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On 4/12/2020 at 12:33 PM, BruiserBrody said:


My review from 7(!) years ago for those interested. 

"Brunzell faded into retirement in the mid 90’s and is now selling toilet paper in Minnesota."

If he's still doing this, I imagine he has suddenly become a lot richer and more successful. :)

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I listened to the Renee podcast with Flair.
Flair says he was recently so hammered he wasn't allowed on a plane. He also paid to keep a bar open so Renee/Moxley and himself could keep drinking. The night ended with him falling in his hotel room in a drunken haze.
Flair's wants to keep bumping and is annoyed WWE wouldn't let him do anything other than stand in the ring.
Flair's doc cleared him to bump. He has a pacemaker but the doctor told him the longer he has it in that the more the muscle grows around it and keeps it locked in place.
Flair's ex-wife Tiffany watched a show on the History channel and became convinced Flair had "the gene" that prevents him from getting AIDS and STDs.
Flair has his own wine coming out in October.
Ric does his usual spiel about not being able to tell all the 4 Horsemen sex stories because Arn is still married, as if Arn's wife wouldn't be able to read between the lines of a comment like that.
Flair laughs at the "Plane Ride from Hell" and is ready to come back on the pod and clear his name.
Tony Khan texted Flair and said he was going to "Naitch" it up for his birthday a few years ago. Khan blew 8 grand. So the next 3 years Tony sent Flair 8 grand to celebrate instead.


Lawler did a pod on the Plane ride a few years ago too:


Lawler's take starts around 28 min mark.

- Lawler was sober as he doesn't touch alcohol.
- He says JR was drunk early in the ride, so he lost control of the situation.
- Jerry Brisco was also drunk and trying to kiss everyone as a happy drunk.
- HHH and Finlay broke up the Brock/Hennig fight.
- As expected Lawler laughs as he talks about Dustin's singing and spittin' stories and Flair's naked adventures ("Ric was just having a good time, jeez")
- Lawler doesn't recall Linda being on the plane so he can't confirm that Hayes almost pissed on her. Lawler says Hayes was ready to fight Brisco as he thought Brisco had cut his pony tail.


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2 hours ago, BruiserBrody said:

- He says JR was drunk early in the ride, so he lost control of the situation.

Well, if that's true, it's another crappy tidbit about our friend JR.

I guess the flight attendants were too old to get any attention from The King though, so there's that...

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