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The Jim Cornette Experience

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7 hours ago, southofheavy said:

Yeah, okay. You don't have a problem with it. 

For what it's worth, I kept my language in check until I got a called a simple fuck and little bird. 

It isn't about being a tough guy. Truth be told, I'm not. I'm almost 40, wildly out of shape, 6 feet tall and about a buck fifty. Haven't been in a fight since I was a teenager. 

I come here to read and discuss wrestling. I don't wanna see any kind of alt-right crap. I don't wanna see it anywhere. I don't think it belongs anywhere. So, yes, I'm gonna call it out when I see it. 

So, since you clearly don't have a problem with that, why are you in here caping for that guy?

Times like these I wish we still had a like function.

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I've listened to Cornette's commentary on Michaels-Vader (SummerSlam 96) and Bret-Austin (WM 13).

If he spent all his time doing these and not bothering with all the bullshit, I'd be happy enough.

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