying how he put his career on the line for him, Jack Victory attacks him with the cell phone and then piledrives both Rose and Jay on the concrete floor.

- Great Mota (w/ Gary Hart) vs Jerry Price (Mota wins by Cattle Mutilation submission)

- Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda & Steve Williams (iv) Sullivan wants to see who the best College athlete in the NWA is. Jim Ross again questions why Rotunda isn’t defending his title against the likes of Sting and Rick Steiner, then he says he will get to them, but at the moment there are greater contenders.

- Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) vs Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu (jip, from AJPW)

- Dick Murdoch & Vincent Young vs Lee Scott & The Enforcer



- Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey

- The Danger Zone w/ Gary Hart, Hiro Matsuda & Great Mota. Hart announces that Mota is the son of the Great Kabuki.

- Ricky Steamboat (iv) says that he needs the 2/3 falls match with Ric Flair to prove to himself and the doubters that the outcome of the last match was no fluke.

- Great Mota (w/ Gary Hart) vs Cruel Connection I & II (hc)

- Mike Rotunda (w/ Kevin Sullivan & Steve Williams & Dan Spivey) vs Sting (TV Title Change from Center Stage. Lex Luger & Ricky Steamboat come to ringside midway through the match to support Sting. Good match)



- Dennis L. Guthrie (iv) as Flair’s lawyer he is ordering the NWA to arrange a rematch between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat to take place within 30 days, due to the fact that Flair’s leg was clearly under the rope and outside the ring. Guthrie says that if the NWA do not grant the rematch then he will be filing a lawsuit against the NWA, Ted Turner, Jim Herd and Steamboat himself. He also states that should a remath be granted, Flair wants a second referee outside the ring who has the power to overrule the in ring official.

- Lex Luger vs Kendall Windham (Michael Hayes leaves the announcing position to go down to ringside and features a great finish as Windham goes for a crossbody off the top and in one movement Luger catches him and turns it into a powerslam for the pin).

- Jim Herd (iv) confirms that there will be a rematch between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat on 5/7 and that there will be three special judges for the bout. He says that this decision is not as a result of what Dennis Guthrie said.

- Jack Victory (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs Randy Rose (as Rose is covering Victory, Paul E. clocks him with his phone enabling Victory to get the pin. Surprisingly decent action.

- Great Mota (w/ Gary Hart) vs Gary Royal & Bucky Siegler (hc)

- Ricky Steamboat (iv) says that the match on 5/7 from Nashville will be Ric Flair’s last chance.



- Bob Orton & Butch Reed (w/ Gary Hart) vs Dick Murdoch & Bucky Siegler (Hart challenges Murdoch just before the bout was due to begin to come and face them now, he accepts and replaced jobber Don Sanders (?) in the match. When Murdoch finally gets the tag in, the heels are DQ’d for continual double and triple teaming. Great stuff.

- Sting (iv) he is joined by Rick Steiner and then the Iron Sheik and his flagbearer Rip Morgan. Jim Ross informs us that Sheik has challenged Sting for his TV title, although it was hard to make out what the Sheik was saying.

- Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Greg Evans

- Jack Victory (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs Randy Rose (Victory gets the pin after nailing Rose with Paul E.’s phone. This was done in full view of official Teddy Long who had previously stopped Rose from using a phone on Victory)

-Rick Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs The Raider (Steiner’s number one fan (Woman) makes her first appearance as she comes and hugs Steiner as he is making his way around ringside)

- Kevin Sullivan (iv) joined by Missy Hyatt and Rick Steiner, and when Sullivan insults Eddie Gilbert, Hyatt slaps him. Sullivan says it is not the end of it and he will get them both.

- Ricky Steamboat vs Ron Simmons

- Jim Cornette (iv) says that he and the Midnight Express are leaving the NWA. Says that they have to get their heads straight, attitudes right and heal up their bodies, and then they will make a decision on what to do next. Appears to be the start of a heel turn.

- Lex Luger vs Tom Branch (after the match Luger confront Michael Hayes and challenges him there and then. Hayes accepts and they brawl until the show goes off the air).

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- Ranger Ross & Randy Rose vs Rip Morgan & Jack Victory (Rose finally gets the pin on Victory, but takes a post match double team beating for his troubles)

- recap of the Bob Orton - Dick Murdoch feud incl. clips from various TV shows

- Tonga the Polynesian Savage vs Trent Knight

- Iron Sheik & Rip Morgan (iv) more gibberish, but Sheik appears annoyed that Sting isn’t there this week.

