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[1990-11-19-UWF-TV] Steve Williams vs Paul Orndorff feud recap

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Doc jumps Orndorff after a squash and we get some good post-match, back-and-forth action. We get the quasi-infamous moment where the referee no-sells Doc's chairshots and then clings to his leg like a tantrum-throwing infant, which in some ways kind of adds to the mayhem.


We get the confrontation we saw earlier, with a locker room interview from Orndorff that gets interrupted by a short, heated brawl with Doc. Doc rambles to Lou Albano, warning people not to turn their backs on him but he only comes from the front. A bloody, out-of-it Orndorff is badgered for comment by Abrams and compares Doc to Hussein and kind of sort of makes sense doing it.


Clearly the UWF peak. Orndorff is pretty much awesome on all levels here.

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It says something about how bad Doc is on the mic when a bloody, concussed Orndorff makes more sense than Doc does when he's perfectly healthy. Why didn't Albano help him out a little, like most announcers would in that situation, instead of just standing there like a lump on a log? For that matter, why use Albano in a serious situation like that at all? Captain Lou's Corner isn't anything close to a serious segment and isn't meant to be, so what made Abrams think that Capper could handle an Okerlund-style interview? Abrams should have either done it himself or had Bruno do it.


The physical stuff we saw was tremendous, worthy of the original (Watts) UWF. Doc seemed to save his best work for that ref who either forgot or refused to sell his original chairshot. It's hard to actually condone kicking the butt of a non-worker who doesn't sell, but in the context of that time and place, it's certainly understandable. I hope Abrams wasn't dumb enough to use the guy again, but since this is Abrams, he was probably promoted to senior official.


I wish there were more matches from this feud on the set. In fact, I wish there were more matches from this promotion on the set. What does it say about the UWF when its best week-in, week-out performer is a washed-up, unfunny Captain Lou Albano? Nothing good, that's for sure.

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