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[1990-09-22-WWF-Superstars] Ted DiBiase and Sapphire vignette

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This was just to establish that Sapphire was in Teddy's employ. She really didn't need to say anything; just the sight of her ironing Teddy's money was more than sufficient for Vince's purposes.


You can tell by Teddy's demeanor that he's still having a ball with this gimmick. The ironing joke was a bit of a groaner, but in this situation, it worked.

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Ted Dibiase, Virgil and Sapphire are in the launderette. It looks like they’ve been washing his money as some dollars are hanging up to dry whilst Sapphire is ironing some more. Dibiase says imagine the humiliation that Dusty Rhodes must’ve endured when he bought and paid for his former manager Sapphire? She’s not his anymore though, and is now ironing the very money he used to humiliate him. She has her price just like the American Dream has his, they just haven’t ironed out what it is yet!


This was weird. Why is Sapphire washing and ironing her money? Was this done just for the ‘ironed out’ line? I didn’t realise she was still with the Million Dollar Man post Summerslam, and to be fair, I don’t get why he would keep her around? Buying her off to screw with the Dream? Absolutely. Having her part of his entourage? Nah, she doesn’t fit at all.

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