- Samoan Swat Team (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs Rick Steiner & Eddie Gilbert (w/ Missy Hyatt) (Dangerously trips Gilbert as he is running the ropes and then gets slapped by Hyatt for interfering. This brings out Kevin Sullivan who goes after Missy and tries to drag her to the back. Steiner tries to save her but gets blindsided by Dan Spivey. Gilbert eventually gets to Sullivan and they all brawl on the outside, resulting in the faces getting counted out. Great stuff and Steiner’s fan is again visible this week.



- Ric Flair (iv) he is accompanied by three women saying that they have started the victory celebration one week early; they are then joined by Rick Steamboat. Good interview.

- Bob Orton (w/ Gary Hart) vs Bob Emory (Hart joins Jim Ross on commentary again. Ross tells him he has received a message from security and that there is an emergency in the back and he needs to go to the locker room. Not long later Hart returns to ringside being attacked by a bullrope wielding Dick Murdoch. Orton leaves the ring to come to his manager’s rescue before they both flee. The match is either a no-contest or Orton is counted out.

- Ron Simmons vs JYD (referee Teddy Long fast counts a Simmons pin on JYD)

- Jim Herd (iv) says that he has seen enough, and announces that Teddy Long is no longer an official of the NWA.

- Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Lee Scott

- Sting (iv) is out to answer the Iron Sheik’s Persian Club challenge. Rip Morgan is accompanying the Sheik who demonstrates the clubs. Sting is about to follow suit but says he needs to see how it is done again. The Sheik again demonstrates it for a second time, then it happens again so he does it for a third time. Sting then says that the Sheik is the best at swinging the clubs, but he is the better wrestler and walks off. Strange segment.

- Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda (Kevin Sullivan turns up after the match has started. He begins to cut Gilbert’s hair, then when Missy jumps on him to stop him he goes after her. This brings out the Road Warriors who make the save. Prior to the match commencing, Steiner’s fan gave him a small toy that spins when you blow it).



- Rick Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs Max McGiver (Rick’s fan has an ‘Alex’ of her own)

- Kevin Sullivan (iv) says Missy Hyatt is nothing but a hindrance to a guy who was once a great athlete, and that she is the demise of Rick Steiner who will pay for leaving the Varsity Club (incl. clips of Sullivan’s and Hyatt’s altercations from previous weeks)

- Steve Williams (w/ Mike Rotunda & Kevin Sullivan) vs Road Warrior Animal (w/ Road Warrior Hawk & Paul Ellering) (a ‘Designated Hitter match’, where are they to take it in turns to sit on a bar stool and take one punch from their opponent. Animal was to receive the first shot, but Williams just hits him with a clothesline instead. Animal then goes after Williams, the Varsity Club then jump Animal until Hawk and Ellering make the save)

- Ric Flair (w/ Hiro Matsuda) vs Dwayne Bruce (with Ricky Steamboat on commentary. Jim Ross takes a dig at Hulk Hogan as when they were talking about their New Orleans match he said ‘we had nobody trying to cover a bald spot and pose a little bit’)

- Teddy Long (iv) is out to protest the decision of Jim Herd and the NWA, and claims he has been framed by them as he has done nothing wrong. Says that they will all be sorry.

- Sting vs Rip Morgan (w/ Iron Sheik) (Sting gets the pin but is double teamed by the heels post match. Sheik puts him in the Camel Clutch until Rick Steiner saves and runs them off)

- Dynamic Dudes music video ‘Iko Iko’

- Dynamic Dudes (Johnny Ace & Shane Douglas) vs George South & The Raider

- Ricky Steamboat - Ric Flair music video ‘The Final Countdown’ (awesome hype video for the Wrestle War match that is Flair’s last title shot at the title. Can’t put over enough how great this is)



- Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Ranger Ross

- Terry Funk (iv) gives his reasoning for why he attacked Ric Flair. Says that they were having a verbal confrontation and that Flair insinuated Funk shouldn’t be a contender in the NWA. Funk felt otherwise, but was going to shake his hand, leave him to it and let him have his moment, but he then says that he saw in Flair’s eye that he was going to hit him so he beat him to the punch. He then claims that Flair isn’t injured, just gutless.

- Lex Luger (iv) is sick and tired of trying to please everyone and is coming after Michael Hayes and the U.S. Title.

- Jim Herd (iv) announces that the World Tag Team titles have been vacated due to the way that the Varsity Club manhandled special guest referee Nikita Koloff at Wrestle War. He says that there will be an eight team elimination tournament for the titles.

- Kevin Sullivan (iv) says that this just a plan to get rid of the Varsity Club. He also appears to be blaming Steve Williams for something.

