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[2005-08-21-WWE-Summerslam] Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio (Ladder)

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Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero - Summerslam 2005 Ladder Match

Im a big proponent of more personal issues. Rollins bitching about how Lesnar is not good for the brand should be left in a marketing meeting in a conference room not a kick ass pro wrestling show. This crossed the line into the ludicrous. What court would actually accept that the custody of a child would be decided in a ladder match. There should be a happy medium between the two.

i thought this was a very entertaining ladder match lots of vicious spots with Rey taking the lion share of the bumps. The finish fell very flat to me. Vickie Guerrero won the match for Rey. It wasn't even Vickie districts Eddie and Rey hits a move. Vickie pushed over the ladder and Rey won. They also certainly loved their Sunset Flip Powerbombs. There were three, the second was a crazy botch that was dangerous. I really liked Rey's offense. Did a great job incorporating the ladder. I think the Dominic distraction was a given and necessary should have set up the Rey win instead of using Vickie which undercut Rey and didn't gives us that satisfying ending to the feud. This feud is really all about Judgement Day and that June Smackdown match after that it peters out. This was a great Rey performance. ***1/2

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