- Teddy Long (iv) he is going nowhere, and he then gets the director to play a video of his childhood friend ‘Norman’. He claims that both he and Norman have been badly misjudged by everyone.

- Kevin Sullivan (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs Scott Steiner (after getting the pin Sullivan tries to attack Scott with a chair but he rolls out the ring to avoid him. Eddie Gilbert then comes to ringside to support and watch Steiner, whilst the referee reverses the decision due to Sullivan’s attempted post match antics).

- Terry Funk vs Troy Aldridge (prior to the match beginning Funk says that as Ric Flair doesn’t see him as a worthy opponent that he is going to start off facing the least experienced guy on the roster. He then says that as he is a ‘living legend’ and a humanitarian he will give Aldridge the chance to back out of the match. Aldridge says that he doesn’t, so Funk slaps him. He asks him again if he wishes to back out of the match, and again he says no, so Funk slaps him harder. He asks him a third time, and this time Aldridge says yes. As he is about to leave and get out of the ring, Funk jumps and just hammers him. The show goes off the air with Funk about to piledrive Aldridge on the floor. Great segment.



- Sting vs Jack Victory (Gary Hart joins Jim Ross on commentary. Hart and Sting have a verbal confrontation post match, and Sting challenges the Great Muta to face him now. Hart says that they will wait until the time is right. Muta then comes out, but Hart takes him to the back).

- Eddie Gilbert (iv) incl. video footage of Rick Steiner getting physiotherapy for his bicep injury where he is accompanied by Scott Steiner.

- Brian Pillman music video vignette (incl. clips of a match against George South from Center Stage – tryout?)

- Terry Funk vs Eddie Guerrero (really good and Funk give Guerrero a lot of offense)

- Terry Funk (iv) says it’s time to put Ric Flair out to pasture and begs to have Rick Steiner’s place in the Top 10 contenders, as he is the best wrestler in the world.

- Dynamic Dudes music video ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ (incl. clips of a match against Jack Victory & The Enforcer from Center Stage).

-Freebirds vs Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) (the Samoan Swat Team attack Animal and double team him at ringside leading to Hawk coming to help his partner and an intense brawl follows. The Road Warriors are counted out, but there’s a nice touch where Terry Gordy wants to go and join in the fight, but Hayes is more interested in getting the win and stops him from the leaving the ring and being counted out).

- Teddy Long (iv) and he plays another video of his friend ‘Norman’ who is innocent, just like him.



- Terry Funk vs Davey Rich

- Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Mike Justice & Trent Knight & Cougar Jay (Oriental Torture match)

- Samoan Swat Team (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) (double count out that descends into a wild brawl).

- Lex Luger (iv) re. the Badstreet match that he has signed on for with Michael Hayes. Says that he is sick and tired of playing by the rules and as this match has no rules, it is right up his street.

- Scott Steiner (w/ Rick Steiner & Missy Hyatt) vs Jack Victory (prior to this match Rick’s fan gives him a teddy bear. Teddy Long joins the commentary position and says that no-one is to call his friend Norman a lunatic and that no-one is to boo him).

- Samoan Swat Team (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs Ron Simmons & Ranger Ross (Teddy Long is out scouting Simmons and appears to be trying to sign him to a contract. Simmons ends up walking out on Ross leaving him to face both members of the SST alone).

- Jim Cornette (iv) and he announces that he and the Midnight Express are returning to the NWA.

- Dr Estwanik (Ric Flair’s physician) (iv) gives an update on Flair’s condition.

- Terry Funk (iv) says how he spoke to Ric Flair’s attorney and offered to pay for Flair’s round trip ticket so that he can come to the show next week and let everyone see the extent of his injuries and the attorney said that Flair will be here next week.



- Ron Simmons vs Ranger Ross (Teddy Long comes to ringside and with the referee’s back turned and Ross in control puts some brass knux on Simmons’ hand. He then clocks the Ranger and gets the pin).

- Brian Pillman music video vignette ‘Def Leppard – Rocket’

- Teddy Long (iv) introduces another video of Norman.

- Terry Funk (iv) announces that Ric Flair is here and as Flair’s music plays Funk asks him to come on down, however it’s an impostor. Funk says Flair has a bad stomach because he has lost his guts and says he has a bad back as he has a yellow streak running down it. Sting comes out to confront Funk and Funk challenges him and they have a hot, short brawl until a bunch of jobbers try to pull them apart. Another great Funk segment.

- Kevin Sullivan vs Tom Pittner (prior to the match Sullivan gets in the face of Rick’s fan shouting at her and then ripping up her poster leaving her in tears. Both Sullivan and Nancy are excellent here)

- Scott Hall music video vignette

- Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Steve Casey

- Midnight Express (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Butch Reed & The Raider (it was supposed to be Bob Orton teaming with Reed, but as soon as he got to ringside he was jumped by Dick Murdoch and they both brawled to the back. Teddy Long then comes down and says he’ll find a partner for Reed and gets him The Raider)



- clip of Missy Hyatt confronting Gary Hart, Great Muta and Kevin Sullivan where Muta blows the mist in her eyes. As she is on the floor screaming, Scott Steiner and Doug Gilbert come to help her.

- Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Ray Lloyd

- Terry Funk (iv from earlier this week) and Funk has cracked the Top 10 and will face the number one contender Ricky Steamboat at the Clash who then comes out to confront Funk. Lex Luger shows up at the Center Stage commentary position asking them to cut the tape and he’s irate that he isn’t on the Clash card. Says that as the US champion he should be the number one contender and says how Steamboat snuck in to get the gold whilst he was busy with the US title, has had his chance and should now step aside. He then says that he will be at the Clash whether the powers that be like it or not. After Luger leaves the commentary position a Steamboat (iv) from earlier in the week airs and says how Flair should be happy that he is in the Top 10 and wrestling the number one contender like himself. Great stuff.

- Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda vs Dewayne Bruce & Mark Smith (the Varsity Club continue to attack the jobbers after the match until the Steiners make the save and the two teams brawl).

- Dynamic Dudes vs New Zealand Militia (Rip Morgan & Jacko Victory)

- Rick & Scott Steiner vs The Raider & Snake Brown (prior to this match Rick gives his fan his Letterman jacket. Immediately after they get the pin the Steiners are jumped by Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda and they brawl as the show goes off the air).



- Ric Flair (sit down (iv) with Jim Ross) he’s sporting a neck brace and says that he’ll make an announcement on his career on 7/1 and if he’s not 100% he won’t come back and they can take the title from him.

- Terry Funk vs Cougar Jay (Funk is pelted with rubbish constantly during the match and Jay takes a couple of great bumps to the floor)

- Terry Funk (iv) he tells Flair to give up the belt.

- Rick & Scott Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs Fred Avery & Keith Steinborn (prior to the match Rick again gives his fan his Letterman jacket. Jim Ross on commentary later mentions that he’s her boyfriend and that her name is Robin Greene)

- Paul E. Dangerously (iv) includes clips of the Road Warriors attacking the SST in their match against the Midnight Express from the Clash and then declares war on them and Paul Ellering.

- Gary Hart & Great Muta (iv) Hart says that if there is anything that scares Muta it is fire in the face, as that is what scarred his father.

- Norman the Lunatic (w/ Teddy Long) vs Bob Emory

- Jim Cornette & Midnight Express (iv) where Cornette blames Paul E. Dangerously for costing them the NWA tag titles and has asked the NWA that he wants to fight Paul E. one on one. He then brings in Steve Williams and says how they have something in common and that’s that no-one trusts them and they have no real friends. He says that Kevin Sullivan betrayed Williams and that Terry Gordy jumped him from behind and no matter how tough he is he can’t fight three Freebirds at once, and from now on they’ll be looking out for each other.

- Sting vs Al Greene (after the match Terry Funk comes to ringside and gets in the ring as though he is going to attack Sting but just gets out the other side and leaves).

- Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams (with Williams in control Michael Hayes comes down and jumps upon the apron. Referee Nick Patrick goes to try to tell him to get down and whilst Williams has Gordy up for the Oklahoma Stampede, Jim Garvin then shows up, hooks Dr Death’s leg and Gordy falls on top of him for the pin. Jim Cornette then comes to ringside and tries to tell Patrick what happened but the Freebirds toss him into the ring and are about to attack him until the Midnight Express make the save. An almighty brawl then takes place that also includes the New Zealand Militia, the Dynamic Dudes, Norman, the Steiners and a few others, which appears to be to promote the upcoming two ring King of the Hill Battle Royals.



- Midnight Express & Steve Williams (w/ Jim Cornette) vs Keith Steinborn & Fred Avery & Jeff James (Michael Hayes goes to ringside from the commentary position during the match and starts arguing with Cornette. When Dr Death leaves the apron to stand next to Cornette, Hayes retreats back to announcing. After the match Cornette challenges the Freebirds and there is reluctance shown until he calls Gordy yellow. An impromptu match then takes place with Stan Lane pinning Jim Garvin. Hayes claims it was a fluke and a quick three count and then Garvin says how they are going nowhere and demand that the Midnights come back out. Jim Ross says how the Midnights pinned them and embarrassed them on TV and if they were the real Freebirds and the real world champions then they’d wrestle them tonight. They agree and then leave to prepare for the match. Hayes and Cornette are both excellent in this segment especially when they are going back and forth verbally.

- Sting (iv) is let down and disappointed by Lex Luger’s actions at the Clash. Lex comes out and says that Sting should be grateful for everything that he has done for him since he joined the NWA and says that if Steamboat wants to avoid him he needs to give up his number one ranking. More goodness from heel Luger.

- Michael Hayes & Jim Garvin (w/ Terry Gordy) vs Midnight Express (w/ Jim Cornette)

- Rick & Scott Steiner & Missy Hyatt (iv) they are accompanied by Robin Green who introduces herself. Rick says she is not his girlfriend, just a ‘girl’ and then gives her some flowers.

- Rick & Scott Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs Snake Brown & Cruel Connection (during the match Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda come out to where Robin is sat and destroy the flowers that Rick gave her)

- Terry Funk (iv) says that if Flair does come back he is going to beat him for the World title.

- Eddie Gilbert (iv) introduces the returning Tommy Rich to the NWA. The clip of Gilbert trying to burn the Great Muta from the Clash is shown and Gary Hart comes out to talk with Gilbert. He insults Missy Hyatt then Gilbert punches him and starts beating on him, until Muta shows up and blows the red mist in his face and attacks him with his kendo stick until the show goes off the air.


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I have what looks to be a complete run of Stampede 89 in .avi form on a seedbox on XWT-Classics. I don't have time to watch it and do recommendations but if someone is interested in using it for this project, just join XWT-Classics if you aren't already on there and grab it.


There is also some Continental from 89 on there as well but it is missing a ton of shows.

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Is it safe to say that everything in the DVDVR '80s sets will be in the 1980s yearbooks? Because that makes things a lot easier as a basis.

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The match I've wanted to see forever, that I asked to include on the old PWO DVD club set at some point. The Ding Dong's debut with Cornette on commentary!


This is almost approaching urban-legend status for me. It was mentioned in a Scott Keith rant so it may have been fabricated entirely for all I know, but I've never yet found it on Youtube or DM or anywhere--and I have looked, trust me.


I think this might be the case. The only televised matches I can find on Graham's site are the debut at the Clash, a match on the 7/30 main event, the Skyscrapers' squash on Worldwide.

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Third part of NWA World Championship Wrestling for the year.



- Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Italian Stallion

- Ric Flair’s press conference where he confirms that he is going to return to wrestling. He says that he has asked Jim Herd and the NWA to grant him a title match with Terry Funk on 7/23 under any stipulation that they choose and that he won’t wrestle until that date, and that it will be his first match back.

- Skyscrapers (Dan Spivey & Sid Vicious) (w/ Teddy Long) vs Mark Smith & Ray Lloyd (Norman shows up and runs round the ring)

- Ric Flair (iv) live in the studio and says that he is back in this sport.



- Ricky Steamboat (iv) he wants Lex Luger to sign to face him in a no DQ match at the Great American Bash

- Brian Pillman vs Cruel Connection I

- Lex Luger (iv) says Ricky Steamboat is in no position to dictate to him. Says that he is the US champion, and will defend his belt against Steamboat in a regular wrestling match.

- The Danger Zone w/ Terry Funk and he says that on 7/23 he will be the new NWA World champion and that he will end Ric Flair’s career (includes clip of where he injured Flair)

- Midnight Express (w/ Jim Cornette) vs New Zealand Militia



- Jim Cornette (iv) announces that he is facing Paul E. Dangerously in a match at the Great American Bash (includes clips from their feud dating back about eight months).

- The Danger Zone w/ Ric Flair says that come Baltimore and the Bash, Terry Funk will be carried from the ring on a stretcher and his career terminated.

- Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) vs Scott Hall

- Gary Hart & Great Muta (iv) where Hart says how the NWA have put Eddie Gilbert in Sting’s corner at the Bash as they want to prevent the TV title from changing hands, however nothing or no-one will prevent Muta from becoming the next champion.

- Lex Luger (iv) confirms that he has not changed his mind and there will be no stipulations in his match with Ricky Steamboat, for as champion he dictates how he wants to defend his title.



- feature on the piledrivers of Terry Funk

- recap of ‘the Marietta Massacre’ from 7/14 where the Freebirds and Samoan Swat Team do a number on the Road Warriors in a cage

- War Games hype video narrated by Kevin Sullivan

- Ric Flair (iv) great final interview to promote the Great American Bash



- Gary Hart (iv) where he is holding the TV title. He says that the NWA board have said that the belt is held up, but he says that it is held by Gary Hart and that’s where it will stay until Sting or anyone else can beat the Great Muta. If Sting wants the title he needs to come and try and take it from Muta rather than going to the hierarchy of the NWA and begging to get the belt back.

- Lex Luger (iv) says how he has welts all over his back from the chair shots by Ricky Steamboat, and this has only reinforce his stance that Steamboat will never get a no-DQ match with him.

- Terry Funk (iv) says that he took away Ric Flair’s pride and honour at the Great American Bash and the only thing that he didn’t take was the NWA World title, and that’s what he is going after.



- Terry Funk (iv) where he claims tomorrow night at the Omni he will be the new NWA World Heavyweight champion.

- Rick Steiner (iv) he has brought two front row tickets for the Omni show tomorrow and says one is for Jim Ross. Ross says that they don’t need tickets as he is wrestling Lex Luger for the US title and Ross knows people who can get him in. He suggests giving Robin Greene (who is in the audience) the tickets, but Steiner says that he doesn’t spend money on girls and the tickets are to make sure that they get in.

- Sting & Eddie Gilbert (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs New Zealand Militia (Sting has Jacko Victory in the Scorpion Deathlock when Terry Funk, the Great Muta and Gary Hart come out and enter the ring. Funk nails Gilbert with his branding iron and they double team Sting with Funk using his cowboy boots as weapons. A suited Ric Flair comes to Sting’s aid and they have a great brawl).



- Terry Funk & Gary Hart (iv) Funk says how he has never been as embarrassed as he was last week when Ric Flair got his tuxedo jacket and cowboy boots, put them on and danced around. They say how people may think that Flair & Sting are number one, but the game has just begun and they’ll finish it.

- Brian Pillman vs Norman the Lunatic (w/ Teddy Long) (match is jip from NWA Pro)

- Brian Pillman (iv) challenges Norman to a match here on TBS.

- Teddy Long (iv) says how he and Norman have already beaten up Pillman so they don’t need to keep proving themselves and therefore decline his challenge from earlier.

- Sting (iv) the only thing that the Great Muta has proven is that he can steal the TV title and he hasn’t proven that he can beat Sting.

- Rick & Scott Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) vs Bill Ford & Trent Knight (Rick ends up leaving the match early to go and sit with Robin Greene in the crowd and Scott wrestles the match on his own).

- Mike Rotunda vs Steve Williams



- Skyscrapers music video

- Terry Funk music video

- Jim Ross and Rick Steiner in the hotel with Ross giving Steiner advice for his date with Robin Greene. They then go to Robin’s room and she is totally transformed from nerdy fan to super hot and sexy femme fatale.

- Bob Caudle presents Ric Flair with the AMW King of the Slams trophy.

- Ric Flair (iv) re the match at Clash VIII where he’ll team with Sting against Terry Funk and the Great Muta.

- Brian Pillman vs Fred Avery (Norman comes out during the match and tries to attack Pillman, but Teddy Long with the keys ends up getting Norman to retreat to the back).

- Dick Slater (w/ Gary Hart) vs Sting (as they are fighting on the floor, Terry Funk and Great Muta come out to attack Sting. Ric Flair attempts to make the save but is beaten down, then Brian Pillman comes out and the same happens to him. Flair eventually gets hold of the branding iron, hits Slater in the arm with it and the heels back track. Great post match action).

- Gary Hart (iv) where Terry Funk comes and tells Hart that he has to go to the back as Dick Slater is hurt bad.



- Rick & Scott Steiner & Robin Greene & Missy Hyatt (iv)

- Road Warriors music video ‘Iron Man’



My episode is incomplete, however according to the 9/16 show there appears to have been an Eddie Gilbert vs Brian Pillman match on this show.



- recap of Rick & Scott Steiner vs Michael Hayes & Jim Garvin from Clash VIII. Did Robin Greene or Missy Hyatt trip Scott?

- Rick & Scott Steiner & Robin Greene (iv) Scott says that people have told him he was tripped but he’s looked at the video and saw nothing.

- Gary Hart & Terry Funk (iv) where Jim Ross reads a letter from Jim Herd who has suspended Terry Funk indefinitely due to his actions at the Clash and fined him $100,000. Hart says that they won’t take this lying down and then questions what Flair’s punishment is for attacking Funk’s arm and elbow with the branding iron. Funk then says he bagged Flair and would do it again, but then tells the kids at home to not do what he did. Great interview.

- Dynamic Dudes (iv) and Jim Cornette announces that he will be their advisor.

-Tom Zenk vs Mike Awesome

- Dick Murdoch vs Tommy Rich (tld)

- recap of Brian Pillman vs Eddie Gilbert from last week where Pillman got the pin, but Gilbert’s foot was underneath the bottom rope.

- Brian Pillman vs Bob Cook (prior to the match Eddie Gilbert gets into the ring and after how last week’s match ended challenges Pillman to a rematch on next week’s show which Pillman accepts).

- Lex Luger (iv) and is looking for competition as he claims that the US title is the number one title in the sport because the Total Package is the champion.

- Halloween Havoc promo video

- Robin Greene & Rick & Scott Steiner (iv) Robin says she really wanted the Steiners to win the tag titles and has no idea why people are blaming her. Rick then asks Jim Ross to make sure that he has a camera with him as he has a special question that he wants to ask Robin, whilst Scott says that he and Rick are brothers and that no-one will ever come between them. Robin has a mischievous smirk on her face as he is saying this.



- Gary Hart (iv) he has been told by his attorneys that Terry Funk’s suspension won’t stick as it is indefinite, and with it being indefinite you are messing with his constitutional rights and his ability to earn a living.

- Lex Luger (iv) has put out an open challenge, as says he can beat any man in this sport.

- video of Scott Steiner being attacked and assaulted. He is at a basketball court with the camera man waiting for Rick to show up. A limo then arrives and Robin Green is in it, but there is still no sign of Rick. Robin invites Scott into the limo so that they can wait for Rick, and thanks him for admitting that he tripped at the Clash. She then winds up the window, opens the door and as Scott goes to get in, he is pulled in and attacked by two men. The camera man leaves to go and get help but leaves the video camera filming on the floor, then as Scott is thrown out of the limo he is kicked and attacked by another man who looks very much like Kevin Sullivan. Great angle.

- Eddie Gilbert vs Brian Pillman

- Ric Flair (iv) is happy that Terry Funk is suspended, and the only thing that would make him happier was if the suspension was lifted and he could get to wrestle him in the ring.



- Ric Flair vs Gene Ligon

- Lex Luger (iv) says that his open challenge still hasn’t been answered, and that people are more afraid of Lex luger than they are of wanting the US title. Also claims that he is bigger than the US title.

- Special report with Gordon Solie who has just got back from Ric Flair’s press conference where it was announced that Flair has paid Terry Funks’ $100,000 fine and that the suspension is lifted. He then confirms the ‘I Quit’ match at the Clash and the tag team match at Halloween Havoc.

- Dick Murdoch vs Dan Spivey (w/ Sid Vicious & Teddy Long) (Spivey is DQ’d after Vicious interferes in the match and they end up double power bombing Murdoch)

- Brian Pillman (iv) would like to accept Lex Luger’s open challenge.

- Robin Greene (iv) says that ‘I am Woman’ and that she is going to conquer the wrestling world.

- Jim Cornette & Midnight Express (iv) where he says that the Freebirds refused to face the Midnights at Halloween Havoc because they have had enough title opportunities. Cornette says that he had to use some pull to get the Dynamic Dudes the tag shot and the Midnights will team with Steve Williams to face the Samoans on the show.

- Elvira advert for Halloween Havoc.

- Rick & Scott Steiner (iv) they address the attack by Robin Greene’s three men on Scott.



- Gary Hart (iv) says that the NWA Board of Directors can do all they want to try to help and favour Sting and Ric Flair, but they can’t get in the ring and help them. All they can do is make stipulations; they can’t fight for Sting and Flair, only the individual fights for himself.

- Lex Luger (iv) Jim Ross says how Brian Pillman accepted his open challenge last week, then Pillman shows up himself and says that he hasn’t had an answer yet. Luger accepts the challenge, and then Pillman says about having it tonight on TBS? A less than enthusiastic Luger (after a bit of goading from Ross) accepts again.

- Jim Cornette & Midnight Express (iv) and Stan Lane isn’t happy that the Dynamic Dudes have ‘their’ title shot against the Freebirds at Halloween Havoc.

- Woman (iv) says that she has found a weakness in the Steiners and they are not the team that will help her conquer the wrestling world. She says that they will face Doom at Halloween Havoc.

- Lex Luger (iv) says that there will be no match between him and Brian Pillman on TV today for as champion, he has a lot of commitments, and one of those was to a young up and comer called Richard Sartain. He says that he will wrestle Pillman, just not today, and that is the champion’s prerogative.

- Lex Luger vs Brian Pillman (this was scheduled as Luger vs Richard Sartain, but before the bout could start Pillman came out and said that if Luger was half the man that he claimed then he would fight him right now. No referee and Pillman gets the best of the fight with Luger eventually retreating to the dressing room. Great segment of getting Pillman over as a threat to Luger.

- Ric Flair and Terry Funk history package (includes a new Funk (iv))

- Ric Flair (iv) the word ‘quit’ does not exist in his body.

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Because I refuse to let this go, let the record show that the Ding Dongs only had 2 matches on Worldwide--a match on 8/5 against the New Zealand Militia and 8/29 against the Skyscrapers (which as mentioned would be a fun bonus if there's room). I don't know if Cornette was even on the show at that point--the Skyscrapers squash is Ross solo. They didn't wrestle on Pro or on Power Hour. I'm starting to think this Scott Keith character isn't the most reliable.


NBC stuff for the WWF...


2/3 Main Event:

*** MegaPowers vs. Twin Towers.

*** Post-match first aid room confrontation with Savage clobbering Hogan. Original airing if you can get it, so we can get Beefcake's blooper (entering the shot early).

* End of the show, with Hogan moaning and then setting out to find Savage, beating up the Hart Foundation and Rockers in the process.


3/11 SNME:

** Opening video (I know you love these).

** Hulk Hogan vs. Bad News Brown. Probably Bad News' high watermark. Worth it just for his in-match promo.

*** Elizabeth interview, where she reveals whose corner she'll be in at WM5.

*** Rockers vs. Brain Busters.


5/27 SNME:

** Opening video

*** Hulk Hogan vs. Big Boss Man in the cage. There are at least 3 of these (SNME, MSG, Boston) that are all pretty much the same. This has Zeus' debut, which probably is the historical tiebreak.

* Demolition vs. Brain Busters (**finish). I think OJ gave some praise to this, but will probably be a victim of how hot everything else in the world was.



* Greg Valentine vs. Jimmy Snuka finish (ending advances the Garvin referee angle).

*** Brutus Beefcake vs. Randy Savage. Hard-sell match for SummerSlam. Meltzer and a few others have declared this the best Beefcake match ever.

** Demolition vs. Brain Busters (***finish). The JCP boys take the belts from the WWF Machine.



** Hogan vs. DiBiase finish. Zeus and Jake the Snake get involved.

** Post-match interviews with DiBiase and Hogan.

* Rick Martel vs. Tito Santana. Strike Force Explodes. Probably not as good as the 6-man tag at SummerSlam.



* Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant. The Wrestling Observer's Worst Match of the Year. The 30-second squash job at MSG is a definite must.

***** Hulk Hogan vs. The Genius. Among the matches of 1989 most guaranteed to make this set are the Flair/Steamboat trilogy, the Flair/Funk matches, the Jumbo/Tenryu 6/5/89...and this.

*** Post-match interviews with Perfect (destroying the belt) and Hogan's response. Hulk's promo is a 100% MUST--it's up there with his comeback promo announcing that he'd wrestle Earthquake as far as his very best performances.

** Rockers vs. Brain Busters. The final burial for Arn & Tully.

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(Can I post here?)


I've yet to see a single Terry Funk interview from 1989 that I didn't want to watch over again. They're killer. I've been rewatching WCW and WW like Magnum Milano, and if I think of any specifics I'll scribble them down.


Because I refuse to let this go, let the record show that the Ding Dongs only had 2 matches on Worldwide--a match on 8/5 against the New Zealand Militia and 8/29 against the Skyscrapers (which as mentioned would be a fun bonus if there's room). I don't know if Cornette was even on the show at that point--the Skyscrapers squash is Ross solo. They didn't wrestle on Pro or on Power Hour. I'm starting to think this Scott Keith character isn't the most reliable.



Quite right. Ross solo on both of these. On the 8/5 one they show a Fan Cam cut-in with two mega-hick kids saying "Which'un'um is Ding and which'um'um is Dong?!" that I kind of feel bad even watching, much less laughing at.

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So apparently there is a Dongs squash where *Paul E* rips on them, which makes more sense as Cornette was a babyface still. That settles an issue I've spent entirely too much time thinking about.


I agree that every single possible Funk promo should be on the set and that 6/5/89 be bumped if that's what it takes to make it happen. The "Rick Flaire" segment I'm sure is a lock, but I'm also begging for the two segments on Pro where Funk lays waste to two jobbers, and then a week later brings one of them back out and quizzes him on whether he or Flair is the better man. The job guy answers in favor of Funk every time, with Funk wrapping things up by reminding him, "Flattery will get you nowhere!" and giving him another piledriver on the interview set.

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